HIGHLIGHTS | Zhilei Zhang vs. Jerry Forrest

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    February 27th, 2021 -- Zhilei Zhang vs. Jerry Forrest from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.
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    1. Ruben Kogel

      This was horrendous. Past the first few rounds, that is.

    2. Rohmadiakur R

      Zhang Zhilei didn't have enough "stamina" to fight in heavyweight champhionship.

    3. Ben TheKeeshond

      Zhang punch like a man for 3 rounds and then turned into a woman. Just stay home if don't trained for endurance. Don't embarrass yourself.

    4. Şengül 62

      Oh. I love box ı love match 1st great round

    5. daddyfatsack

      This was more entertaining to watch than the main event now that I think about it.

    6. Bill Dobbing


    7. hollister lowe

      Two bums!

    8. E10

      Zhang is so out of shape.. he was gassed after 3-4 rounds then hung on for dear life. Any elite heavy weight would’ve finished him

      1. Eric Onitsuka

        Actually he came into the fight with kidney and liver damage.

    9. manfred koehler

      highlights ... so funny !!!!!!

    10. Asmu Rituntina


    11. Andrew D

      People are in the comments mocking Zhang, not knowing that he came into this fight whilst suffering from kidney and liver damage. How he was cleared for this fight is beyond me, but he did well not to lose on a professional stage whilst managing chronic ailments

    12. A Guy

      Dude, watch the Takam fight. Forrest, was getting outworked early, but Forrest had him in all kinds of trouble during the last 3 rounds. I have a feeling this wont be Jerrys last upset....

    13. BoxingWithBen

      I genuinely for one thought Zhang was going to bully Forrest in this one and take him out early. Respect to Forrest, he showed grit, determination and a warrior's resolve.

    14. Andre Hpunkt

      Jerry Forrest would do a lot better, if he didn't drop his hands everytime he threw a shot+not bring it back lazy (low). He's so easy to counter and catch, because of it.

    15. Leo Rocko

      Zhang got to have the worst stamina

      1. Eliezer Rios Rodriguez

        Zheng suffer from kidney and liver damage

    16. Donald Burke jr

      Forest has heart with the right training he can become a great Contender one day

    17. Jo Daresh

      Zhang still in hospital now

    18. Mindy Cole

      Forrest won that fight, he was robbed.

    19. Jorge Nino

      great effort

    20. Wild boar

      The huge Chinese is so unfit. How can he not focus on fitness for such fight?


      Mr Forest you have the greatest ironchin and heart i ever saw! Impressive!

    22. Archie Bunker

      Zhang didn't deserve to draw. He should have lost another point for continuing to hold after he was penalised for it.

    23. CarsonFacePalmer

      Hopefully the West starts seeing more of Zhang. Dude has some big power and is just a massive being. I really wanna see him in more high-profile fights.

      1. anthony joshua natty or not

        And corrupt judges

      2. anthony joshua natty or not

        Don’t ever fight in the west ever again. too ignorant and arrogant people, fight in Asia continent or some eastern euro countries .

    24. John Morrow

      Zhang vs Canelo

    25. whoifwhat

      Watch the Juan Goode Fight- Zhang gets put on the canvess & barely wins !

    26. WaxestLowa732 R


    27. Goffy

      Can’t believe Forrest called Joshua out post-fight 😂😂 he’d get flattened inside 2 rounds

    28. Brian Badonde

      A Chinese heavyweight, it just looks so weird

    29. Jepri Naibaho

      Zhang eat too much red pork ( babi merah)

    30. TOI Jr.

      Zhang is too old for sport fight. It's wise if he retired at 35. 😃☕👍

    31. Chelsea tv

      Two fighters in the cheap basement goods department Cannan fodder at the very least

    32. Keenyn Lofton

      It’s like they were both sleep fighting in round 10 lol

    33. Charles Meier

      A literally epic fight.

    34. mark heard

      That ref should of been at the fury wilder 2 fight

    35. whoifwhat

      Zhang is 37 & never fought a contender: Jerry fought Hunter ,Takam, & Washington ! Remember Price & Harrison !

    36. taufik seadanya,


    37. Colin Morris

      I would pay to see these 2 fight again it was comical and pure entertainment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    38. J I

      Zhang won the fight, he has to learn to close out these fights

    39. RZARECK36 777

      Knockouts are so under counted in boxing lol in a street fight the Chinese guy wins easily

    40. NutshellGG Darken

      Man, people with the surname "Zhang" must have some super punching power, first Zhang Weili and now Zhilei Zhang

    41. D George

      I really enjoyed this fight, Forrest showed what a great chin he has, and displayed the most heart I have seen in a long time. He deserves bigger pay days! Zhang will be Chinese food for AJ, quick, tasty and easy to finish!

    42. Imlooking 4-work-atm

      Rice will help

    43. Gia Mchedlishvili

      Forest has heart 👍

    44. Azzp. aka. Dubzy. Dubzy - production's

      Jerry can take some shots tho🤪🥊

    45. Sohaimin Djonno

      untung saja zhang lagi tdk fit...kali ngak jerry forres gak bakalan selamat....

    46. badri subagio


    47. from rabbit hunters to amerobums the angloids

      [Credit] f¯ætan sê [chimp] ðe imp hafa [getting] ûpweardes ðâ, yonder [that’s] alittle [angloid] mâl [would’ve] [died]

    48. from rabbit hunters to amerobums the angloids

      [էհҽ] [‎ʝմìçҽժ] [մք] [‎ąʍҽɾօ‎] [‎ҍմʍ] [‎Ӏօʂէ] [ҍվ] [ҟօ]. [Ⱥղօէհҽɾ] [ƒì×ҽժ] [ƒìցհէ] [օղ] [ą] [ƒì×ҽժ] [çąɾժ]. [ƒմçҟìղց] [‎çհìʍք] [‎օմէ] [‎and] [ʂէìӀӀ] [Ӏօʂէ], [ąӀӀ] [էհҽʂҽ] [‎ąղցӀօ] [‎çմçҟҽժ] [ʝմժցҽ] [էąҟìղց] [ą] [քìʂʂ].

    49. tbone pumper

      The Chinese super serum

    50. Dan Moran

      Forest a beast

    51. Vitiko Gaming

      dazn be real stopppp being so bias

    52. Steven S

      Great fight

    53. YaboiB

      I honestly felt like Forrest came back and won.

    54. joseph llanas

      draw what black guy lose chinese guy win .........im mexican i say chinese guy won.

      1. Darnell the Drip lord

        Rasict much?

    55. القارئ محمد الغريب

      Can't wait for esports boxing club

    56. Jax Wins


    57. celestial e.t


    58. WaffleTacoGamer

      I was so entertained by this match but the funny thing was every time Jerry Forrest went down, my buddies and I were looking away. After the third knockdown, my eyes were glued to the screen. Jerry Forrest had an amazing comeback. Can’t wait to see him step in the ring again.

    59. Earl Collins

      Christ ,,they wouldn’t beat David Price ,🤪

    60. Anthony Mcken

      How on earth do you have a big Chinese boxer that size and not give him the moniker 'The Great Wall of China'? Anyway, clearly he is being showcased on the DAZN for AJ to fight him in China in the near future and get a big cash out in China in a revenge match since Olympics 2012. Zhang is not going anywhere at age 37 in my humble opinion but I could be incorrect. Anyway it was nice to see a heavyweight scrap between Zhang and Forrest, I was thoroughly entertained.

      1. anthony joshua natty or not

        Because there’s already a “great wall “ called taishan. although haven’t heard from that guy in years. heard he had some exhibitions lately.

      2. anthony joshua natty or not

        一 And ‎יי why ‎一 isn’t ‎יי Tyson ‎一 fury ‎יי called ‎一 the ‎יי giant ‎一wallace יי the ‎一 great ‎יי sla יי yer 一 of ‎יי angloids ‎一 then ‎יי

    61. AllBoxingFreedomTalkAndNews

      meet ajs next opponent. in china.

    62. Daniel B

      And they are saying zhang can fight Joshua. 😂😂😂😂😂 or any top 10! Don’t be silly

    63. Steve P

      What a bizarre and highly entertaining fight.

    64. Abdullahi

      What did I just watch

      1. Darnell the Drip lord

        A boxing match

    65. Anthony Liccione

      That big dude prob gonna after this fight.. getting tired after 3 rounds lol

    66. Dave32800

      Zhang v David price I’d like to see

    67. D. Grips

      both solid fighters

    68. Theodore Kim

      was the best fight on the card

    69. WhiteRed ***

      ZGANG WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Darnell the Drip lord


    70. bigcatfb

      Forrest did not give himself a chance with his stance or his hand placement.

    71. bigcatfb

      Forrest was open for right hands all night. He was diagonally in the line of sight all the time. His trainer needs to be fired. I wonder why fighters don't study biomechanics. It would be do helpful.

    72. Paul Murga

      Too old too unfit. Zhang is no threat to the heavyweight division whatsoever. He’s 37 has no stamina and that is not going to get better with age. Any top 10 beats him and beats him easily.

    73. Віталій Мілінчук

      Респект Форесту👍👍

    74. 43 Turk

      Forrest has a real fighting heart

    75. Richard Ramirez Vergara

      Best fight on the card

    76. TEMI.

      clicked on this fight not expecting much but left more than satisfied

    77. Jeremy Ball

      What a fight! Can’t wait to see Zhang Zhilei in action again haha

    78. Baz H

      Big heart from forest but feel Zhang just deserved the win.




      Tinju efek"

    81. Malikai Johnson

      Zhang vs Ortiz Forrest vs Charles Martin.

    82. dkaz006

      Why is this even a video

      1. Darnell the Drip lord


    83. Dentsun4228

      avni yildrim could take a lesson from forrest.

    84. Noé Rodriguez

      How can be a draw if the black boxer went to canvas 3 times?

      1. ajfan 017

        Zhang had a point taken off, can argue the last round was a 10-8 so that negates 2 KDs alone. Jerry definitely won most rounds overall to even it so a draw definitely was fair and there's no controversy over it.

    85. Jermaine Penn

      I wonder if Zhang is related to UFC champion Weili Zhang...


      Esta pelea debió de ser la estelar 😁😁😁

    87. Sixto M

      Zhang does not have any heart for boxing.. hes a cheater

    88. Tunji Odu

      This Zhang guy doesn't have the stamina to be an elite boxer, he was very lucky get a draw. He needs drink some ginseng.

    89. Yagguh

      Jerry goes to my gym, hes a real chill and humble dude

      1. lfc x5

        That's what boxing is about! There was no way he would of lasted 12 rounds! Jerry forrest to fight back highlights don't do it justice

      2. Nashville Dude

        Not the most skilled fighter but the size of his balls make up for it

      3. Yagguh

        @Mike C Ashburn Boxing Academy

      4. Mike C

        What gym is that?

    90. Raider Warrior

      This guy Zhang isn’t even fit to fight a whole 6 rounder.

    91. Always Right

      came down to stamina. old guy got tired.

    92. Alexander Anderson

      Both these guys can forget about the Tyson Fury's and Anthony Joshua's of the world.

    93. Carlos Cotto

      Chinese food 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    94. Alex Bacchetta

      Christ alive, Zhang was about to keel over during the decision.

    95. 123321playstation

      Zhang vs Helenius would be a banger

    96. Giuseppe Mulè

      Zhang's gotta solid technique

    97. Lewis Pascoe

      Zhang is terrible no reflex at all .

    98. Brian Charles

      Zhang was calling out Anthony Joshua on sky Sports lol He'd last about 3 rounds with AJ!

    99. CPTPuma 345

      My Guy Could’ve lasted more But He was Made In China..

    100. Danny Delgado

      Jerry forest with a better coach can be dangerous