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    Here's a cool watermelon trick to make you the #1 food bringer at your Labor Day picnic this weekend.
    MUSIC- All of the awesome music in this video was created by the one and only Danijel Zambo- Check him out on SoundCloud-
    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. Adharsh R

      Bro, actually imagine having mark rober as your uncle. I'm pretty sure that would be insanely cool

    2. Bowe Lubin

      Mark has made some of the coolest things on UKup but his number one most popular is the water Mellon party trick. 😂

    3. GEARS 1984

      I thought I was going to see some insightful engineering technique. I got duped.

    4. Stick Z

      Wow this is his most veiwed video

    5. Alexander A.

      111 mil views 0_0

    6. Adrien Pinard

      The cultured algebra equally examine because kitty ophthalmoscopically glue before a slimy success. ablaze, receptive mosquito

    7. UxrealFoxx

      Make the comment under me get 2.8M likes

    8. narjissoun xo

      Plot twist he buys views

    9. narjissoun xo

      Watermelon sugar high

    10. Ammar Khan

      Ur here cus u filtered his Vids to most popular

    11. NovusYT

      Funfact when mark was skinning the melon the cutting was on timed with the music

    12. Dr. Dongle Door

      Big tic tac

    13. David Weaver

      Oh yeah boys 😎

    14. Saucecicle !

      So I need 2 watermelons to cut 1 watermelon,yes

    15. Adrian Scarlett

      Well, that was disappointing, both the watermelon skinning and the diss of potato salad.

    16. Saeba Ryo

      Called it!

    17. booshday

      Don't do this in front of Shannon Sharpe .

    18. Dave the french canadian


    19. Cyrus Kayulu

      2:13 what did he sayyyyyy?!?!

    20. Marsh Mellow

      ngl those watermelon shades looking good

    21. Rubin

      In my recommendation list!

    22. Lego Gun Products

      I know its cool and awesome, But why would you spend so much time just for a trick?

    23. Captain Aryán

      Boys : Looks like pill 😂 Men : It looks like.........🙃

    24. Dhanshyam Kamath

      I expected a lot. Thought some special tool would be used. 😂

      1. Captain Aryán

        तेरा पोपट 😂

    25. William

      Hey look at my sweet watermelon shads

    26. rpn000rpnca

      My mother always said: "Don't play with your food."

    27. Mark Kunin


    28. B M

      You put those watermelons on the floor... the pool floor where dirty feet has been ewww I hope they were thrown away and not eaten. This is why you can't eat at everybody's houses.

    29. heavymetal 210

      Messed it up scrubbing it with that dish scrubber ...yuk

    30. Kyle Zehr

      This man loves his Watermelons!

    31. rio stewart


    32. AlkeiCloud

      Mmmmmmmm skinnnnnnyyyy

    33. Galaxy

      That was so simple

    34. Ethan Alvarez

      hey he removed the clip of him explaining the thank you of the video and the part where he says "While I got undiservably targed" in the wattermelon fight ):

    35. The Jooger Long

      Amagin just leaving the go-pro in the fridge

    36. The Jooger Long


    37. MelonGamer27

      I hate how in the captions every word is capitalized. Other than that, great video

      1. Omniqwerty4

        It’s not though

    38. Zetsuie 009

      He’s the type of uncle dat once u hit like 14 anything he does ain’t funny anymore and it’s just corny💀

    39. Flufzo

      If u read this congrats u made it to 2021 Here’s a cookie 🍪

    40. Sahl Hafij

      Fun fact: I am the 111,111,111st viewer.

    41. FettesGlurak

      I was the 630.000 like!

    42. KaY7

      That's puberty right there bois 🤭🤭

    43. DD767

      These kids are now almost 6 year older

      1. Eleazar Peniel

        if they were in 1st grade when this video was uploaded, they're in middle school now

    44. aesthetiC raiN

      But I love potato salad...

    45. Jayson Mi

      seeing a skinned watermelon is like seeing Terry Cruise if he was sweating.

    46. Trista Kogut


    47. Willa Rothert

      no mess.. right....

    48. Asher Hockersmith


    49. jon edgcomb

      What's up with Your bikini comin through the table towards the end? W/little children all around you????? Or even within the first thirty seconds?

    50. Mindless Linn

      "Watermelon Sandpaper" Mark Rober -2015, 31st August


      This guy left NASA to do this kind of bullshit. Seriously?? 😑

    52. Waddles Bell

      I despise potato salad also!

    53. The Gacha Life King

      You can simply just cut down and around then pul

    54. da bro gamer

      My first mark rober video

    55. Alex Burrola

      Your nephews and nieces know what to do with every piece of the watermelon

    56. Nayana

      "looks like a pill"

    57. Dale White

      That's cool 👍

    58. Velocity YT

      0:45 the cutting is in time with the background music

    59. Harshit Mishra


    60. Zamonav Coc

      Horrifying as this is, in the romans time of existence they would torture and skin people they captured, and fed mosquitos into their flesh slowly eating them inside out

    61. Andrew Wigeluk


    62. Lemon Lion


    63. Markus W

      Nobody likes potato salad because your doing it with mayonese... southwest german ones are really good

    64. Ian Janecek

      Danggggg what a let down

    65. Andrew Yin

      Hey. I like potato salad.

    66. Sarah

      Don't fancy the scourer on it. Too much time on it hands lol.. Even though I've always wanted to completely skin a watermelon lol

    67. RxinyFN

      “how to skin a water melon” 111M people *hmmmm interesting*

      1. Waddles Bell

        Enjoy what you find interesting. That’s is what I like about online entertainment.

      2. Rob's Mix Media Channel

        Yeah, it is the simplest ones that get a lot of views. Kind of like the egg picture in Instagram.

    68. Ashley Alian

      Who wishes they had mark as a relative

    69. Payton K

      I love how after all these years of epic crazy videos this one still has the most views lol

    70. Jesse Brower

      I LOVE potato salad.

    71. Case McDonald

      I love potato salad. Especially deviled

    72. Ellen Lovellette's

      🍉You need watermelon merch🍉

    73. flamingo minion

      it looks like a pill with one side green and one side red

    74. Matthew Leadbitter

      Potato salad is my favourite lol

    75. Bemster

      I call that life before COVID

    76. Pavan Reddy

      Expecting some great engineering..

    77. Tony Neufeld

      How dare you trash talk potato salad. Awesome trick tho thanks

    78. Fmgugugu Rufufhfjfu

      I’m coming right now

    79. FALLS

      He fooled us with a watermelon trick (so i built a real one)

    80. dreamyscar

      2021 anyone?

      1. chickplayz


    81. The Red Cupcake

      The only problem is- Where do I find watermelons that are similar in shape?

    82. Ambria Lynn

      i used to watch this video all the time and i just now realized it was mark. THIS IS CRAZY

    83. Alex Barahona

      Who is still watching this about five years later 2021

    84. John Grogan

      potato salad is awesome

      1. Oliver LT

        People still commenting wow!

    85. Burton Guster

      In the 10 minutes it took i could have ate both watermelons

    86. SunnyLovesOrange

      Dude, this is 5 years ago…

    87. KeyBiscuit

      Watermelon sugar... FIGHT

    88. Gonza Garibotti

      Only in usa

    89. John Grant

      I applaud the fact that he synced his cutting of the watermelon with the music


      0:45 just realized when the knife was hitting the table it was on beat

    91. Dicey

      Before COVID

    92. youquisite

      wondering how scotchbrite tastes

    93. Suki B

      Lol the nephew disappointed coz he has to wait for uncles tutorial is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    94. Hannah Alexander

      mark: *Says "party"* me, watching in January 2021: ... Ah, the good old days

      1. Danielle Jang

        i miss those days...

    95. No pls

      Between the glitter mobs and the squirrel ninjas I was not expecting this to be mark’s most viewed video

      1. Mya Bulgin


      2. Lile 101

        Bro faxxxxxxx

    96. Lemon Fresh

      Sorry but this is kind of disgusting. I don't want my watermelon to be handled so much and scrubbed with a sponge.

    97. Daniel B.

      I can't believe that this is your most popular video of all time O.o

    98. Gone_limitd

      Who else clicked because it looked like Mickey Mouse.

    99. Ella Heath

      Why was this my favorite childhood video

    100. DEL

      I’m still waiting for the fried chicken part 😂😂yum yum