Make a Gorilla cam- HOW TO

Mark Rober

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    A simple $8 rig that takes 10 minutes and will get you AWESOME footage at the zoo.
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    1. V650PolarGaming_YT

      Mark in 2040: Designing a base on Mars.

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    3. SirPenguin

      the dora tip helped a lot

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    5. GD Trubactor

      I read that MUCH differently

    6. ZacPlayz RBLX

      Wow his voice is different

    7. Prakul K Hebbur

      Imagine cutting three holes for iphone 12

    8. Riftzz

      I can hear the difference in the enthusiasm levels in Mark's voice now and before


      MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

    10. Luis Velasco

      pov you are trying to find a 8 year comment

    11. Trick shots and tips

      This is crazy how much you’ve grown

    12. Grienese

      Someone here in 2020?!

    13. tedrose15Vlog

      Please ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ To Mark Rober

      1. Annoying Dog


    14. Rebecca Howell

      What si this supposed to be used for?

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    17. Ridjoco

      Hay you yeah you your only watching this because it's the least viewed of his videos! Welcome

    18. Mr cheese

      Hello there

    19. moise iradukunda

      it's 2020

    20. Malerie Mabry

      i made a book abawt rover

    21. Fit_ball Leaf

      This bin a long time dam


      Wow only 80 comments!!!

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        SEBTHEDEV, I know right.

    23. Caleb Bautista

      The fact that the camera hole only needed to be a 3/16” diameter shows a lot on how phone cameras have evolved

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        Caleb Bautista, true.

    24. da dog wit da big nose

      0:16 that made me really really uncomfortable

      1. JellyBoy

        I enjoyed it anyone else just me....

      2. JellyBoy

        This Life I enjoyed it

      3. Sylvie KL-H

        Cantamilla, why?

    25. pesto

      Who else is 8 years late?

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        pesto, me!

    26. Po the miniature panda bear

      why am I watching this, all the zoos are closed

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        ClearWater245, same bro.

    27. Lillianna Simmer

      That old iPhone 🤦🏼‍♀️

      1. Roderick Pollard

        “Oh wOw, WhY dO tHeSe PoEpLe HaVe BaD cArS iN tHiS fIlM fRoM 1978?????”

      2. Andyrew08

        This was from 8 years ago.

      3. Sylvie KL-H

        Lillianna Simmer, literally my iPhone.

    28. Happy_CGO

      🤔I could use a security camera, reflective film, and a reverse telescope. Bet!!

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        Happy_CGO, Yee.

    29. Björn Fordemson


      1. JellyBoy

        Wallace_House 115, you should read all of my replies to your comment.

      2. JellyBoy

        This Life you should read all of my replies to this comment

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        smh NightMareGamz first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, YOUR ALL WRONG IT’S GoRiLa (I meant to use one L)

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        NightMareGamz (the seventh) GORILLA!

      5. JellyBoy

        NightMareGamz (the sixth) GORILLA

    30. Evan Logan

      I am currently watching all of marks videos to get smarter lol

      1. Toast_Crunch

        Doing that right now lol

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      5. Louis Centolella IV

        I was marks 22nd ever view back in the day

    31. Joshua Manasye

      Is the naked doll needs to be Dora or I can use anything else?

      1. JellyBoy

        This Life you again!

      2. Sylvie KL-H

        Joshua Manasye, it MUST be Dora.

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    33. Tyler Cash

      #4 of the binge

    34. Spartincook Halo4tw

      My how things have changed

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    37. Kevin Luo

      Least viewed video!

    38. Landon Adams

      drill+water=major electrical hazard?

      1. Roderick Pollard

        Not really, only if you submerge the entire drill

      2. JellyBoy

        Landon Adams, Probably

    39. Hyenabro

      I used the dora doll

      1. JellyBoy

        Hyenabro awsome

    40. TossMeshFN

      Super old iPhone

      1. TossMeshFN


      2. Roderick Pollard

        “Oh wOw, WhY dO tHeSe PoEpLe HaVe BaD cArS iN tHiS fIlM fRoM 1978?????”

      3. TossMeshFN

        NightMareGamz what do you have to do with this

      4. JellyBoy


      5. TossMeshFN

        Of course

    41. George Walsh

      When he was a Level 1 crook

      1. F. C. AA01blue

        Wildfire Boii - Mark Rober is *always* Level 100 boss

    42. Jacob Heredia

      Very good

    43. Bucky the Otaku


    44. Sketchy Dood

      I wonder how many people tried this

    45. InSync

      1:05 THAT IS SOOOOO ME

      1. Bean Nuggett

        what is that supposed to mean

    46. Rimmert Faber

      1000 th like

      1. JellyBoy

        Rimmert Faber noice mate

    47. samuel Macdonald

      does it work with ipod 4th gen?

    48. Cecilia Garcia


    49. sam

      dicks out for harambe

    50. rjupdated ً


    51. Kiros

      wonder how many people trying this drilled a hole in their bath.

      1. Gabrielle C. H. V.

        If there were, they would've hid it out of embarrassment

      2. The totality Of randomness


      3. The totality Of randomness


    52. Rian Subasic

      1:06 how did he do that

      1. Adeeb Ighani

        Rian Subasic put two mirrors facing each other. It makes that weird infinity effect

    53. Shieda Din

      'naked Dora doll is optional but highly recomended' the fakk😂😂

    54. Nabtig55

      Spying girls on teh bath!!!!!!!

    55. Tony Wu

      Naked Dora doll lol

    56. Marika Jackson

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    57. Declan Connery

      So cool

    58. nope!


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      Ur soo good

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      Very good

    61. elea

      I just found your channel and I can tell that I'll be a long term fan!

      1. GOAT theory


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        are you still a fan

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        elea now you’ve impressed me being this og to a very big channel

      5. elea

        Trent Stanley who isn’t a fan of mark rober lol

    62. SoWhat

      your awesome

      1. Trent Stanley

        SaraDaFighter his awesome what?

    63. Isabella Tompson

      You are awsome!

    64. austin SOLO

      What's the point?

      1. Roderick Pollard

        What’s not the point?

    65. Happy Fuzzy

      Yer awesome. Inspiring. Never forget how being inspirational is an F'n amazing thing.

    66. Julc3

      1:04, According to vSauce mirrors are green. Confirmed.

      1. Rebecca Howell

        1:04 (the comma made it so you can't click)

    67. MrGimli2

      You're* not.

    68. Frito

      I just realized that a large number of the coolest videos I have seen on youtube were all yours mark, nice work man. +1 subscriber

    69. Wendy Kusuma

      Place it on woman's bathroom

    70. rubyrock2

      dude your such a genius

    71. dvdogg23

      How do you do that infinity Shot?

      1. JellyBoy

        dvdogg23 put two mirrors in front of each other

    72. andrexzx

      how come i never thought of that ?

    73. lilfirecat

      Nice one!!

    74. lavatube11

      You should also go to a local aquarium where they have the underwater viewing of dolphins, and use this mirror. From other experiments (research on dolphins), they seem to have even MORE of a fascination with themselves than primates do.

    75. Chai'naMarie03

      Real cool video esp since I'm not good at doing things(or even envisioning them)------thanks, I'm gonna try this---it does work with any camera phone right?

    76. TheGreenAppleHome

      note to self: don't drill the bottom of the bathtub

    77. TiagoTiago

      Could you've scraped the silvering to make a oneway mirror instead of making a hole?

      1. dtm

        Damn yea

    78. maauwieprrprr

      @johnmac1221 yes verry dangerous, he should have mentioned it

    79. Sergio Burtoni

      Great idea till you drop the mirror. You can use plexiglass too and use a regular drill bit but use masking tape on both sides of Plexiglass (so it has a cleaner drilled hole). You could even make a bigger hole for digital camera with a circular hole saw on a drill (or drill press better). Again use masking tape on both sides of mirror. Or for a quick cheap fast and easy use a potato chip bag that has a mylar interior put over a scrap piece of cardboard or whatever.

      1. JellyBoy

        Sergio Burtoni more like great idea until you have to put it in a gorilla cage at the zoo

    80. nothernames12366

      THANK YOU! Every single time I try to visualize infinity my head gets in the way!!

    81. BecomingSociable

      i'm loving it!

    82. Pat McNally

      I may have to try this with my horses!!! Great idea - love the video!!!

    83. tbag


      1. iris


      2. Ghostlight 2006