8-bit Annoying Person Remover- NES Hack

Mark Rober

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    An old school solution for dealing with your annoying coworkers.
    Download all the files you need to make one of your own here: www.dropbox.com/sh/yowqft4h64as5tp/AAD9LorKN93ZNYJUwDiNzThPa?dl=0
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    -Cool song created by Qwiet
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    - All other music was purchased royalty free from Pond5.com

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    1. Ned Flanders

      I guess the twin bed didn't do it for her

    2. EKblox

      The sexy song comes on when your co worker comes in then gets freaky

    3. victoria gledhill

      OMG I totally lost it at the end hahaha the look of the co-worker hahaha

    4. xtro

      1:57 browsing through your old videos and found this 😂 this is gold 🥇

    5. Joseph Lewis

      Was that his wife??????

    6. Aiden Buchler

      Would've been even cooler if they found a way to keep the original NES components in it to make it a functioning NES.

    7. chiken chiken

      Wow his hair

    8. tom novy

      the ending

    9. B the 1 U Love


    10. Nicole D

      he was cute with the rose! i dare you to say otherwise

    11. BlueIron270

      BRUH Pre-2018-Mark-Rober's jokes are so cheesy, they are beautiful lol

    12. Archer Hamilton


    13. scriptea

      Anyone else got this video in the recommendation list after 7 years?

    14. Neo

      i clicked on a random video and said "hey! that looks like mark" *scrolled down and said* "ouh wait! it is" lmao

    15. wood.f


    16. Jayden Lau

      No no no no lol

    17. Joel Justin

      this was actual hilarious

    18. Aidenlol bonzanto

      if your watching in 2020 like plz thanks

    19. DemonGod

      Mark looks so different from 2013!

    20. Michael Hicho Del Cid

      No you Are smart mark rober

    21. tommy5kdragon

      Perfect bring it to school for math class! Lol

    22. Rina He

      I’m from the future



    24. Charl

      Is that the same guy who made the Nintoaster or is this wishful thinking?

    25. Cyanide


    26. Spencer Spindler

      Felt like going back to watch Mark's old content and I'm really glad I did. Hilarious ending

    27. psygn0sis

      1:50 Did you marry a feminist lesbian?

    28. T Z

      The older content is funny. 😂

    29. Nicole Getachew

      ✨fun fact✨I was 3 when this was posted

    30. Ahsan Bulbul

      😂😂 Ending lit.....

    31. Shepe YT

      Bruh his hair tho it looked like he still lives in his parent’s basement

    32. Juan

      Are you serious My guy was left horny and lonely

    33. Seppentoni Chueschwanz

      @Mark Rober Could you make a Video to a Secret room

    34. Doruk Utku

      Super marıo effect

    35. Beginner Builders

      Quarantine Recommendation

    36. Scientific Videos


    37. TheGeneralReview

      But do you still have to blow on the cartridges 5 times? It's not true NES without it!!

    38. George Amortegui


    39. Camo Flauge

      (Me 7 years late): uhhh crap

    40. alexbrosmlg142

      1:50 is that his girl


        married to him and they have a sson

    41. I Play Acoustic

      Nice one bro 👏

    42. garugaman

      hes a real chad

    43. C guy !

      Chad what a lad

    44. Advesh Darvekar

      1 month is over

    45. Panhasak Chey

      How many to make

    46. Dudley The Animator

      Does he still call chad

    47. Andy T

      Oh my God his hair

    48. Angel Smith


    49. Weasel fish bird

      and the goiders all like...

    50. jaredloveless


    51. Falafel eater

      When I loom at the time 2:04 I just think now that’s a child predator

    52. kayohdee67

      You have a beautiful wife, Mark!

    53. Samuva_2002

      *1:38** - The guy supposedly died because he ran out of time but he had 2 seconds left. Enough time to quit the room. lol. Well done Mark Rober*

    54. Hey That Brother


    55. Atomos Helius

      i felt like ......... 2:04

    56. Titus Agee

      2:00 lol Mrks reaction is gold and this is still a humiliating part

    57. Titus Agee

      Who else feels bad for Mark at 1:50

      1. Sans The Skelton


    58. Natey

      NICE hair

    59. IWA Productions

      OMG! that was hilarious!!!! i'm dying laughing

    60. Jared Smith

      That ending is awesome

    61. ThatOcelot

      2:00 r/suddenlygay

    62. JABD Productions


    63. Ever Nyman

      Why did you do that you destroyed it?????

    64. Dpw 5

      Whose watching in 2020 Like and check my channel

      1. shark fex 9 mex


    65. Scott Waldo

      what a crazy ending

    66. Lightning


    67. Jokubas_LT

      This was 7 years ago.......

    68. mr. boy

      Is this before you were a rocket scientist?

    69. Annika C

      the end though

    70. Allegro Vivace

      like anyone would actually make this at home or be smart enough to

    71. E. Andrews

      I like Careless Whisper!

    72. Steve Leahy

      Your boss is awesome

    73. Zyklopus

      One more Maku wobu

    74. Rajveer Chopra

      Epic ending

    75. Vanessa Morales

      2:27 video proof that he just dematerializes from existence once a month every video

    76. Pea Peachy


    77. Mr. Nobody.

      Just leave and re enter

    78. Alexander Eaton

      Replay buttons for sale 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00

    79. W Ng

      No one can deny the careless whisper’s booty call

    80. Jessica Kohanek

      the ending lol

    81. Angelina_gacha_123 vidz

      IM NOT SUBSCRIBING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    82. Oaken Shadow

      I want one. Just to show off. Literaly have no reason other than that.

    83. Rabbit the One

      Mark made a gay joke. How does Twitter feel these days?

    84. Scoooda 115


    85. Artificial Idiot

      you have so many friends to help you build stuff.

    86. Cohen Nickerson

      2:04 looks like Kevin from the office

      1. Sir Snivy

        Cohen Nickerson yeah

      2. Lil Burb

        No not even close

    87. Seek Pratik

      you should do version 2 of this. with new games.

    88. Seek Pratik

      This is Epic.

    89. Jack's Youtube


    90. Marcus Bricks

      Just don’t forget to change the song

    91. Tyler Cash

      #18 of the binge

    92. Jenn Dob

      This is great!

    93. General C

      I want thisssssssssss

    94. ITz CHAMPz

      I'm gonna have to leave when that saxophone came on 🤣

    95. Roemer Peters

      "Don't forget to change the song." I never will

    96. comment bot : 15

      Its not 10 mins

    97. Irfan Lalani

      yo i'm watching this in 2020 almost but september 26 2019! lol

    98. Rush

      You friend who made the controller looks like the guy from Person of Intrest

    99. nub dave

      I have the nintendo enter. Sys model 0001

    100. Keith West

      1:45 but that means you only have 500 seconds to... you know. YIPPEE!