How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents with simple Engineering

Mark Rober

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    Using the power of engineering and brilliant inventions to save lives!!! Great times collab-ing with Bill and Melinda Gates! You should check out the Gates Annual Letter here:
    Pre-order a paper microscope here-
    Read the published paper on the paper centrifuge, its cool-

    0:15- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie-
    2:18- Sweet Tomorrow- Andrew Applepie-
    4:21- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
    7:54- Special song written just for me- Lincoln Hoppe,

    Summary: I met with Manu Prakash from Stanford to talk about 2 of his labs' inventions the Foldscope and the Paperfuge. Combined these cost only 68 cents and they can be used to diagnose Malaria. Both of these are examples not only of simple, brilliant design, but of how engineering is used to make a positive dent in the world.

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      Teberculosis (Tb) is another curable disease that kills millions of people annually... checkout the work at the University of Notre Dame trying to save people for just a few cents. By the way, I think these same Stanford engineers inspired a group of Stanford MBAs to develop kind of thermal blanket with wax padding that warms in the sun and retains heat for hours... which is a highly effective substitute for NICU type treatment on premature babies. It has saved thousands of children for just $50 per blanket (one needed in a large village for example), and is reusable and very durable.

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      BigPharma: "What new fangled, do-hickey have you got there boys??" Manu: "We've created a way to save 51 billion lives, with little cost, it's going to be revolutionary" BigPharma: "... Cool story.. say why don't we offer $10million in exchange for your research, thesis, prototypes, and patents??" Manu: "And.. You'll go ahead and save those lives, for pennies on the dollar??" BigPharma: "Uh... yeah.. that's what we'll do.."

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