Sia Carpool Karaoke

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    James spots Sia in Los Angeles and asks her to carpool to work as they sing some of the biggest songs she's performed and written, including "Chandelier" and "Diamonds."
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    1. Huyah HeiHo

      I wanted to meet Sia, she is so cool!

    2. Kristina Honcharenko


    3. gorzki marcepan

      Why is she covered? 🙄

    4. Trastos y más

      I love Sia😁♥️

    5. J K

      Make a Sia part 2 I saw this like 15 times and might watch more, she is so genuine I feel. Her music has a lot of Power

    6. R u t h y • S i s t e r

      No one: Sia with really big bangs: *"Im really good at directions"*

    7. carolina miranda

      hi sia

    8. Superholtie

      face reveal?

    9. Jimmy Sullivan

      Gk bisa bahasa inggris

    10. Daryl Edwards


    11. Emilia M

      can you arrange a meeting with her in Poland, please

    12. Emilia M

      I love you

    13. Emilia M

      I love Sia that's all for me I really love her I would give everything to meet her

    14. Char Livingston

      She is amazing

    15. Ana Claudia j s

      Kkkkkkkk muito bom muito bom !!! Eu pensei que ñ fosse lembrar de nem uma música da SIA Sia cantando diamante foi maravilhoso

    16. Paulo Henrique Inacio

      Very Nice, Ow My God

    17. Tony Téllez

      No Is Sia

    18. Melissa Thorpe

      Can someone tell James to keep his hands from waving in front of the passengers? 🤣

    19. PrincessMeganElsa

      Adorable lol she is 😁💜💜💜

    20. Tatiane Thathy

      Amamos a SIA como pessoa,como ser humano a nos motivar a sermos melhores no contexto do que ela expressa através da voz .... obrigada Sia por sua alegria que nos contagia❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. rajeev gauchan

      who r overlooking the fact that hiw good a singer James is..I mean he is in sync with every singer..Savage man..🔥🔥

    22. Jamie Jones

      Sia has wrote lots of songs for top artists including herself Sia is so down to earth

    23. Okay Jay

      Sia is just so fucking sweet, genuine, and loveable, and I want to hug her. Her music makes me smile constantly and she has my utmost respect. You don't see famous people as humble as she is very often.

    24. Arlan Saputra

      Keren abis👍

    25. Kamden Sauer

      I like sai song elastic heart

    26. Nick DeMarco

      Sia is an alien. Lol.

    27. DJ Meku

      Rihanna + Gaga = Sia

    28. Djib 636

      1M140 views and your are not enable to put subs at the righy time.... Change your job Bro

    29. Leonid Drost

      Amazing person.

    30. Jeffrey Boarman

      They're here aliens

    31. Evans Itukot

      Sia may not be an alien but I am sure her voice is out of this world.

    32. Rhys Ellis

      This video did not fucking age well

    33. Odracir Orrocac

      Rrrricochet jajjaja

    34. zєяσ тωσツ

      Omg im shocked of her voice without autotune!

    35. Josh Greenbеrg

      6:38 most of you don't pay attention to that

    36. LegendarischeHERRES

      She just don't use autotune

    37. Michelli Oliveira

      Kkkkk kkkkk não do conta das barbaridades d vcs

    38. Xoxo Francoise

      Thanks it's real entertaining

    39. Fernando Ramos

      Estaria toda mi vida junto a eya para escucharla cantar xdd

    40. Lamara Walker

      Sis versus Adele

    41. Angélica Chacón Duarte


    42. Ashley Jeffers

      who else noticed that even her voice cracks are controlled like this woman is a freaking goddess

      1. justapersononyoutube88 88


    43. Kaio Bruno

      I come here to hear the songs

    44. SokakSuperstar

      I've been watching Carpool karaoke episodes and after I came across this one (and rewatching it a few times in awe), it just doesn't make sense to watch the other recommended ones. Adele and Gaga were great but this is something else. Damn.

    45. iLLy 143

      i know.. about . you lol

    46. Syah Nazri

      Did she never show face?

    47. João Alisson

      Sia i love youuuuuuuuuuu 😘❤

    48. Mr. Coco

      We all know sia is the best. But man, I want a face reveal so badly 😂😂

      1. Mr. Coco

        @laura bransbury ow okay thanks for the info!

      2. laura bransbury

        She’s often showing her face.. she was a singer before creating this style 👍🏻

      3. Mille Bille

        Just search it up

    49. Abhiya Christina

      im really good at direction! LMAO

    50. danil pasha

      Hey your disturbing sia sound i wanna hear her sound

    51. English for Kids with Joy With Larisa

      Thank you, James! I love you Sia! thank you for your music!

    52. Izzy McHugh

      her movie was a riducle towards diabled people but i love her music lol

      1. OUSAMA

        She have a movie??

    53. d. car

      4:34 This is my favourite moment of any singer that I’ve ever heard. Ok that’s an exaggeration but. BUT. From 4:34 until the trill on the last diamond, as someone else has said here, slays my existence.

    54. Dzil F

      Legends, sia music love it!

    55. Facundo García Payer

      You can se de throat growing really large when sia sings

    56. Criatura Criaturas

      I love her voice 🤩🤩🥰

    57. The Memer

      The number of likes is how many people are watching in 2021

    58. VanesSA PRInsloO


    59. jim crone

      Is she ugly? Shy?

      1. Sia Lover


    60. SokakSuperstar

      Imagine hearing such a voice in a car, it's like being consumed by it!

    61. That Local Car Guy

      She's a grandma now yall, congrats to her!!

      1. Sia Lover


    62. Tea._. rex

      Dang- James could be the next sia

    63. Sela Vie

      I mean she sings about love but she sings about love in a different way than anybody else...

    64. Rahul Rathod

      James can sing too yol. He was matching those notes

    65. nicetf carcamo

      :0 👁👄👁👌

    66. saara_genan

      Her laugh is beautiful♥️🔥🌝

    67. Karla Martinez

      I will love to see Sia and lady gaga singing together that will be awesome

    68. El Diablo

      2:03 the way James looked at Sia tells how her voice is just magic in real life

    69. Marianne Bloom

      The dysfunctional tire yearly tumble because siberian naturally burn out a windy wolf. annoyed, mountainous nest

    70. Gleiciele Sousa

      Adorei q tem legendas em português ❤️

    71. Alessandra Scath

      Qué clase de escorpión dorado es este.?

    72. Markus Hayden Sutherland

      This is one of my all time favorites!

    73. Tamunia Chkhapelia

      This is a big pleasure to hear her singing live. She is adorable and very talented 🥰

    74. littlemannyman :3

      Sia predecting Among us :0 6:50

    75. Pikachu Kaminari

      I love the little voice crack thing she does when she sings a really high note, it sounds so good!! 🥰

      1. Harmony scott

        Ikr I'm just so addicted to it

    76. benjamin buschmann

      i love it

    77. Cindy Persaud

      Imagine driving pass and seeing Sia singing lel

    78. John Lalruatfela

      why is she soo cool,i envy jamse verry much

    79. Nima food

      the best carpool kareoke by far

    80. ぬぬ


    81. Antonio Ávila

      Simplemente wooow,que voz tan hermosa y potente.Sia es una diosa.

    82. mk

      James sings well

    83. DrRamKumar Tirandas

      SIA SIA SIA...

    84. Vedika_S

      How does she ever shut up with a voice like that ♥

    85. Smae Bou

      I can't like this more than this

    86. Keane Jame s lol

      140,000,184 views perfect

    87. Tharangi Dias

      I never knew that her voice was this good without the autotune

    88. Rodrigo Lavôr

      Is Sia or Domino from X-Factor superheroe singing? I´m talking about comics and not about Deadpool´s movies.

    89. Sarah Coletti

      Sia must have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome like myself 😕🦓💖

    90. Deni Mahreza

      4:33 I feel it

    91. Taylor Peter

      I wish he would shut up, let the pros do it

    92. Gloria Lopez-Thompson


    93. mouna nina


    94. stablexit

      she invented cardi b language 5 years ago, what a queen

    95. Luis Raúl Pérez Frías

      one the Tom Hollan please

    96. __Oscar__

      is it me or can james sing pretty good

    97. rayne cocayne

      i got 99 problems and a louis tomlinson carpool karaoke would solve 98 of them.

    98. noam inbar

      I fucking love this woman

    99. Laiba Kausar

      WE NEED ANOTHER ONE 😩😩❣️❣️❣️


      When sia sang Diamond my heart just skipped a beat . Love you girl .