Watermelon smoothie hack in 2 minutes- No mess

Mark Rober

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    Here is a simple trick to make you the boss of the picnic. Create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with essentially no mess in 2 minutes.

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    1. Nick MaGrick

      what about the seeds, most people don't even like pulp

    2. 3When

      eh... Huh i mean It looks uncomfortable Euh

    3. sharpie fatah

      The clarity and Quality Of the Video has Changed a Lot.

    4. GalliSunflower

      That camera and audio tho

    5. Keith Guay

      Awesome video, ty for sharing

    6. Sam Schwab

      All you need is a coat hanger and a drill uses knife uses scissors uses a cup

    7. Labis Ragousis

      10fps... Nostalgia

    8. Espyon Plays

      “No mess.” Me: *what if you miss the cup!?*

    9. MMT-Games

      So he was working at the NASA...

    10. AA20Plays

      No seeds,Where hurt in this video

    11. Abby Awesome

      The smoothie looks chunky...

    12. Cubiside

      Me: walking to the park where I have organised a picnic with friends with a hanger a drill and a watermelon. Everyone: ... wth

    13. Demetre Jakhaia

      20 fps??

    14. Random Replays

      Its puking blood OMG MARK WHAT HAVE U DONE

    15. tutacat

      "this is my voice nine years in youtube"

    16. Sonali

      All Comments are on knife

      1. Sonali

        Yes I also noticed

    17. Katie Frigon

      This is old!

    18. Foxo was_taken

      AHHHHHHHG. Why is my vid lagging with normal audio but at 4 fps!?!?;! Send help please I'm in pain ;-;

    19. John Wayne

      Bro! You need to make a video with Gallagher....... Smashing Dahling! Smashing.............

    20. the corsair

      I like your idea for a watermelon slushy idea for summer

    21. I can't think of a name

      How old do I have to be for this to be 7 years old.

    22. Chloe de Leon

      Watching 7 years later

    23. clygamer

      5 fps camera

    24. Bleep Man

      this is gonna be my favorite toy

    25. Houdini Leung

      You need a knife

    26. Hayden Tiani

      As of writing this comment, it just hit 19,000,000 views.

    27. hdifheidsk

      what is quality

    28. {•Lil_Willa•}

      Mark: So all your gonna need is a drill, a coat hanger, and a watermelon Him two seconds later: so your gonna get your knife

    29. Lil tree

      *me cries over water melons death*

    30. Ticcs

      U don't need a drill Use a blender

    31. aimohsin

      Am I the only one who thinks the video is lagging?

    32. Yehuda Copeland

      it looks like the watermealon is puking

    33. Carsandcanibis420 _

      This works wonders for abortions too

    34. Georgie

      Back hen: watermelon hack! Now: jelly pool

    35. Domination PG3D

      my 5 years old birthday lol

    36. Mr. Doggo

      Now this is QUALITY life hacks

    37. Fernanda Castaneda Martinez

      that is cool

    38. Ace Whetstone

      I love is video

    39. Print Nub

      What about the plating on that coat hanger? Eeesh /smh

    40. Hobo Hamster

      What about the seeds

    41. Aaron Saint

      I just got this is my recommendation 7 years later. Cheers to another 7 years! 💞

    42. AnonymousGamer

      Thay crispy 10 fps tho

      1. aimohsin


    43. Yashika Singh

      "It's delicious. Organic, refreshing, little bit creepy."

    44. Tristan Lee

      Everybody is talking about how he used a knife and someone even mentioned the scissors but nobody mentioned him using a marker or a cup

      1. Anson The awesome kid


    45. RADROX247 GAMING

      I don't like watermelon but it was a nice trick

    46. Detective Cola

      The way he said it 1:15

      1. Yashika Singh

        "It's delicious. Organic, refreshing, little bit creepy."

    47. Skullbrain 24 7

      did u record dat on yo toaster

    48. Ryan McClain

      we all saw this coming

    49. Augustt Lyte

      Who else got this as a suggested video 5 years later

      1. Aaron Saint

        It’s actually 7

    50. Anirudh Rajesh

      ah yes, classic, 15 FPS 2013 home video :)

    51. Joey Scarborough

      It’s crazy to think that this was 7 years ago and it feels like it was yesterday

    52. Siddharth

      Seeds ????

    53. tdalton21

      Mark at the end " Refreshing..... Little bit creepy" XD I'm dying!

    54. Ava Birdie

      Mike it is 2020 we do NOT need a creepy watermelon

    55. Aman Karassayev

      what is that camera quality

    56. Thomas Benjamin Siason

      That watermelon is puking blood

    57. Tosh&Jovie D

      I mean scientist

    58. Tosh&Jovie D

      But I thought you were a 👨‍🔬

    59. Tosh&Jovie D

      When you made this I was born

    60. Someone on Earth

      Watermelon smoothie in 2 minutes Other UKuprs: 5 minutes video Mark: 1:43 min video



    62. Wyatt & The Games

      Dat framerate boi

    63. The Reaper

      Yeah sure I have a drill somewhere in the kitchen

    64. Sean Tucker

      All I’m going to need is pizza

    65. turku koulu

      Put a couple of ice cubes inside

    66. aljay

      or you can just blend the watermelon

    67. ZFN Skills

      The camera bro.

    68. AnIdiotCalledDumb

      i can tell u freeze it then shake it so its cold or. put ice small peices

    69. Alya Maulana

      It looks like a persons head colored green and it want to vomit watermelon juice lol but it sure its awesome

    70. Macro

      Imagine him spilling the glass right as he said “no mess”

    71. Keagan Lime


    72. Brickster 5000

      Mark rober 2013: smoothie Mark rober 2020: worlds biggest elephant toothepaste experiment

      1. notstrawreally

        @Ready To Watch .

      2. Ready To Watch

        Mark rober 2013: watermelon smoothie Mark rober 2020: fish blood smoothie

    73. Hyden Moody

      This isn't a life hack! You don't need a hot glue gun to do this one.

    74. Tom Reidy

      Day 1 of commenting this!!! For October you should make a bowl that shoots silly string or something when someone takes more then one piece of candy!!!

    75. Shari Marie

      Poor watemelon :'(

    76. YBHAKER YT

      The only five minutes crafts that I accept

    77. xd TNTYouseF

      Omg this is 2013 Mark Rober and I'm waithis in 2020 and I honestly feel so nostalgic

    78. Kalex Xandra

      Omg this brings me nostalgia, when the first time I watched UKup

      1. MYR_Bophie


      2. Jonathan Kovadlo


      3. KD Gaming


    79. Davis Hamilton

      I did this and it worked like a charm thanks

    80. Pilot Haha

      What a old vid, still good :D

    81. xxriftysimpxx Xxisittruexx??

      Kid at the end I’m looking at you :> I’m looking at you :>

    82. Crashbug

      Regulars youtubers “ make sure you like for a new video everyday!” Mark” videos every month” Has 13 million subscribers.

    83. Qutub Kothari

      Watermelon guts taste good

    84. Alaric Brann

      What wonderful camera clarity

    85. Hey there demons, It's me, Ya boi

      2013 Mark had a very different voice


      This is probably the best video from Mark Rober. Great channel bro😊👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻🇮🇳

    87. zakaria daoud

      Who watched this on 20 FPS!!

    88. Carly Pace

      2013... wow

    89. Yogesh Chaudhary

      Don't know why. But i think I'm the first one here in 2020.

      1. California Panda

        You can sort by newest to then scroll down to figure these things out.

    90. Jordon Dordon

      You are officially the favourite uncle.

    91. Flameboy101_0 Gaming

      Low quality video for some reason

    92. ok stop

      Mark:no mess Also Mark:pours on table

    93. Cl1nical Depression9

      Slurping noises

    94. farties

      You should mix ice-cream on it

      1. California Panda

        OMG YES

    95. Alec Hensens

      Who is watching this in 2020

    96. egg boi

      1:04 tf is that kid doing lmfao

      1. iiStrqf1nqx


      2. zank - Rust


    97. Harsh Divakar

      Who’s watching in 2020 in the middle off quarantine

    98. FG795

      or u can use a blender

    99. Fire Gaming

      Very lag

      1. Fire Gaming

        I know

      2. Manaal Qawi

        I mean it was posted 6 years ago

    100. Izzy's fizzy’s

      Mark is actually the coolest uncle everrrrrrrrrrre