David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

David Guetta

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    Music video by David Guetta performing Titanium. (P) & (C) 2012 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

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    1. Quinton Lefrancois


    2. Li

      1,412,916,476 MIROH

      1. Woocheol Lee

        Bro again?

    3. Tricolor Paulista -TPS

      Cadê os Br🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    4. Jordon H

      POV your listening to this in 2026

    5. Kelvin Vino

      Kangen masa2 dulu Kayaknya enak banget pas masih kecil 😭

    6. Guilherme Oliveira

      Comercial da close up

    7. PotatoChip2567

      didnt he steal sia's song

    8. Dogi Soviético

      No preguntaré que haces aquí si ya se que te encanta esta canción

      1. cristina maestrado

        I will not ask what you are doing here yes I know you love this song

      2. cristina maestrado

        Love this song

      3. cristina maestrado

        I will not ask what you are doing here yes I know what you

    9. Dogi Soviético

      I won't ask what you're doing here if I know you love this music

    10. Draco Malfoy

      This song was my childhood welp I'm a BLINK now

    11. Drucas

      The boy is from goosebumps i just realized.

      1. Sky linx Dawagan

        Fun Fact.

      2. V's Tae

        Yes, and Super 8

    12. dj Tu Pequeña

      Amo esta canción 😍 quien está activo 24 de febrero de 2021 quien deje un un like. "👍"

    13. Adam Wade

      God Bless all watching. Turn to Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

    14. Omprakash Nalesh

      Omprakash Nalesh

    15. Vickey Maxey

      Have a question I’m asking you is how in the hell does it have Half of the population watching this video

    16. Emilia A. González

      Lol puede sonar estúpido, pero me encantaba escuchar esta canción porque me habían operado y tenía un clavo de titanio en la rodilla jajajaja la sentía mi canción

      1. Leiderberth Tejedor

        Es hermosa la canción 💗😍

      2. V's Tae

        Jajaja no, me encantó la anécdota

      3. Dogi Soviético

        Lol xd

    17. Ông Hoàng Vlogs

      Vietnam's iloveu 🥰

    18. Jazmin Sepulveda


      1. Adam Wade

        Yes God Bless

    19. Stalin22

      It's a girl or a boy? Es un chico o una chica?

    20. Karen Ordoñez

      2021, lol.

    21. Batara

      dari dulu nonton nggak pernah paham sama maksud VM nya WKWK



    23. Confusion's potato

      never heard this before.

    24. Subimos de Todo

      Alguien más no recordaba el nombre de la canción y apenas lo han encontrado?

    25. Yuki Bugendai

      I'm home

    26. Nathan R

      Fun fact David guetta actually stole her singing for this song and she only found out once it was released

      1. JeloXD

        Hello fellow Roomie viewer

    27. Victor Ferreira

      Só eu que vim aqui pelo Siqueira Jr do coringa cantando essa música kkkkkk

    28. DTZ

      is this his best song? i think it is

    29. Ty420

      Apparently this song was actually mad with out the permission of sia

    30. Valeria Lopez Cruz

      omg i forgot about this song ten years later i am back 😭

    31. Noon May

      This kid played in the Stiven Spielberg movie super 8

    32. Olivia Kim

      Fun fact: David didn't take Sia's permission before putting her vocals in this song

      1. THE destroyer

        @DJ GLEO a person of culture

      2. DJ GLEO


      3. DJ GLEO

        roomie official

      4. THE destroyer

        Do you know roomie

    33. Myà Edits

      I admit sia is not a good person but has an amazing voice

    34. Alberto Alegre

      Y love you music

    35. Mister Emery

      3:37 richardson zéphir

    36. Kavish P

      the original Stranger Things

    37. mustard roshi

      So David getta used her vocals without permission huh

    38. Aalin RBLX

      2011-2021, i am back listen this song.

    39. TheRichmondflyer

      Why do I feel the need to gave that house a good clean its such a mess

    40. Aniket Varkhade Patil

      Sia's voice is MAGICAL❤️

    41. Moh Rafit

      Ada yang ingat ga ini backsound iklan eskrim magnum🙈🤣

    42. janmesh mathur

      The fact that David guetta released this without the permission of sia makes this song more amazing to me

    43. The singing Duo

      Fun fact this song was not meant for sia David guetta tricked her and used her vocals to make this song

    44. Yamileth Corvera

      Amó a ese niño 😍😍💖💖


      *Generic comment appreacting the timelessness of the song*

    46. smart people


    47. cinggo Ikun

      Iklan odol close up 😂

    48. Tvunami

      omg i used to always ask my dad to put this on when i was like 5 😞time flies...

    49. Hossen Suleman

      i love this song until this day ! are you with me?

    50. Justin Bieber

      Hi i am justin bieber 2nd account. How is everyone doing be safe proud for sia and david guetta getting 1.4B views🙂🙂❤❤

      1. JM William Gulde


    51. As Dicas (Moz)

      i'm 2021

    52. As Dicas (Moz)

      good song

    53. Arantxa Pizango Bravo

      2021? :)

    54. Keiran Hull

      Aye bro. What’s ur name? My name is titanium. Nice to meet you.

      1. Justin Bieber

        Hi I am Justin bieber 2nd account

    55. Борис Бритва

      Это великолепно!!!

    56. Keya Tudu

      Everytime I feel sad, I come here❤️


      I remember someone bc of that song :((😔💔 he died 1 year ago...😔😔

    58. Hellzone CODM

      When my teacher hit me I think about this song

    59. Graveraider

      did stranger things steal this or what?

      1. Luhtella

        @Kavish P OOF, i misread it sorry

      2. Kavish P

        @Luhtella thats what he said, he is saying stranger things probably stole frm this video lol

      3. Luhtella

        That song is from years ago, even before Stranger things

    60. Zukarnain Hafizi

      Realise or not , this song is been to 9 Years 😂😅

    61. Li

      1,412,386,057 MIROH

    62. Zahin Azizul

      I was normally sing I just take a one breath

    63. Cg6_ Justinn

      If i can go back 10 years🤦‍♂️

      1. Yung Blaze

        factss bruhh. Back to when life was simple

    64. Eddy Rodríguez

      9 years and I didn’t realize that he sample every breathe you take broooooo

      1. DanFire78 _

        no it's similar but not sampled

    65. Elf

      My God, I can clearly see the CD with this as first song in my shelf, it was my 12th birthday present from my best friend back then, time does fly

    66. Hey Ahmad

      NOSTALGIA ✔️

    67. Ganuc Hernández

      If you are here for the tik tok remix you can s*#&$% $Y#&%$

    68. The crazy Beadys Beady

      That’s a lot a fews

    69. Narancia Ghirga

      2012 was my year of memories

    70. Speedy Chicken

      Is this a school shooter song?

    71. Droosh Maroosh

      The word "Occurrence" was spelled incorrectly on the TV set (occurance).

    72. Doris Torres

      These songs might be old but they’re the no one forget this

    73. Constanza Giuliodori

      Salió en uno de los mejores años :(

    74. AS ANJO FF


    75. LIL X SPLEEN KENNETH [LOS]faramir

      Les Français 🇫🇷 ?

      1. LIL X SPLEEN KENNETH [LOS]faramir


      2. Sami-Mohand Djaidani

        Ont est la

    76. Renzo Nicolas ZEGARRA ORBEGOSO

      My eyes = reading comments My ears = listening song My mouth =singing song I LOVE TO SING!!!! ¡¡¡¡Shumiste therapongun ama tataniom!!!!😎😎😎

    77. Hoodie Gurl

      2011-2021 i am back (i use to listen to this song mostly every day

    78. Elizabeth Exter

      I’m bullet proof nothing to lose

    79. Arlind Qollaku

      People in 2021 visiting 10 years old songs to go out from the depression of this world of COVID and lockdown

      1. Kanourka

        haha :D

    80. Roberta Morrison

      3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry

    81. den gilver

      Me when my mom found out i dind't do my homework but watch live 😳 1:17

    82. Lejindary Noona

      It’s been 9 years but I came back here to finally hit the like button

    83. Kuba Golczewski

      Hello guys, this isn't other comment: If you are watching this in 2021, you are a legend. I only want to say: YOU ARE A LEGEND. Keep going, have a nice moments and GO LIFE!!

    84. Eduard4190

      I LOVE IT💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    85. Mateus Riker

      Se não fosse a voz da sia oque seria dessa musica

    86. Sia ꪜ

      Oh My Song Is So Beautiful.

    87. Blenda Esquivel

      is it just me or the name of the song is on a pencil

    88. Temtsa ross

      2021 still here

    89. Paddy Warner

      This song just never ever gets old

    90. Erica Santos


    91. Syakir Firdaus

      1.4 billion

    92. Caio Oliveira

      1.412.019.747 6.808.535

    93. Sofí

      Al que le dio Disleike le digo esto:🔪🔪👄🔪🔪

    94. Vicky M

      i’m back here years later, studying this for a level media

    95. Yuval Edri

      חיים שלי דייויד מאמי קטן שלי תמשיך לעלות עוקבת אחרייך מלך.

    96. Concepción Riquito

      Muy linda la música 😍 😍😍

    97. Josiah McClintic

      The name of this song is lit, I'm a chemistry lover 😂😍

    98. Vangelis K

      This song is so emotional

      1. Vangelis K

        @erikf /funvids me too😁

      2. erikf /funvids

        yep it gives me flashbacks

    99. Savanna orr

      The smooth jewel conversely gaze because swing resultspreviously lick amid a elated crayfish. nervous, blushing shape

    100. Manjot Benipal

      Lets make attendence of people watching in 2021🤔👍👍👍

      1. Irish.ii.o

        im watching this for school work ;-;