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    Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

    Director - Colin Tilley
    Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
    Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
    Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
    Management - SB Projects

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      Is this true? Justin bieber ain't got no tatts?

    2. Letoya Mentoor

      Camila has a beautiful voice. Buh i love Justin's version😭❤️💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. patriciasilva04fernandes fernandes

      love justin bieber

    4. It'sreallyJae

      Everyone be like: Hailey watching this... Me: the whole damn song is about her

    5. harshit

      here after JUSTICE ANNOUNCEMENT 🤭👋

    6. jeanrepal

      Looks like it takes a production team of 9 "profesionnals" to steal from Toto. They should sue. This is a clear copyright case.

      1. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza


    7. Chandana Gohil

      Amazing song ❤️❤️

    8. interrupted Girl

      Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments Sending you positive and healing vibes and a huge virtual hug ❤

    9. Mwansa Senkwe

      I bet Hailey was. It impressed 😂😬 I saw the new video for the song today 😂

    10. Alexandra Gomez

      Justin i just rent the movie never say never and i finished it. It was so good. And i was sad when it ended.

    11. Dinnesh Daily

      I'm hating myself for hating you 10 years back.

    12. Infinity 8


    13. Infinity 8


    14. Bella the Troll Fan Artist

      In this video Bieber looks a lot like Zac Efron when he stared in high school musical

    15. Virginia Baldazo

      I love it so much

    16. Aryan Sinha

      I don't know but it sounds like a certain TOTO song... 🤔🤔

    17. Village Dancers


    18. luisitocrack 1

      justin, you are a pure trash * angy face *

    19. justin jr

      Justin jr

    20. Teijul1

      so 80´s love this.. fashion and music.. I was teenage in 80´s


      well wishes to you and your lovely wife.



      1. Justin Bieber

        Hello my dear fan It has been a perfect playing for me to have a lovely and awesome fan like you. Thanks for your love❤ and support always You can mail me at Justinbieber18646@gmail.com

    23. Sanju Sukhija

      Hi sir my name is disha I am biggest fan of you

      1. Sanju Sukhija

        Please reply sir

      2. Sanju Sukhija

        Please reply

    24. Raheesh bin nazer

      Malayali da

    25. Chvhg Kvfbj

      Just thinking what Hailey would do to Justin after watching the mv 😂😂

    26. Attainable Audio

      Wow... it’s true, check out TOTO Going Home, the songs are so similar!

    27. Leigha Hale

      I don't like this song I love it

    28. R F R F


    29. SoleMelody

      My family condition is so bad. And I want to study but I have not enough rupees for study and UKup is not giving me views. Please support my channel guys.😭I am from India and I love the English songs...please guys...

      1. SoleMelody

        @veerXeditz 🙄😑😔

      2. veerXeditz


    30. Ziggy Fuller-Engelmajer

      Is it just me or does the chorus sound like You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

    31. BryTunes

      Beebs is gonna help the world return to real music requiring actual musical talent to create!

    32. SCExtreme10

      This by far my favorite song. I can’t stop listening to this. Please help me;)

    33. Jack McCabe

      Hey isn’t that the girl who played zacks girlfriend on suite life on deck

    34. Luisito Eliot Show

      Justin without tattoos is the best you will see today.

    35. Paul Cabrera

      Care vrg jaj

    36. Tasso Tagang

      Toto song??

    37. Bryn Delo

      I really want him to recreate one time

    38. Veby Sasi

      if its not you its not anyone

    39. Veby Sasi

      my cool daddy:)

    40. John Phillip

      This guy is unstoppable with the hits. Billboard, not boxing.

    41. jessica Martins

      Estão tentando separar Justin da Haley...esse senhores da indústria da música são fogo na roupa...

    42. Zee Archer


    43. 77シオコショウ

      i love this song😍

    44. Kim Girrafe


    45. tonton illu

      @camille Lv feat please ! 😍

    46. Jel Rose

      This hits me so hard. Listening to this song is inexpressible. As I was reading thru the lyrics while listening to the song, I didn't notice my tears fell down. I was really moved by this song, it shows how Justin emphasing the love he has to her wife( for sure this is dedicated to his ever beautiful Hailey). As the song says, " You say that I won't lose you, But you can't predict the future. So, just hold on like you will never let go. Yeah, if you ever move on without me. I need to make sure you know that you are the only one I'll ever love. Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone." 😭😭😭. True love is unconditional commitment towards imperfect people to seek their highest good which may require sacrifice. I can really feel the deepness of what love truly is- it's unconditional and sacrificial. Thank you Justin for writing amazing songs that inspire people. Praying for more relatable, inspiring and encouraging songs to make. Congratulations Justin and to every person behind this beautiful song, well done! I'm lways be your follower, a Belieber (also, I'm a follower and believer of Christ too😊 ). Praise be to God for your life. Thank you Jesus! God is good all the time! ❤️☝️🙌🙏

    47. soraya ramlakhan

      Seein Justin hurt makes me feel like I'm going to die 😵🤕😢

      1. Justin Bieber

        @Bright Night Hello my dear fan It has been a perfect playing for me to have a lovely and awesome fan like you. Thanks for your love❤ and support always You can mail me at Justinbieber18646@gmail.com

      2. Bright Night

        @Justin Bieber Hello, nice to meet you Justin Bieber

      3. Justin Bieber

        Hello my dear fan

      4. Bright Night

        Me too

    48. Richard Rudar

      Total Rip Off of TOTO'S "Goin Home". If I was this Goof I would too

    49. Angip Ale

      If this is not for selena💔

    50. Sol Ferreira

      Great music Justin Bieber, God bless you!

    51. Elida Vasquez

      Is this video even true?!! I’m wondering what Hailey thinks and where did all tattoos go?! 😂 but it’s actually looks better like that without tattoos

      1. Justin Bieber

        Hello my dear fan

    52. Benjamin Perez

      *cough* RIPOFF *cough* *sniff sniff* TOTO *cough* #BustedbyBeato

    53. Inder Chahal

      Which singer do You Most Like ❤️ Justin Bieber Like ✌️👍 Honey Singh Comment... 👇

    54. Inder Chahal

      Don't Lie Justin Bieber fans Hit Like 👍👍 😇😇😇

    55. diamondmm

      original song is from TOTO - GOIN HOME , this is a ripoff LOL

      1. diamondmm

        @Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza thats what she said :)

      2. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza


    56. CrystalCat

      How about instead of "Going home" do "Going to brazil"?

    57. Thaylon Loch


    58. pink

      Si no eres tú, no es nadie.... Dios la letra es hermosa💕

    59. Tozkoparan Iskender klip

      I love you Justin Bieber

    60. Naveen Sirra

      1:24 music... Damn. ..

    61. Necias jr Balderas

      Yoo, Justin B Fans out there. Kindly check my original composed songs here in my youtube account. Thank you very much even just for reading this. :)

    62. Ashwin

      Lmao, he wishes this happened to Logan for the ksi vs Logan 2 fight

    63. carrie a

      So this is a new era of him in his own videos. Love it!

    64. Madaour Nguirane

      Beiber 😍😍❤❤❤✍✍✍

    65. Luísa Ferreira


    66. make an artist

      Biggest popstar of all time

      1. Luísa Ferreira

        True 👑

    67. Jay Hassan

      Loving the beat and words 🙏

    68. Ali Prince

      Amazing song

    69. Vanshika Sharma

      Appreciate Camila for portraying her love for Shawn in such beautiful lyrics... Appreciate Bieber for his soulful voice and such brilliant performance... Thank both of them for giving us the perfect start to 2021...

      1. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza

        @Luísa Ferreira yeah

      2. Luísa Ferreira

        the song was not written by camila cabello, it was justin bieber and other composers, she just did the demo

    70. Miss Hayley

      This song sounds like it should be off a movie soundtrack

    71. Miss Hayley

      I cringe every time I see him drinking that raw egg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    72. paolo-1283

      Who's here after watching Rick Beato? 🤣🤣🤣

    73. amiii _ma3


    74. Best Music Relaxx


    75. Andy Macedo

      You can put a commercial on tv or on UKup to let me know the 1 good or positive thing that's happened since that was mentioned by all means don't hesitate - anything just name me 1 single thing in any country in any industry 1 thing ! By the way Dow Jones took yesterday off he's going on vacation tired of the plague

    76. Necias jr Balderas

      Yoo, Justin Fans out there. Kindly check my songs here in youtube. Thank you very much even just for reading this. :)

    77. Oscar Perez

      I think the human body is so beautiful, i don't know why they ruin it with tattoos.

    78. Pikachu op

      He have changed from the hated one's to the loved one's

    79. にこにこなお


    80. BalataBoi

      Such an inspirational song

    81. Mobile Sticker Mode & Mobile Service Center

      justin Bieber Good All Song

    82. David Robinson

      Sorry Adam, but this video featuring boxing is a bit better than yours

    83. 藤田和之

      Maybe, The weight class is different. Bieber needs 9 more raw eggs each morning. But this reminds me, Rocky! Adrian! Love forever.

    84. Kangumine Sherlyn

      Idk why people are saying this song is for Haily or Selena course in my case this song is for either of them......

    85. Нарезки Эдисона и Кати

      Interesting fact: This comment is read by the most beautiful people in the world.

    86. Нарезки Эдисона и Кати

      Interesting fact: This comment is read by the most beautiful people in the world.

    87. bendadick clone

      Lmao the fake weights

    88. Amulya kanamarlapudi

      This song deserves so much love....❤️❤️❤️❤️ Let's just give it


      hello is the turkmenistan

    90. Shibu Sarkar

      Jb vs bts who is the best . Please comment

      1. Luísa Ferreira

        Justin Bieber for sure

      2. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza


    91. craig bratt

      Copy of toto coming home!! it’s a rip off!!

    92. Content Beyond

      Nice to see Justin Bieber stealing outright songs now - go listen to Toto's Goin' Home.

    93. Luis Enrique 2142

      youuu, if it´s not you it´s not anyone

    94. Han Kim

      Toto Goin Home. At least give some credit asshole.

      1. Joey Timmers

        He will after the lawsuit 👍🏽

      2. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza


    95. Zayd Hassan

      How does it not have 300+ million views? Damn peoples music taste have become so shit nowadays. They will give trash Billie eilish songs billions of views for nothing but not the deserving songs. Smh

      1. Jeremiah lsrael Dsouza

        Yeah 👍

    96. Art Vandelay

      so it actually took 7 songwriters to steal a Toto song (goin' home).

    97. lif3ch4n63r

      ALL JB HATERS. On November 4, 2009 this guy saved my life. I was in a coma for 8 months after being in a horrible car accident My nurse came in and turned on JB radio. Because of her..... I woke up from my coma just to turn it off.

      1. Gunther Central perk

        And he's still is more successful than you'll ever be lmao worry about that

    98. Aliyah Dein Escabas

      it's like manny pacquiao real story

    99. t9fu

      justin looked like a improved version of logan paul😂

    100. Natha P

      Obsessed already! How precious are the lyrics, and thanks for camilla make this

      1. Justin Bieber

        @Gunther Central perk Hello my dear fan It has been a perfect playing for me to have a lovely and awesome fan like you. Thanks for your love❤ and support always You can mail me at Justinbieber18646@gmail.com

      2. Gunther Central perk

        @Justin Bieber hey bestie

      3. Justin Bieber

        Hello my dear fan

      4. Gunther Central perk

        Camila didnt make this