Unibrow Discrimination- Social Experiment

Mark Rober

7 млн переглядів911

    A simple experiment designed to test how unibrowed people are treated in normal life.
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    1. nemufuwaa

      lol imagine when those girls watch this video, just I can feel their guilt

    2. hadley molnar

      when your watching this in 2021

    3. Shreyas p

      What about the time you visited

    4. Beauty Neytiri

      i would not call this discrimination, its just doesnt look neat... doent look very taken care of.

    5. ImNoob

      Bruh Anthony Davis has the Unibrow

    6. Gucciboitae

      Fun fact: I actually searched this

    7. game lover

      One of your funnier videos. I couldn't help but laugh. I love it! It was very interesting.

    8. zachary oehler

      teenage girl makes like three people see him with unibrow mark rober ha ha 7 million people go brrrrr

    9. M

      next smell discrimination


      Me with unibrow 👁💧👄💧👁

    11. Fogstone

      I would like to see this but without any eyebrows

    12. Real Beginning

      I always pluck it because people will talk less to me. I think it looks gross. Kind of like hair coming out your nose.

    13. queenofyoworld

      I would never make fun of someone with a uni brow. It is what it is!

    14. Gozu velasco

      Person: has a distinct feature Stranger: *so how did that happen?... Wdym im being inappropriate by asking a complete stranger for answers they don't owe me? This is completely normal and not annoying at all, now hold on while i very oviously take a picture of you and laugh*

    15. Mehrad Ariayi

      I came here expecting ElectroBOOM

    16. Yoshinator

      Do I LooK LikE A WorKeR tO YoU girls taking pictures Mark filming it all and showing that they are crap stains on the calendar

    17. Midnite Kitsune

      The girls made a video of guy with unibrow: HAHAHAHAH Mark Rober: *Flexs on them by filming with three cameras*

    18. Luna Faith Langel

      I’m surprised no one was like ur mark rober

    19. Seek1878

      Unibrows look bad.

    20. Sherry Bennington

      I think that everyone should be treated the same if you have a unibrow . I have a friend at school and he gets bullied I always want to say something but my “friends” would say your an idoit

    21. Chlafen 420


    22. hulk ross

      Always thought my uni-brow was the best thing about me, but my uni-brow dippe in the middle as a sort of V and faded. Some people find it hard to find, and some people don't.

    23. Artur Kirjakulov

      does he age?

    24. Baba Ganoush

      Let's be honest, unibrows are quite freaky looking!

      1. Seek1878

        They are.

    25. LyricFire Gaming

      Only if they knew this man is so smart he made into nasa then left it because he left like youtube is more fun!!

    26. Shubham Giri

      What about *No Brows*????

    27. Un- Known

      Its because your diffrent, people judge a cover and if its diffrent they find it, strange,funny,scared, question. And so on.

    28. Nicolas Galesloot

      i have a unibrow

    29. Yeychickenugget

      Unibrow discrimination what the heck has the world come to.

    30. Denver Zuzarte

      i have a unibrow {this is true ;( }

    31. Somrith Palla28

      I have a unibrow to

    32. Doddle master

      In Tajikistan... It is a beauty symbol

    33. Saumajit Chakraborty

      *Highly exaggerated* I myself delt with both these conditions & could not relate much

    34. Rme Man

      Stud! Great video!

    35. Andrew C

      I have a unibrow, this is accurate.

      1. a normal frog

        Shave it

    36. Mason kendall

      It would have been hilarious if the cameraman confronted the girls taking photos.

    37. Arthur Potter

      I hope those girls see this video

    38. Average Dave

      Surf the brow wave! -> they just can't handle the awesome :)


      ElectroBOOM is proud

    40. MrPriest

      It's just something I believe, and not proven, but I think it's more about being un-appealing according to the standards of society, rather than "unibrows". Like comparing a large woman and a small woman today, as opposed to times in the past where large ladies were looked at differently. Another example is, I heard that pale and large men are looked at differently in some 3rd world countries - because it means they don't have to work out in the sun and have enough money to feed themselves well. Such a man in western society would not be as... sought after.

    41. WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahS

      Lol how about people with butt chins I

    42. Envy


    43. Nathan Foster

      when the pizza rolls hit the roof of your mouth 0:03

    44. Dampf

      Finally a reason to say why villagers suck

    45. Elizabeth Goree

      So good! I love your work!

    46. Maria Sandhu

      I used to have a unibrow my friends at school used to make fun of me and now I dont people treat me better so I can confirm this is true

    47. Jacklyn Yeh

      I think people with long hair get longer conversations but people with short hair have more frequent ones...

      1. Jacklyn Yeh

        I used to have short hair when i was younger & this always seemed to be the case

    48. Big pp someone

      Teenager: hahahaha so funny Mom: hahaha look Mark: -films them with 5 cameras and posts to youtube so millions of people see- *All this time, i have been 69 steps ahead of you*

    49. Richard Goulet

      Please do a collab with Electroboom :D

    50. Lauren Miltenberger

      I have a unibrow and i’m bullied by it every day at school i’m 11 and have a small part in the middle that connect my eyebrows

    51. Someone

      Wonder if it'll be worse if you were a girl. Since they're expected to look better

    52. Kristina Čolak

      If women have to shave their whole bodies then the least thing men can do is to pluck a unibrow.

    53. meme engine

      Electroboom: but that is my pride 😤

    54. all about gaming by rextron

      Electroboom left the chat

    55. Sho Zuka

      As a uni-browian myself, this hurt. This should be classified as racism since it's people from certain places that have unibrows. I wished this was taken more seriously.

    56. Night ._.

      Uni brow= 1 eyebrow , no unibrow= 2 eyebrows uni brow= 16 words , no unibrown= 16x2 = 32 words Number of eyebrow is propotional to number of words

    57. Ritik Shewaramani

      Nobody: Mehadi sadaghdar:

    58. Samuel Fragoza

      Man I wish my generation was the first one

    59. Berserkkiller

      Squilliam rights

    60. Dueiso

      Im here 7 years later to comment, but: I have unibrown and I stopped the shaving thing cause, if they treat you inferior, their perception of life is inferior.

    61. JUST JUM

      Nobody had realized i had a unibrow until i was in yr6 like crazy

    62. BigPP69

      teenage girls: BLM! ACAB! also teenage girls: HAhAAHHAhaHAAHHaahHAHAHhAA hE HaS A uNiBrOw

    63. It’s me #Maahi

      The end is soooooo funny

    64. CrUn Clan

      We call that tekkaş in turkey

    65. Yamilet Morse

      The shaggy beggar pragmatically drain because belt indisputably itch forenenst a absorbing goat. tiny, complete record

    66. Tim

      did not expect how bad the camera is 8 years ago

    67. thejaydegarden

      I can’t believe people actually try to secretly take pictures of people like that just to laugh at them

    68. nikitch85

      I am a uni-browian. I have no issues at all. My wife, however, makes jokes on me. BTW I asked her is I have a unibrow and she was like "How do you think?" =)

    69. Shaggy Rogers

      he's different and I don't know him, that frightens and upsets me.

    70. Arina Raouf

      Me ,who has a unibrow, realising I’ve walked past teen girls laughing : *my disappointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined*

      1. Jamadir

        Safety razors are like 5 dollars a pack

      2. TeenTraveler 17

        Character development


      I have a unibrow myself 😭

    72. Help me reach 1k subscribers without videos

      now i feel bad for Major Monogram in Phineas and Ferb

    73. Brandon A. English

      Girls trying to secretly steal pictures of strangers... sounds like my life in China.

    74. Itz_Ri

      I have Uni-brows.. I was born with them so do my little sisters and no one in my family has them except us and i get bullied because of it.. its horrible..

      1. K N

        Be happy with yourself....those people who bully are insecure about themselves. Just ignore them if you can, it will help you later in life when you realize that it doesn’t matter what people think about petty stuff. Strength to you and your sisters...

    75. Perebrivio

      If I stop shaving my eyebrows they'll start to look as one too and while I completely despise those predatorial judgements I'll say that I think unibrows does look ugly regardless of the person's general looks.

    76. Skx13x

      DECRYPT THIS ^u#!!

    77. nordac parallax

      I did the same experiment with no eyebrows the average conversation lasted 0 words So I think it's a linear progression.

    78. Parssa Alimadad

      Let's see what electroboom thinks about this...

    79. Gabby Vail

      Me having a unibrow: This is *fine*

    80. Isa Shahid

      Guy has unibrow Teen girl: this is the height of my comedy career

    81. DA MotoNeko

      I never see people with unibrows. How would i react? 01:34 That's not a discrimination. That's math. Trim your eyebrows to 4 and you'd have 66 words on avarage.

    82. Luna Tengi


    83. Shaon BS

      I have a unibrow.. UNIBROW GANG ASSEMBLE

    84. Bruh momento

      She probably knows where to eat around there judging by the size of her

    85. EspenX

      This is such a lazy job, Mark. This needs a redo and you grow that unibrow out. (And stop making facial expressions you solely did with the unibrow version to make the furry stuff you glued on more noticable).

      1. EspenX

        @Bruh momento The fact that this video is 7 years old is the very reason I wrote it. Do it again - properly with all your resources today. It would be a truely interesting video to watch.

      2. Bruh momento

        Cut him some slack. The video is seven years old

    86. Ben Shaw

      Who would have thought hey? Next you'll tell me people who don't have noses are treated differently.

    87. Cookie XO

      _______ Ō_Ô

    88. Creative for you

      I have Unibrow 😁

    89. zeus cybersec

      *santino marella has left the chat*

    90. Widdekuu91

      Aaahhww those girls taking a picture are really detached from reality. What a shitshow. I mean I'd probably giggle or grimace myself, but discretely and not take a picture, come on.

    91. Rubb3r Lizard

      Why though? Why does it matter? In my honest opinion though, that unibrow looked really good.

    92. Bobby Boo

      Whats so wrong in having a unibrow?

    93. Cat Unicat

      2:57 Bert the Best !!! so mega funny

    94. LanaTubeAdventures

      Unibrow lives matter

    95. Zaaambieez

      How about one without eyebrows?

    96. The Dank Dev

      "We will now pay for your college if you have a unibrow" - liberals

    97. Kourosh Esfandiari

      1:15 I think she just has a bad attitude

      1. Bruh momento

        She was trying so hard not to say 'unibrow, unibrow unibrow'

    98. Kourosh Esfandiari

      it makes sense to compliment someone on their unibrow but how can you even make fun of it?

      1. Jamadir

        because its ugly?

    99. andrew

      I think unibrow looks intresting

    100. MAK

      wth man i have a unibrow