Snowball Machine Gun- How to make

Mark Rober

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    Here's how to make a Snowball Machine Gun that can fire 13 snowballs in .5 seconds. It's a must have in any self-respecting Uncle's arsenal.
    Build Instructions here-

    0:05- Run (part 2)- Andrew Applepie-
    0:19- Angel- Sarah Mclachlan
    3:12- Ghostbusters remix- Danijel Zambo-
    5:16- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
    6:05- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. HenryJarvis

      Mark Rober, any friend of Bill Gates, the eugenicist, is no friend of mine. I have been a vegetarian for more the 25 years and think it is a great thing but beware people!! What conman Bill and probably Mark want is an AGENDA 21 New World Order with GMO plant cabbage food that has nothing to do with real vegetarianism. Do your research! Don't be fooled!! Be warned! Those who collude with committing global genocide and breaking the Nuremberg code will eventually be brought to justice by the law!

    2. Mohith M Nair

      Childern : Throws snowball on Mark Mark : So you have chosen death

    3. David Sanders

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    4. Rushil Karthik Setty

      this is how all wars should be fought....

    5. 4harrybananaface1235

      I wanna see what dream, really looks like.

    6. Mandara Godagama

      0:36 I like his laugh.

    7. Killswitch Nightcore

      I don't know for me but, that look like an real gun. "Sten gun"

    8. just a otaku

      This is the equivalent of using boiling water for a water-gun fight.

    9. Lucas Hinde

      Mark:uses full auto What the kids should of said:no full auto in buildings

    10. Lukeysmookey_ 9

      i was the 16,336,999 vuewer

    11. Jeremy B

      Mark: It's Really A Simple Concept Everyone Else: What????????

    12. G B

      la gente in spain be like...

    13. Finn Schneider

      Mark Rober: bullying kids since 2016

    14. Blake Bolt

      Ha, imaging having this when you were a kid! Also that looks like Sweitzer lake.

    15. OrionVortex

      I wish I had a cool uncle like him...

    16. Natalia Gutierrez

      Michael B. Jordan

    17. ZC23

      Now try this with actual bullets This is a joke.

    18. zian xander's channel

      Ghost bustter more like snow bustter hahahaha

    19. Manuel Robles-Prado

      "Banana for scale" *Man Americans use anything but the metric system*

    20. LostXbotics

      What ever you do is not mess with this uncle

    21. Qu3soKing

      *Heavy Weapons guy noises intensify*

    22. Poofy The Pro

      The silent kid in snowball fights be like:

    23. Danial Jones

      I wish you were my uncle lol, awesome!

    24. Sans

      if i had this guy as my uncle, my childhood would've been a lot better

    25. Elizabeth Liu


    26. David White

      I want one it’s a scope

      1. David White


    27. KyuubiSam

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    30. Calvin Albers

      mark makes some thing dangers all right get the watermelon

    31. Liz Mclay

      The dude has a rep of creating stuff to hurt people

    32. Jakaboy1000 vickery

      Is the sawed of version illegal?

    33. W4-11 v2.0

      Children: throw snowballs Mark: War, war never changes

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    35. tommyt1971


    36. tommyt1971

      I have a feeling I’ll need one of these in the near future - I have a niece and neph who are going to be snowball age pretty soon...

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    40. Tyler Dixon

      1:11 You know it’s gonna be good when you see ductape

    41. The Real E Gamer

      The quiet kid during a snowball fight:

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    46. Great Goose

      Marks the only one to worry about the efficiency of snowball making

    47. Rob Timothy Fletcher

      So cool!

    48. Craig Villamil

      Please do world's largest paintball gun

    49. tyronthesad

      Thats strong snowball

    50. WrathingLock✔️

      You mean minigun?

    51. carrot beans

      These guys: play snowball fights Me: BUILDS A FULL SCALE KREMLIN REINFORCED BY VODKA

    52. Nichole Meneses

      God bless everyone. Jesus is coming. Repent from your sins! There's no time left. Serve the one true God! GOD LOVES YOU ALL💖🔥!!!

    53. Archer Price

      Imagine getting hit by that

    54. Jacopo Spina

      Good video, I saw

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      this is like those scenes in apocalypse shows where they craft some wacky weapon to defend themself

    58. Xde Pape

      Nobody : dr stone in real life

    59. Alexander Red Dragon

      A ghost buster I would say but some bigger coat on and snow paints and you got yourself a juggernaut

    60. Surface Renew Team

      4:08 bruh that kid got shanked by a snowball

    61. Digital Warrior


    62. Jackson Brown

      Hes a good uncle

    63. Fatal Mashup

      is it just me or does Mark getting beat up with snowballs and that sad music makes you laugh to death xDxD

    64. Clifton Robin

      I do mark Rober would be in awesome uncle

    65. Kingpin1880

      Familly: Snowball fight! Mark: SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!

    66. Chaz Werner

      the water melon is the human brain after being shot 3:03

    67. Fridge Cake

      I still don’t how to make it.

    68. big big person

      in 2 years: Parents: Hey we are gonna go see uncle Mark Kids:*Vietnam flashbacks*

    69. KingmanIII

      the side-loading mags remind me of a Sten

    70. Labis Ragousis

      There will never be snowing in my country again, so it's good to see these videos. I like snow so much. Thank you.

    71. Shivam 401

      Mark Rober actually won because he has the high ground.

    72. Snek But it’s a doggo

      Mark Rober: they might wanna make this Everyone: *laughs In laziness*

    73. Charlton’s Videos

      it looks like a sterling gun

    74. Djdyls3

      Load with yellow snow for best results

    75. Djdyls3

      This is how all wars should be fought imo

    76. SansGamer1210

      ah yes "child busters"

    77. Jacob Hannah

      Who is here in 2021

      1. Pubg Is

        Me :)

    78. Zane Wood

      Peace was never an option by mark

    79. Connor Sanderson

      Me:what are we having for dinner Mark Rober:left over water melon 🤣

    80. Diane Bures

      lul th at would be sick

    81. Kimin

      This is a military wepon

    82. Robyn Gray

      Average mark video 13 million views Average me video 1 view :(

    83. Jim Bim

      Semi-auto is one shot, 3 or 4 shots is burst, and then there is full auto.

    84. no no

      The best part is when he rekt the kids

    85. TinyVODS

      He’ll do great in WW3

    86. brmbhm

      Who else is watching mark rober because we need actual entertainment for the time of COVID-19

    87. Alex Anderson

      Who would team up against Uncle Mark?

    88. JxBlades

      that’s not very covid friendly :(

    89. Eugene Gerasi

      Me who lives in Florida: T-T

    90. N3Queasy

      I am heavy snowball guy, And this, is my weapon

    91. Noorjehan Zeeshan

      I wish I had a uncle like mark

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    95. FlamerGamer / MagicalMage


    96. Anson Zhu Gaming

      He should make so that he can also shoot snow ( not in ball form ) by using a cone that goes into the gun pushing it is easy by using your hand or pushing it into more snow

    97. Zoe Liu

      I don't know about you, but the new ghostbuster is looking pretty good

    98. Mark Thompson

      Okay, why did 3,000+ individuals dislike this video? Was it because of the violence factor or possibly the number of snowflakes that went into the making of those snowballs?

    99. Alejandro Montanez

      Imma do this with baseballs and ill call it The Hurt Locker

    100. bafco2012

      Mark: how did you mass produce yur ammo?