Using Drones to Plant 20,000,000 Trees

Mark Rober

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    Thanks to my friends at Discovery Channel for helping us find Arbor Day in the first place and then capturing all the footage for my video. They are absolute champions to work with I've got some really cool projects coming up soon.
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    If you want to learn more about C02 in ancient ice, check out this great video from Dr. Joe Hanson at It's OK to be Smart-
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    Summary: The internet challenged Mr. Beast to plant 20 million trees. That is a really hard thing to do. So we banded together all our UKup friends and started #teamtrees. Basically we partnered with Arbor Day and got them to agree that for every $1 we raise, they would plant 1 tree.

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    They are soft-

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    1. Mark Rober

      If UKup doesn't allow for donations in your area just go to to donate!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!

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      2. Connor Chivers

        The year 3000:we all live in tree houses

      3. Julia Ilin

        ur the best youtuber

      4. Techno Cat

        Woah I wish I has money to donate to you

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    2. ÄngelDåSnøwFøx

      S U B S C R I B I N G T O W H O E V E R S U B S T O M E!

    3. RAJ NATH

      i donate 10,000

    4. Sherry Bennington

      One time i threw a pumpkin seed in the grass and it grew no digging no effort at all

    5. UltraFreshLoL

      More Carbon = T H I C C Tree's No Carbon = No Tree's *sad noises*

    6. Yash Agarwal

      I don't know with what thinking in mind, can anyone dislike this video.

    7. Floofy Chill

      Animal: * breaths * Plant: thanks for the carbon bro I'll be keepin this

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    9. WillaRose Jordan

      MAYBE THIS WAS IN 2020

    10. WillaRose Jordan


    11. G-BAR Turbines

      When you realize that in about a week, that amount of trees get cut down in the U.S. :(

    12. mimora linda

      The spooky event expectantly reply because rest universally drown between a aboriginal delivery. fluttering, calm cycle

    13. Leif Estabrook

      I think would would be cool if you made the drone

    14. CozyCat Games

      Hello I am subbed. And OMG I love your work keep it up!

    15. Qhaja Hsjsns

      I think you the biggest giunes

    16. Hope Wilson

      Cool! Just do it before March 2020!! 😅

    17. Animal lover

      When Mark and Mr Beast are in the same vid: .... Me: presses vid almost cracking screen

    18. Mr. cat

      go teem trees!!

    19. Luis Pimentel Espitia

      Team trees

    20. spencer ray

      If you can turn a dollar into a tree, could you turn a tree into a dollar?

    21. ZeusUltraVIC YEET

      dude he hould plant 50 million trees

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    23. AloshXDgaming

      This is better than a science class NO JOKE

    24. Hot Topics

      Humans getting their priorities straight. I like that

    25. Andres Cereceres

      who else watching this in 2021

    26. Jennifer Eastep

      You nee to look into living greens llc it is awsome

    27. A Weddle

      Lol now MrBeast is at like 50M

    28. Aaron Lietz

      Love it Mark!

    29. Deepak M Ramesh

      Everyone wants to breath Oxygen but nobody wants to plant trees.

      1. Martina Omeara

        I subscribed to you

      2. Martina Omeara

        You are smort

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    31. Theoneandmarlboroman

      A logging company told me to thank you for your effort!

    32. Theoneandmarlboroman

      Any number on the survival rates already? I read an article that stated 90% of the planted trees died at a similar project because they were not planted properly and other reasons.

      1. Theoneandmarlboroman

        Logging companies must also be really happy with your effort.

    33. Miriam Freire

      21.563.860,00$ already wow 🙃🤩

    34. Sadhguru Meditation

      Proud of you bro❤️❤️❤️

    35. Humaid Shaikh

      everyone watching now when the trees finally grew and mr beast is on 50 mil like this comment

    36. Crystal Gamer

      Who else came here after youtube went on a team trees recommendation spree

    37. Uthman Baksh

      After the crappy year we have been through, I'm kinda scared to ask about the trees planted in 2019.

    38. Glorious Friends

      This is amazing! I am super inspired by you and the way you and MrBeast team up is so cool. Hopefully this will have a huge impact on the environment, and help solve a lot of problems the earth is dealing with. I look forward to seeing whatever you build, design, or make in the future!

    39. sotxjjsnx eiir

      Who would've thought that mrbeast would go from 20m to 50m in just over a year

    40. AlwaysSleepy

      8:00 funny you say that

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    42. 9pizza

      ya 2020 on a high note hahah

    43. Inspired YT

      Zach king is a magic yt

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    45. Elena Wolpert

      In bio, we were learning about where trees get their mass, and this summed it up perfectly. It took a whole week to learn, when this takes about 30 seconds, and I understand it a whole lot better.

      1. Beeg Yoshi

        Isn't the school system amazing?

    46. New Guy

      I wasn't paying attention, are the drones programmed?

    47. efe_babaTR

      people may donate by liking because youtube gives you money if you get likes

    48. Ali

      OMG look at the money raised now $21M

    49. ahamed sahad

      Chandler 😂

    50. prettybrianna dizon

      we got 21M donates

    51. Cool boy14909

      20 million trees and 4% will die if not taken care off

    52. Head bumb

      yea, and on December 2019 - January or February 2020, Australia got bushfires...

    53. CakePie

      good thing you do this before covid

    54. Muhammad Ali

      Now jimmy is 50 million

    55. Hunter

      20mil for seeds? decent profit from that

    56. Amy Bunge

      Who's watching this in 2021

    57. Xx_GachaMoon_xX

      I would love to help i really would but im stilll a child

    58. Joshua Elijahn Escolano

      2019: Planting 20 million trees 2100: Creating a man made planet

    59. Piper XD

      we beat it by 1mil

    60. axvinV

      I will try to plant 1 tree :)

    61. Zahar Kovalchuk

      who sees this in 2020

    62. Demex

      After that Coronavirus:whahahahahah Nani you have 20million trees I wonder who's going to save those trees now when I come

    63. music videos

      I planted 1000 🌲 this month

    64. Shahin Tawakoli

      The only person I feel bad about is about the working people who have to plant 20 million tress

    65. Fenix dx3

      This was a year ago..

    66. Jai Sule

      One man made an entire forest on HIS OWN yeah ITS TRUE TREES RULE 🌲

    67. paysonfox88

      I wonder if Felix Kjellberg planted fruit trees. That way, when they mature and give Apples or Oranges, he could make "Pewdie" PIES!!!!!!!

    68. tms tod

      Its like it was yesterday

    69. Jonah Varkul

      Team trees was the only good thing In 2020

    70. Winn3r Plays

      2034 mark rober: CO2 is good

    71. aryaman _007

      you gotta change that music bruh

    72. Natalia Gutierrez

      Howard Liebengood

    73. The Amazing Dude Gonzales

      Team trees: finally, we planted 20million trees before 2020 2020: how about we start a wild fire and some gender reveal party in the forest

    74. chillman23

      I have Christmas money and I might buy some trees :D

    75. LightestofallMemes

      Me donating a dollar on team trees 🧔 | 🖐-- --👉 💻 ( me as an Aussie donating one dollaridoo O 🦵🦵

    76. LightestofallMemes

      Trees be like take it bish

    77. Arnav Lodha

      _Modern problems require Modern solutions._

    78. KrAmpUs

      I love how Chandler is yawning at the instructor 🤣

    79. Spicy Picklee

      I learn more in these videos than I do in school

    80. lollypop silly

      mr beast made alot of oxgen

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    82. 10k subs without vids?

      1 major problem: when dey die a fck ton of co2 will come out

    83. SlimyNINJA2k

      I donated

    84. BeautifulFireflies

      I'm so glad, they made it to 20 million! Edit: Thank you everybody who donated!

    85. Sub Bot 1,000

      We plant trees then next year alot get burnt down

    86. Vedika_S

      *Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet.*

    87. Conner Titus

      I know that we will get 21 mill in 2021 lol

    88. Rosa R

      Hey look now were in 2021 the world is dying faster then most humans which is scary and sad

    89. Akash cm

      I planted 5 trees ,count it

    90. Dontae Thompson

      1:46 sounds like a cracked voice

    91. Michael Nobrega

      Avengers *Assemble* again please

    92. Cat_Love 177

      Me remembering how 2019 was a good year

    93. Domino Gaming

      Everybody Gangsta Until The Trees Are Legally Cut Down

    94. Darth Levicor

      ...and start the next decade with plagues and fire :)

    95. Mr.Nooblox

      "end the decade on a high note" covid: i dont think so

    96. Adrian Cirilo123

      umm can you make a web shooter

    97. Filippas FPV

      I'd like to see this field today. How it looks like?

    98. Just a random dude Okay?

      And it isn't very good when you cut down trees, not just because you lose a tree, but also because it releases all that carbon when it dies.

    99. z/3 Z/3

      classic youtuber style, hey I hit 20 million subscribers so why dont YOU donate

    100. CoolCreators

      Wow! Great project! I’ll try to help out