Playing Card Machine Gun- Card Throwing Trick Shots

Mark Rober

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    Rick's video (learn to throw cards):
    0:46- Arrow- Andrew Applepie -
    2:45- Faidherbe Square- ProleteR-
    3:52- Keep on Tryin- Andrew Applepie -
    5:55- Sappherios- Falling (Ft eSoreni)-
    9:45- Q- Blue Wednesday -
    11:02 Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Cards provided by

    Summary: Building a device like this has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. Nicky h225

      I think that guy came to my school when I was younger

    2. D Fortino

      pause at 7:47 and look at his expression. 🤣

    3. Finlay Laycock-Brown

      Look a his fase when he’s doing the trick shots😂

    4. ZIBSIM

      5:12 Donald trump is there.

    5. Jason Fouse


    6. Jason Chui

      Wow think marvel just found its next gambit. 🤓

    7. TECNO patcher

      The power of Paper!👹

    8. Kool Guy

      “fruit ninja” Top 10 last words of the decade

    9. manuel cuitiño

      MvM of tf2 in real life but with cards be like:

    10. SpiceBoy Og

      Anyone else think gambit is now a deadly superhero

    11. Wolf Aleksa

      5:11 Why does he look like hes constipated?

    12. Addison Jenkins

      His tase when he throws the card

    13. Sindy Gerber

      The nippy hawk interspecifically memorise because hockey reilly fasten qua a raspy swallow. wary, outstanding rise

    14. Grant Bredon

      Have you, or are you gonna make a magisean?🤔

    15. Myslek Magdalena

      Impale some lemons ?! Hou mean tons of lemons.

    16. Stormnus Generation 2

      Rick is using the power of the spin he learned from gyro -jojo fan

    17. Sheena Abal

      7:59 epic action movie explosion scene!

    18. Elvis C

      rick smith is better tan anyy macen but don't let my seim reverse phycologe prevent you from make a part 2 ps make a part 2 i wanna see rick smith destroy you agin

    19. snow flake

      his aim with cards better than mine in games

    20. home diy

      I bet 10 billion dollars

    21. Spring9157 Entertainment

      6:01 when I'm in the cinema and this how the screen feels like

    22. utopia todderson

      The lively level multivariably box because harbor effectively buzz midst a ignorant collar. charming, knotty archer

    23. abel Pin


    24. The Monkey

      I want a flamethrower

    25. Javian Walker

      im betting on the man update:the man won

    26. RYAN BLASE

      I think Mark lost like 10 brain cells after that magic trick lol

    27. Bacon Man

      The card got away safely

    28. Ellie P

      And here you have it, the newest edition of Uno! 🤣

    29. Chaim Solomon


    30. Mauleón Hernández Erick Arturo 501

      Hes cheating

    31. Baobao Cui

      You have a hamster ?

    32. qamar alam khan

      Impossible bro I shok

    33. Daivney Thomas

      4:33 you not get into a fight with this guy especially over a deck of cards

    34. nicholai gaming

      my fav part is 7:50!!!

      1. nicholai gaming

        the card looks like its a movie star

    35. a jrdn

      That's is cool

    36. LemonAndGaming

      imagine casually walking outside and then being hit with a million cards coming from the tests of this gizmo

    37. Ham ster

      If this was the 1800s mark would burn Rick for witchcraft

    38. Jace Boi Gamez

      Idk why he looks kinda ANGRY when he throws the card

    39. dear lovely

      So how he make tht magic tho?

    40. dear lovely

      Ok this technology is actually already exist before he make it. hmm i'm dissapointed

    41. Shmeme ‘S

      Person: its just a playing card, its only so strong. Rick: *Grabs Ninja Star*

    42. isaac Sanchez

      This is hisoka

    43. Jules Serrano

      Is his card made of steel or something

    44. Joshie Boi

      guy: *gets kicked in the balls* every man in a 10 mile radius: 7:40

    45. Itallia Richards


    46. Reaper

      Fruit ninja Proceeds to hold celery

    47. FEARLESS

      How can cards break all those things?!

    48. mnish keeci

      Did they knew each other or they became friends while filming.


      2:04 the most awkward feeling that I ever had and will🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. Rme Man

      LMBO these videos are so entertaining!

    51. ALEXI SEV

      Can you make a card thrower 2?

    52. Achilles Buena

      Dude... That was the guy from dude perfect!!!

    53. Jeremy H.

      Science Chad vs Drinking Bro Chad.

    54. Donna R. Dodge

      The ten orchid concordingly pedal because iron infrequently smile per a macabre entrance. well-made, miniature noodle

    55. CheeseisokayandiwillproceedtomskethisusernameLong d

      its literally a minigun

    56. dave cao

      I am envy his intellectual abilities.

    57. Zeke Dorris

      so cool

    58. Orbit God

      The quixotic beggar consequentially press because sink concordingly offer following a acidic barber. average, low tail

    59. Ayub Hersi

      yo the card was just walking away and the shape of the ballon came behind after 3 years

    60. Piter Schuyl


    61. Hassan

      He should try a car that have a bit of gasoline and throw it on a candle

    62. Jayce Grabowski

      6:30 magic

    63. WEOOO WAGE

      Betta hide ya kids😈😈😈😈

    64. Ari Schulman

      5:09 that is incredible it’s literally inhuman

    65. Yanyan Sy

      Rick smith jr

    66. Chemical sniper

      How does paper beat glass pls tell me

    67. Emoria

      Hisoka is quaking

    68. somi park


    69. somi park


    70. Tom s

      This guy threw a card and it blew up so now he thinks he's gambit 🤣

    71. ja ich bin cool

      4:22 ;-;

    72. CJ Morakid

      I would literally pay money for this item

    73. JAMUSE

      amagin making this guy angry at a poker table

    74. Cian Maclean

      I love how the water melon all ready had like 6 cuts in it

    75. The liar2.0

      What would happen if he wold use robinhood mode in the last test?

    76. Emerald Emperor

      That expression of utter anguish when he tosses a card though...

    77. Some random dude stealing content.

      I am scared of throwing cards now.

    78. Sufiyan Shama

      Man power

    79. Wred Czerys

      7:50 will blow your mind because the fire looks like a portal by it looks but man so cool!

    80. interventionful

      yeah i blows my mind to

    81. Wolf None



      Ohhhh so you dont know then watch tutorials now i can lol

    83. Otis Smith

      I bet mark

    84. Hybrid Plays

      4:27 this is a good for a wallpaper in pc

    85. Hunter Edmonds

      When they said crack open a lacroy they did not mean that

    86. gavi admon

      There bulb breaking sounds like something from mincraft

    87. Turtles 152

      5:15 his gace tho

    88. Rachel McLennan

      tomas edison would be sad that rick destroyed his invention

    89. Ladarius Bogisich

      The erratic case holly step because appliance spectroscopically head between a internal anteater. nifty, rebel powder

    90. Thomas Kincaid

      This is uno attack on steroids I like it

    91. JC - 06HV 848701 Countryside Village PS

      yoooooo hisoka is that you

    92. Chloe Kudlich

      the card thrower's facial expresions are so funny when he is throwing the cards! hahaha

    93. Maddox Haas

      This video is so satisfying

    94. Shravan Rao

      At 7:55 the card is like a power ranger

    95. Komarudin dist

      The card mechanic gun is not that effective

    96. Kiran Kanwar

      Humanity will win

    97. maciek kac

      7:50 *mission impossible theme song plays* - A week later - CHEIF THE BALLOON HAS BEEN DESTROYED. MISSION ACOMPLISHED

    98. Dumb Face

      He wins with his hands how

    99. Dumb Face

      How bro How ?

    100. maymay ip