ANTONIO DOUBLE | Burnley v West Ham | Premier League

Burnley Football Club

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    Highlights from Burnley's Premier League fixture against West Ham United.
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    Опубліковано 8 днів тому


    1. Rock girl

      3 points keeps West Ham in champions league hunt. Burnley are good honest team I like them.

    2. vbddfy euuyt

      Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

    3. Abdirahman Rashiid


    4. seeni gzty

      I liked that Burning accent! (Tue 04 May 2021 12h26)

    5. dueeh nyyu

      Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

      1. Rock girl

        Best commentary ever!

    6. Tony.k

      Great performance by west ham..It could easily have been 6-2, we got off lightly..Love u lads to finish in top 4..Let's hope batter Chelkea (cant stand them). Beat Everton your in the 4..We'll be ok 9 points clears off Fulham g good luck....Burnley Fan..

      1. huttio srreu

    7. fútbol clips

      That one skill by wood in the beginning was outstanding tbh 🤩

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Dirty inbreds always living in our shadow 🔵⚪️

    8. sannio komi

      I’m dreaming of champions league this season, come on you irons.

      1. seeni gzty

    9. Soinas Doyi

      Unlucky game from you guys. At least you've got a 9 point buffer with only 4 games to go, looking forward to this fixture again next season. Always ends up being a great show!

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Burnley will lose against Fulham, guaranteed.

    10. vinasu maaj

      I’m dreaming of champions league this season, come on you irons.

    11. Axara Putra 12

      Burnley, Westham, Aston vila .. same jersey

      1. sannio komi

        I think that co-commentator was "pleasuring himself " at times there ;-)

    12. Raphaël Blancpain

      lovely commentary

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Prem losers highlights once again making trending

    13. John Lew


    14. John Pearson

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      1. vinasu maaj

        I liked that Burning accent! (Tue 04 May 2021 12h26)

    15. Mark Searles

      I’m dreaming of champions league this season, come on you irons.

    16. Erik Robertsson SA19

      Antonio too good for ya

    17. Deserved W

      Golden commentary 😭

    18. Acas Acas

      Burnley will lose against Fulham, guaranteed.

      1. Tony.k

        Nowt is guaranteed in football lol

    19. James Creasey

      Best commentary ever!

    20. Crit Hit

    21. Do Icare

      Dirty inbreds always living in our shadow 🔵⚪️

      1. Do Icare

        @Kingzii sick joke mate by Dads fine thanks for asking

      2. Kingzii

        @Do Icare bit weird that you’re only insult is about being inbred? How’s your dad? Sorry I meant your brother, same thing to you anyway

      3. Do Icare

        @Kingzii rather have 4 than 6 and I’ve got 5 so get your facts straight before you say them typical inbred

      4. Kingzii

        @Do Icare is that you’re only insult? Wouldn’t expect more from someone with 4 fingers tbh

      5. Do Icare

        @Kingzii you were made by a brother and a sister

    22. Joe900

      Respect for Burnley

    23. Birhanu tesfa

      finding lingard on the scoreline

    24. s kh

      benrahmaa the best ✅✅

    25. John Smiths

      I think that co-commentator was "pleasuring himself " at times there ;-)

    26. Danny Rogers

      Prem losers highlights once again making trending

    27. Different Saturner

      I liked that Burning accent! (Tue 04 May 2021 12h26)

    28. hassam saqib lodhi

      Great performance by Hammers and Antonio ❤❤❤

    29. Markus Mbambo

      Lingard is playing comfortably I like that

    30. PixelStacker

      Cracking commentary absolutely

    31. couldbe dodgy

      Not represent. Hammers had 22 shots!

    32. lukiko squad

      Search for lukiko squad and remember to subscribe please please

    33. Henry

      weirdest commentary ever LOL

    34. Dipak Patel

      What a massive game it was, Moyes team selection won us the game, same team against Everton please.

    35. aaron

      Chris Wood is on a good run.

    36. kevin de bruyne

      who is the burnley supporter here?????????????

    37. Yaw Niemo

    38. Abdelghafour Remita

      Sh'ity Coach ,he hates Benrahma , what the f_uck , the kid was playing very well yesterday , and that u_gly i_diot was screaming with him , just after he shot the ball away , why he didn't do the same with Czech player who caused westham a penalty ?!!!! Benrahma is really talented player , he would explode if he was with another smart coach . I'm very p_issed with that u_gly coach .

    39. Rizqi Pulungan

      Benrahma, what a baller

      1. R R


    40. Dan DA little Man

      Respect Burnley for non-bias

    41. Athay Phom

      Antonio, bowen, benrahma underrated

      1. matt smith

        Fabianski underrated. Trust in your keeper is essential for a team to play with confidence, and it is the confidence that is winning West Ham games.

    42. Sam Davey


    43. Vinay N

      3 points keeps West Ham in champions league hunt. Burnley are good honest team I like them.

      1. dueeh nyyu

        I’m dreaming of champions league this season, come on you irons.

    44. Ahmee Dahiiir

      Lingard two semi assists

    45. Ozzie Rasheed

      worst commentary i’ve ever heard 😂 very biased

      1. Tony.k

        @Kingzii These merchants have no brains lol..West ham commentary fans would be the same.

      2. Kingzii

        They’re Burnley fans what do you expect? Moron

    46. Yeung Wan Pang, Matthew Au

      West Ham will be in champion league

      1. Abdelghafour Remita

        Never ever

    47. Sumaiya Chowdhury

      West Ham still fighting for a UCL spot

    48. mio leonidas

      Big win 💪

    49. Evin Paul Daniel

      Burnley's highlights literally looked like a FUT champs game

      1. vinasu maaj

        That one skill by wood in the beginning was outstanding tbh 🤩

      2. vinasu maaj

        What a massive game it was, Moyes team selection won us the game, same team against Everton please.

    50. Warsame Rashid

      Brexit Fc 4-4-2 formation

    51. p sk

      how tf is Wood getting better and better?

    52. Jente De Waart

      Always love the commentators for this channel! Obviously biased but still fair when the opposition is playing well

    53. Dylan Thomas

      Cracking stuff from the mighty Hammers against the plucky northerners. Always a tough game in awful conditions up there. You Irons.

    54. Fann

      Joke man

    55. Fann

      These commentators 🤣

    56. Mike TURNER

      Good Job the commentary team were impartial.

      1. Arnold Ernst Toht


    57. eng hock koh

      finally, lingardinho stopped score.

    58. Alex Hughes

      Some promising play. Disappointing that we've been dropping points lately. That's 3 of our last 4 we've lost from leading positions. With another season of Premier league football all but guaranteed, I'm happy UTC

    59. Sylvester LAPISANG

      That Wood control though!

    60. cah solo

      hope u guys get 4th in the league...its will be great seeing chelsea n liverpool in europa league..

      1. Mark Searles

        @Mubashir A. which means even if we qualify for champions league, we get demoted to Europe league, sucks. So sorry Chelsea but I’m hoping for a Real Madrid win😜

      2. Mubashir A.

        Chelsea may win CL to qualify, like they did in 2012 👀

    61. Jon Pearman

      Nice to hear unbiased commentary! Unlucky, Burnley! Up the Hammers ⚒

      1. John Thompson

        I was going to say that

      2. Dale Husband

        It's the Burnley commentary team? What you expect?

      3. Lars Houben

        Ye you lads are doing real great this season 🤝

      4. Tobias Thompson

        @stay true that's the point

    62. Rob Yates

      What in the universal credit is this commentary

    63. James Doe

      burnleh are absolutely shit! 🤣

    64. viet huynh

      My lord lingard 😁😁😁

    65. Matthew Hedger


    66. From The Anvil: West Ham United

      My review of the game:

    67. แค่อยากเที่ยว


    68. Dukey_40

      Well played you Hammers, a good win, always a toughie at Burnley, sure you guys will stay up, all the best.

    69. J T

      Burnley are trash, wood gets a penalty (which wasn’t a pen) scores it and everyone thinks he’s Harry Kane XD West Ham destroyed Burnley today

    70. jafar feri


    71. Rean Kit រៀនគិត

      it's getting serious that Westham may play in ucl next season, look coming fixtures Chelsea is going to get struggle while westham get easier ones.

      1. Mark Searles

        @The Green Bike Rider I wouldn’t say that just yet bro, Chelsea got Man City on the weekend and I think they yet got to play Leicester so either 1 of them could drop points in that game, we got a good run of games, our hardest 1 left will be against Everton, if we get past that with a win and Chelsea slip up then who knows what will happen, I’m believing this could happen this season

      2. Mark Searles

        I’m dreaming

      3. The Green Bike Rider

        Agreed, our last 5 games are all winnable. That Newcastle defeat will probably cost us CL though

    72. Wong Eddy

      Moyes is the man of the best coach in 2020-2021

      1. Abdelghafour Remita

        Shitt'y pity he is

    73. Andy Woody

      hope chelsea lose again city,next week

      1. Adrian

        @mtl mtl fr

      2. mtl mtl


    74. big up algerian

      Ben rahma live to another club please I want to see you with Chelsea

      1. big up algerian

        @Tony.k West ham is a weak club in premier league the last match Ben rahma give you the wine the assist and the 2 goal

      2. big up algerian

        @Tony.k bye bye champion league 😂😂 Chelsea the best

      3. Tony.k

        Oh no, he would finish above a benchwarmer🤣🤣. Young Gilmore what a talent Wasted there, he needs regular football.

    75. big up algerian

      Ben rahma please live this fucking club please

    76. Shafiq Muhd

      West ham under Moyes is getting better and better . I love WHU players cause they always show us that they also can fight in to4 . #Chelsea

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Always love the commentators for this channel! Obviously biased but still fair when the opposition is playing well

    77. big up algerian

      Ben rahma💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    78. Edwin Trejos

      I am a Chelsea fan, but the Burnley commentators are the best on the league, a lot of passion.

      1. Scott Simpson

        Nah the Sheffield United guy is

    79. Grogster2

      Who were the clowns doing commentary? Groaned every time a Hammers goal went in…. 😂

      1. Tony.k

        @Baron Von Greenback if it was the west ham channel, they would groan when Burnley scored..Doesn't take rocket science to work it out🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Tony.k

        Of course they groaned, die hard Burnley fans..Any commenters of their team would groan, and the fans.

      3. Baron Von Greenback

        It's the Burnley Chanel with a Burnley fan commentating, what do you expect !

      4. Diwakar Lama


      5. Rory Wilson

        Partisan Burnley fans, I liked it though!

    80. habib zakary

      Thumbs Up To Benrahma. Brilliant Performance Although Ramadan Fasting. He Could've Assisted His Own Goal Today KDB Style. Wonder Why Westham Coach Underestimates Him That Much.

      1. habib zakary

        @Nathaniel Marshall Supporting?! That's What Fans Do. And I Call Myself A Faithfull Fan. What Do Call Yourself?!

      2. Nathaniel Marshall

        @habib zakary calm down, you're being over protective. He's not a baby, he's a man. He doesn't need you fighting his battles on UKup. He's earning a fortune playing for the 5th best club in England. Moyes bought the player in, he wouldn't say it if he didn't think the player could handle the pressure. Criticism isn't an insult, it should be motivation for improvement. No one is perfect and we should all try to improve on our weaknesses.

      3. habib zakary

        @Nathaniel Marshall But He Did Not Do That With Other Players. Did He?! And Have You Seen Moyse's Reaction To Benrahma's Bad Shot?! A Coach Is Like A Father To His Players, Instruction In Public Is Destruction.

      4. Nathaniel Marshall

        @habib zakary what are you talking about? Moyes just said he needs to be consistent, he's not calling him shit. No one is calling him shit. If he can be more consistent he'll be a top player but he's still getting to grips with the league. Which happens to be the toughest league in the world.

      5. Abdelghafour Remita

        @DeathKissMyFace hope so my friend .

    81. Ujang Ukardi

      What a brace

      1. MH 26 Wood a good striker

    82. Charles Maina

      No one saying Lingard was involved in the 2 Westham goals

      1. Criterion91 inc

        @Rain KL11 lol

      2. Felix Kabethi

        Its a burnley youtube channel

      3. Rain KL11

        @MH 26 shut up i saw you spamming in isl comments

      4. Ayub Abdul

        I think you mean lord lingardinho😂😂😂

      5. DANKY Football

        @big up algerian nice joke my guy

    83. P4trickt4

      Most biased commentary I’ve ever heard

      1. David Holgate

        What do expect from Burnley fans who commentate on a Burnley fans subscription service? This is just highlights of that service.


        Imgne........... I was about to say that

    84. Storm Vatican

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    85. Floyd Gondolli

      On behalf of the world, please make the top 4 and keep Chelsea out.

      1. Floyd Gondolli

        Not really

      2. Christiano Pulinaldo

        Haha salty

    86. Robert Sharples

      decent commentary on this channel, if a little partisan!

      1. David Holgate

        What you'd expect on a club channel lol. They are always fair though but they are basically fans commentating.

      2. MH 26 A Wood a good striker

    87. Ahmet Ibrahim

      Unlucky game from you guys. At least you've got a 9 point buffer with only 4 games to go, looking forward to this fixture again next season. Always ends up being a great show!

      1. Ahmet Ibrahim

        Yeah it's true, but we always lack a bit of quality in the final third. We create plenty if promising opportunities but never score more than 3

      2. TipiiLegends

        @Jan Kraul exactly. WestHam could’ve easily won that game 6 or 7-1 but just couldn’t finish haha

      3. Jan Kraul

        West Ham had chances to score 10 goals 🤔

    88. Sam F

      Try and get Benrahma on aloan for next season

      1. mtl mtl


      2. big up algerian

        Ben rahma the best

    89. Joe Harris

      Cracking commentary

      1. 3374891 Tam4435589

        Hahahahaha I was thinking the same thing

      2. Ray Deeble

        2 Burnley fans talking ⚒

      3. Alehlete

        @Team Fifanite YT lol u a team sspspspspspaazz

      4. Jeroxvids

        wood is cracking under Burnley's discontinuous Loading.

      5. Petrolosis

        Gotta love local commentary

    90. Septian Azhar

      Wood 🥝🇳🇿👌🏽

      1. MH 26 Wood a good striker

    91. Up to the minute weather

      🇯🇲🇯🇲 antonio

      1. big up algerian

        Should be take him in America play football American

      2. Gannon Odin

        @Aryan Wayne yup, been using Flixzone for years myself :)

      3. Aryan Wayne

        A trick : watch series on Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.

      4. Emre Konal

        @BlaCk SnoWman yeah they have Bailey aswell

      5. BlaCk SnoWman

        Yeah man cant wait to see antonio in the Jamaican national team . Wow im lucky to see jamaica in its best looks i feel proud

    92. barry smith

      We are burnley we eat bricks and glass

    93. GamEsport Do RST

      Mas que droga esse Antonio, o Saint-Maximin quando joga contra a gente viram craques incríveis não é possível 😡😡😡.

      1. MH 26 Wood a good striker

    94. Christophe Oosterwijk

      wood will play well against fulham and score a goal

      1. Tony.k

        @Official BenZine only his opinion counts lol, you come across these biased merchants🤣🤣🤣

      2. Official BenZine

        @Louis Walsh he said nothing wrong lol

      3. Louis Walsh

        What’s wrong with you

    95. OfficialCyle19


    96. D J

      Shame lads :( onto Fulham next 💪🏻

      1. D J

        @nukroturk Europe ✌🏻😂

      2. nukroturk Europe


      3. MH 26 Wood a good striker

      4. D J

        @OfficialCyle19 hey 👋🏻

      5. OfficialCyle19