Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver

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    Adventure awaits again.
    The third installment of the RPG series -
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    1. Joel Haver

      This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

      1. time_ keeper

        now that you've shown us how you did it, i really want to see the unedited version.

      2. GenTac

        Is the first scene with the old man a reference to Seles in The Legend of the Dragoon? It seems like such a direct reference to the scene with Elder Plos sitting in the ash, outside of a ruined house.

      3. Marshall The Man

        My name is Marshall and it totally caught me off guard lol

      4. Viper_213X

        Is there a next episode for my favourite adventurer?

      5. Ajima987

        Thanks you for this ! It's gold !

    2. [REDACTED]

      To everyone in the comments you are important and you have value.

    3. MasonTheShltLord

      How much of a man's spirit can be thrown into one huzzah? The answer: ALL OF IT

    4. zzzlikeaboszzz

      YOU are IMPORTANT, and you have VALUE. Works every time

    5. Seuchenopfer

      Ahh yes... the good ending

    6. Ian Zetterlund

      pour one out for my boy marshall, so misunderstood :_:

    7. Porheng Kheam

      Glad to see “the feral dog” Spot is still alive.

    8. Unregistered HyperCam 2

      the good ending

    9. Russell

      Alright who else is on their 20th re watch of this?

    10. Mraxe

      Marshal is literally the physical embodiment of die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

    11. Franpowah

      Wow, that NG+ content is wild

    12. SpoilerAlert

      I tried to figure out where exactly this gets of the rails but couldn't. It's like a fever dream.

    13. D Bro


    14. AccidentalGenius

      #1 was actually the shortcut ending while #2 which is this is the real thing this was supposed to happen lol

    15. Chandler Sawka

      Why do I care more about this adventurer more than my own well being? How have you done this?

    16. geoffcarroll05

      So a few more filler toons then 3rd time playing rpg?

    17. BlueMobius

      "ADVENTURE...... awaits." Literal chills down my spine, man

    18. Grimm Hollywood

      This is true art.

    19. Noxious Army

      this is how i felt playing skyrim the first time 1:50

    20. Player_1

      Mandela effect incoming

    21. RaGe BoX Let's Play

      I just realized something.. this whole story is a lesson about how sometimes we make choices in RPGs that we regret but for all we know it could have been the best possible thing. Life is like that too. Life is too uncertain for regret. Thank you.

    22. Asta Dawg

      That old man can’t catch a break

    23. Some Dude

      Watched this video at least 3 times

    24. David Somers

      In every version of the RPG, Marshal must die. Why do I get the feeling Joel hates rodents?

    25. Aaron Primus

      Honestly gettin some Endgame vibes here, truely inspiring

    26. Proud Larry

      My favorite parts are any time Joel says "oh fuck".

    27. Thats Ruff Dog

      I watched the videos out of order.

    28. One Fluffy Boy

      Okay so judging from how these videos when in the first two videos when he killed everyone the worst that happened is that he felt pretty bad about it but the kingdom was safe Marshall wasn't let loose to let all the criminals free in bus the king would still be alive The Village would still be alive and everyone except for all the people he murdered in discriminately what all still be alive living happily however by Saving Marshall and letting him get found this leads to the entire Kingdom being left in disarray this game thus follows the opposite logic of undertale where undertales logic was to be friendly to everyone and give everyone a chance before beating the shit out of them this game is logic is that no one can be trusted to your better off killing everyone

    29. Daniel Thakur

      This gave me Midnight Gospel vibes

    30. IrishEggroll

      1:43 That is the realest "oh fuck" I have ever heard.

    31. X X

      1:12 . . . That's when you want to quiet the game.

    32. [es]sorath 666

      Nobody gonna talk about that the rat used a gun

    33. Brent King

      Thats how I am gonna start my day every morning. "Adventure..awaits. HAAZAAAAA!!!!" and run out the door to live. This video has show me that life is worth living

    34. Pawns Transformed

      This shit is awesome

    35. freddy mittler

      The legendary saga of marshal and the adventurer end

    36. Dark Megumin

      *the plot reveals itself*

    37. Alfred Bufulea

      A massacre most foul

    38. Gergő Füsüs

      Watched the first video of.these series, I kept re-watching it all day!!! I would watch a movie like this xD laughed so much.. Advanture.. AWAITS! HAZZZZAAAA!!!

    39. Marc Alcatraz

      The oblivion music makes this infinitely better

    40. Marc Alcatraz

      If the movie Groundhog’s Day was extended by months instead of a day.

    41. The Red Man

      0:36 - Shady sands in fallout when you don't go to it immediately

    42. DrtyDshSoap


    43. batmanwest46

      When the character development on youtube shorts is better than most AAA budget movies. Great job

    44. The Anomaly

      "my first town.....again"

    45. RedHairdo

      EEK! A GIANT!

    46. RedHairdo

      This one was epic. I felt the 2nd RPG animation wasn't as good as the 1st one, but you really brought it back with the 3rd one. Crossing it over with your giant animation was also epic and felt very appropriate. Nice job!!

    47. hReed mahatab

      Make more episodes out of this ! This series gonna elevate ur channel no doubt

    48. Mega Movie Cheese

      LOTR was the best fantasy trilogy...until now

    49. Kyle Hasegawa

      Do I need to have seen a video before this or something?

    50. TheHippyProductions

      Either keep making more stuff about this RPG universe, or leave it as is to keep it sacred. Either way it's a win-win, because how could you go wrong with this wonderful formula?

    51. TheHippyProductions

      When a parody series of about RPG games has better continuity than RPG games.

    52. Aveonte Willingham

      I love that he basically started a new game, but the plot changes once he made a different decision

      1. community_elbow

        And then after he finds out he fucked up by not killing Marshall again "I'm doing everything WRONG!" lmao

    53. warmCabin

      Haha, this made _no_ sense until I watched Part 1

    54. Ghost_Hat_Beats

      Ngl this is how I feel in skyrim when I help this NPC who is a "good guy" but only wanted (Quest Item/Person dead/ to kill u, a level 40 player) because so and so

    55. PaleBlueTARDIS

      Every game where every choice you make matters

    56. jammydodgerman

      Tony Lazuto!?

    57. Misterjablez _

      The fucking narrative arc of this is astounding. The Drama, The Betrayal, THE CATHARSIS

    58. rōnin57

      I love the ending so much

    59. BigDogTwenny9niny2

      Wow this is refreshing content

    60. Dacoda999

      When is this coming to adult swim???

    61. Ambipie

      Make the third one. Where he kills the rat and tells the son "Someone killed Marshall."

    62. Marco Adesi

      Love that,pls continue the serie

    63. Gumby The Destroyer

      I want a real game based on this series that just fucks you at every turn regardless of what choice you make

    64. Elderp

      Nice job

    65. RedEyedSlimeBoi

      marshal the rat has more story than the entire earthbound series

    66. Kol Skullkid

      Hazay My friend!

    67. ReallyBurntToast

      love the giant and the hero sitting enjoying the sunset

    68. Dope'd Furry

      This is some rough uncanny valley stuff

    69. it me

      i love how they’re face is completely dead and they don’t blink a single time during this video

    70. Matthew Mullin

      The giant looks like Stavros halkias

    71. FighterFunk

      wait so did it already happen, or is he explain what he WILL do in the future, the endings a bit confusing

    72. Nicolas Inguanti

      Daleks when they see a human: 3:05

    73. Astroxy

      wow man. your videos are freaking amazing. there is so much depth in these it's unbelievable. how the metal giant's health bar dispearred after being told it has value is a hint towards the most recent episode when health bars only show who's an enemy to themselves. the metal giant is no longer an enemy

    74. Astroxy

      did you notice at 2:04, that's probably the dog he killed in a previous episode. how he thought it was vicious but it was a neighborhood dog named spot lol

    75. Astroxy

      can you believe a rat burned down a town by itself? lol

    76. Łuaksz

      After watching the recent “how it’s drawn” video. I now recognized that the main character doesn’t blink.

    77. Abbas Sakina

      Make an adult swim show pls

    78. danny 3xeer

      this whole video was a rollercoaster of commenting "the good ending"

    79. Daniel Sheperd

      Pls do other Rpg content like this, it’s a masterpiece!

    80. Sultan Favian Respati

      Huzzah indeed

    81. Chad Kyle

      BY THE GODS!

    82. Chad Kyle

      A comment

    83. Erdem Memisyazici

      Twist: The rat was his long lost brother.

    84. Brandon Kosinski

      But what happens if you restart, kill the "rat" but don't kill the "goul" and then enter the town?

    85. Bob Ross Erotica Fanfiction

      That bullet shell lol

    86. Lollipops

      Hmm a Rat has assassinated the king and is burning down the town. I know, I'll make some posters!

    87. tyler 2

      Just gonna say, please make more.

    88. Elcopollo

      No one: ... Absolutely no one: ... Main character: By the Gods! Subtitles: FIND A GUN!!!

    89. Christopher Andersen

      Holy shit I love this. I can't wait to see more. I also want to play a game this dynamic and trollish XD Abusing people who try to abuse meta knowledge :D

    90. TuxDelux

      Was that an Avengers: Endgame reference when he was about to kill Marshall?

    91. Anthony Chin

      Arx Fatalis, is that you?

    92. t noodle


    93. TyanRube

      You should get some scripts from the wackiness of AI dungeon, that combined with this style of sketch comedy animation would be brilliant!

    94. The Deadliest

      dude what did I take

    95. Kyuss Smith

      Next time someone tells you that you should never bring a sword to a gunfight, direct them to this video.

    96. Tblazer

      2:56 Jacob declares his speech with such purity, such conviction... it moves me to tears 😢

    97. Ian Visser

      Max Payne players will recognize marshal

    98. goiZ

      i hope there is a 3rd playthrough where he just doesnt care and just kills everyone

    99. NodMan


    100. Diane Heartbeat

      Love these