How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)

Mark Rober

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    Click here the most up-to-date info on Coronavirus COVID-19-
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    Here is the Glo Germ powder I used (not sponsored). This would make for a great science object lesson-
    Tools on my bench from Carlyle-

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    1. Mark Rober

      Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

      1. Mr Pro


      2. nejceek

        What about science of immune system in kids? And science of kids socialisation? Brain development? What's the science behind kids being locked up, unable, even restricted/forbidden to play?

      3. Totally Weird Gamer

        Why would we want to know that?

      4. Dave Peloquin

        I will make sure to

      5. Komaru Naegi

        Oh it is

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    3. Vs Rom

      wi ar not earthlings

    4. yourdigitalfriend

      -qo (stands for C 19)

    5. Windows 10X

      Karens: imma pretend I never saw that...

    6. Toadsterrr

      Lol FORTNITE

    7. Wyatt Smith

      That one kid who wanted to shake her hand...

    8. Danny Rinehart

      That would be my son at the end yelling fortnight lol

    9. LINX_Noob

      Me: do I have le corona Mark: *brrrrrrr* o-o Also mark: y-y-yes....

    10. thys gamer

      8:34 Alexa buy Guns we nees to put someone down

    11. MADMAXI231

      Solution is play videogames

    12. Rehx lol

      0:30 justin craked at fortnite

    13. Adjiah Perry

      This video made me want to wash my hands after the video

    14. qwertz Gaming all time

      There is going to be a long and alot of lock down (2021 $u¢k$)

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    16. Vatsal pandey

      I like this channel cuz this guy gives knowledge.

    17. Shikhar Srivastava

      'There's no need too panic', they said. 'We totally got this', they said. Great video by the way

    18. Molly Catherine

      i'm just wondering how that school was still open!

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    21. Violetta Rún Strozysnka

      Ju ar a osom jutuber love ju

    22. Sardar Uzair Imran

      Dude you are awesome 👌

    23. mohama kiik

      wow wow wow wow wow wow

    24. Mr Beast

      Show germs before and after use of sanitizer

    25. Odin De Matta


    26. Rowan Newsum

      I did this in fith grade! we used UV lights and saw how good we were at washing hands and stuff

    27. Masada Gillespie

      lock down pls been there done that

    28. Darin Liu


    29. FreeZoHD

      Mark robber: we totally Got this 2021 100 million comfirmed cases and 27 million aktive cases

    30. The Te

      Well now we also have lock down but still have to do online school.

    31. Zaboor Sabir

      mark also after 5 months gets covid 19

    32. yaknophonics

      Destroy germs. Destroy germs! Destroy! DESTROY! ELIMINATE, EXTERMINATE!!

    33. Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX

      I feel so akward if Im the fourth student that enters the room She just wanted to shake hands and like "NO, I DONT LIKE YOU NO SHAKE HANDD"

    34. Filip Nikolov

      You are amazing

    35. oramirez789

      Teacher had a breakdown

    36. ittegapS Sauce

      This was 10 months ago

    37. JonatasAdoM

      3:44 The Death Star is going to sneeze!!!

    38. ellojello c

      Bruh the third graders didn't see the lock down coming AT ALL...

    39. Le Xuan truong

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    40. Gnus Mas

      me after watching this video: *washes hands*

    41. Shawny Boi

      The kid that said fortnite is the only reason I don’t really like this video but I did like it;)

    42. Play Time Meyers

      Great video man

    43. timmer and catty

      Marker: stay clean Me: IM SCARED Marker: don't be scared Me: im not scared I'm Worried Edit: thx for liking Me: we don't nedd you *sneezes after 1 sec*

    44. Zenxy Goh

      Panic Panic Panic!!!

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    47. Christopher Mosqueda

      0:30 my friend here justin

    48. Katherine Salsbury

      Me in. 2021👁👄👁

    49. Toksiyk

      Wait if I got ham and ate t does that get germs In me

    50. CarlosCyan

      “We totally got this” Hahhaahahhahahhahahahah funny jokes

    51. kobe !

      "We don't need to panic" Well it's a new year and the virus is breaking records every single day

    52. Tatum Phillips

      Do you work with Justin Justin Rimeith

    53. Naval Battle Game Channel

      It was crazy how when mark said it can also bring out the best in us and I immediately thought about the Italians on their balconies, and the next scene was Italians on their balconies

    54. Gabriele Graumann

      probably my fave UKupr ;)

    55. Tina davillars

      Wow thanks

    56. Salman Ali

      nice vid!!

    57. SunnyLovesOrange

      You see, with covid and all… Everyone is going to care about their hygiene even if Mark didn't show them this

    58. Friendsgamer 123

      I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but when the kid went to shake her hand and then her got rejected...

    59. Jojy 123

      Why I didn't have legos in my 3rd grade or even play time?

    60. Zek Tu

      We need more people like you 👍

    61. Reese Hall

      Him: 10,00000 germs in a single drop of seawater Me: ill *NEVER* go swimming again

    62. coffee Addict

      Dude I remember watching this when it first came out and i see its been 9 months since then. Time flies

    63. NerfyPlayz

      clean man

    64. Scribblery Doodler

      Mark: we got this! My mom: there are 2 new viruses and the minks with the mutated virus so...

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      Justin is at the school and he’s cracked at fortnite my guy uuuuuuhh

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      Finally I can see Germans

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      The last time I Washed my phone was yesterday

    69. Anonymous BOT

      Corona :

    70. Hello !!!

      Why the hate on them?

    71. Solid ApeMan

      Principal: We will be closing school for 3 weeks. Me:Yeah........3 weeks *10 months into no school*

    72. Claudia C

      Seriously? I think it's pretty pathetic that I have to point out to you that washing your hands will do you NO good ... if you touch the faucet/knobs (high-touch surface) directly afterward!!!

      1. Caleb Haswell


    73. Rashad Heydarli


    74. Nina Ajeti

      Teacher : "we dont have school for three weeks!" Kids : "FORTNITE!!!!!!"

    75. Feezee the Seagull

      Now I miss 3rd grade

    76. Hydrogen Bomb

      Meanwhile 0.01 germ :

    77. Liam Burke

      After watching this I’m now a germaphobe

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      can I have one

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      im inspired i ve subscribed

    80. Ghannon Gray-Edel

      Imagine one of these people had COVID-19...

      1. Voca is a sad boi


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      Now we have the vaccine

    82. Maddison Snowy

      Is it just me? Or this channel is just much better than school? And much more funner and cool.

      1. Voca is a sad boi

        Honestly i wish school was like this

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      Best vid of 2020

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    87. Bohdan

      The one student that did not get a hand shake: The student 👩‍🎓: 😢 why why why can’t I get one hand shake just one ☝🏻

    88. はつみ Channel

      "Because of this virus, school will be closing for 3 weeks" Nobody : ..... "FORTNITE"

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    90. Glitched Rena

      haha love that iconic LoZ sound at the front XDDD

    91. GrungierLamp Gaming

      When u come a year later to see that covid is filling up hospitals.

    92. Ovid Wehner

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    93. Lucy Flores

      School: School will be closing for 3 weeks Us in January 2021: We are still here :(

    94. {EmilyDogLover} :3

      ... how do i get that tho..

    95. Milkey Squad

      Ok so.... I was at school second grade and like a scientist said hello and touched my hands then she showed with the lamp this and I was like well I just watched my hands 👁👄👁

    96. BEA AND ME

      Mark: this is why you need to clean. Mark a few months later: I have COVID.

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