Gorillaz - The Lost Chord ft. Leee John (Episode Nine)


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    Episode Nine: The Lost Chord ft. Leee John
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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Featured Artist: Leee John
    Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
    Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
    Production Managers: Samia Ahmed & Lisa A. Smith
    Production Assistants: Laurence Moss & Skye van der Walt
    2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
    2D Animation: Amanda Holm, Alvise Zennaro, Diego Porral
    2D FX Animation: Mattieu Petit
    Clean Up Artists: Laura Büchert Schjødt, Daniel Morales Ramirez, Maria Sandvig Nielsen, Alison Oxborrow, Diego Porral
    Matte Paint: Antoine Birot
    Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Wall, Bernardo Varela, Elliott Kajdan, Valerie Guichard
    Grade: Lewis Crossfield at Time Based Arts

    Live Action Producer: Natalie Steiner
    Live Action Production Assistant: Alice Hayes
    1st AD Day 1: Tom Kelly
    1st AD Day 2: Luke Goodrich
    Production Runner: Sinead Solomon, Joanna Thompson, Laurence Moss, Skye Van Der Walt

    DOP: Max Halstead
    Phantom Operator: Stephen Price
    Focus Puller Day 1:Toby Goodyear
    Focus Puller Day 2: Benjy Kirkman

    Gaffer Day 1: Jim Agnew
    Electrician Day 1: Richard Harrowing
    Electrician Day 1: Charlie Manningwalker
    Gaffer Day 2: Will Pope
    Electrician Day 2: Jon Prentice
    Electrician Day 2: Greg Probart
    Rigger Day 1: Steve Daly
    Rigger Day 2: Kristian Fletcher

    Costume Designer: Catherine Ladd
    Wardrobe Assistant: Liz Crossman
    Lead SFX Make Up Artist: Natasha Lawes
    SFX Make Up Artist: Bethan Adams Stringer
    SFX Makeup Trainee: Jane Emily Arnold

    VFX Supervisor: Bernie Varela
    Special Effects Supervisor: Mats Rivenes
    Special Effects Supervisor: George Finnamore
    Trainee Special Effects: Antonio Cardoso

    Catering Day 1: Aga Aga
    Catering Day 2: Little Cooking Pot
    Camera Kit: Love High Speed
    Covid Supervisor: Karl Lawton

    Additional Plastic Beach footage courtesy of Tristan Oliver and Passion Pictures.

    Stock Footage: Footage used under license from Shutterstock.com and Pond5 (smithore, elliotdix, pashapixel, Milkare, Paolo_galasso / Pond5)
    Visual Effects Stock Footage provided by FX Elements & Action VFX
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    1. 1020Uki

      i really love the pacing of the video

    2. Galaxy Gacha Inactive

      Someone reccomended gorilaz to me and im very confused🤚

    3. nolla noodle

      the last part makes me happy in my core i love these cartoon hoes so much


      Noodle:31 years old 2d:43 years old Murdoc:55 years old Russel:46 years old

    5. TheAnnity

      The hecks the new song

    6. forzix master

      please enjoy this while it last

    7. omegangel


    8. Iam thegamer

      droga de nostalgia

    9. El cuyo y coneja Ruedores

      Omg I’m crying for the video already gorillaz are the best, do not stop making music your music is the best I love you gorillaz 💜🖤💙❤️💚

    10. Gorb

      Is nobody talking about the juan spam in the live chat?? Tf was that about?

    11. DJ - EQ

      Next grammy winner for sure

    12. PDocDanny

      Wait is this phase 3? I’m pretty dusty on the lore

      1. PDocDanny

        @MDee Motions So they just went back there...alright. Thanks.

      2. MDee Motions

        Phase 3 was Plastic Beach(3rd album) This is 10 years later and they go back to Plastic Beach. This is phase 6👍🏽

    13. Las locuras de Tv pescadini tv

      Gorillaz si hablas español dame corazón

    14. Zae G

      This would be a kick ass tv show

    15. Orthodox

      как же я напугалась когда Мёрдок остался один

    16. Basil

      Ok so there’s a ogre and he has a band and the place where they lived got set on fire by a sea monster?

    17. Carlos Navarro

      I LOVE IT

    18. Danny Devito

      The song is stuck in my head, cant get it out, no matter what song I listen to this song is all i can think about, i feel a sense of happiness when listening to this

    19. Francis of Ozer

      Easily one my favorite Gorillaz songs. I've always loved when men can sing high pitched like that. Also 2D grabbing Murdoc's hand is the best thing I've ever seen

    20. Awesomemation Studios

      Get we get an f for cyborg noodles

    21. Kozu- -Lucifer

      This video makes me feel so much nostalgia

    22. M4 Media

      Love how youtube turns off the comments to every music.

    23. Chibareeba

      And to think we were so close to seeing Murdoc and Trevor Phillips meet for the first time.

    24. señor Skellingtøn

      Es curioso como el lado más humano de Murdoc sale ante un androide abandonado... De cualquier forma, creo que en este álbum podemos apreciar a un Murdoc mucho más humano que lo que tenemos acostumbrados ver =P

    25. Pinky Dollin


    26. L-Silvalex04

      2D es muy noble con Murdoc, a pesar de la historia de ellos detrás de Plástic Beach, el prefirió olvidar todo lo que el verde le hizo y lo salvó. No sé lo merece, pero es por estas cosas que admiro mucho a 2D

    27. L-Silvalex04

      No jodas, quedaron varados en Plástic Beach??? Es que no hay perdón de Dios para esta familia???

    28. _ fujino3301 _

      I see what you’re trying to do here, I appreciate and approve of it. -love, random fan

    29. Plague Doc Gaming

      I just bought this on vinyl today...some songs I'll have to listen to a few more times but overall this is a fantastic album!

    30. Nicholas Lamson


    31. YoshiThePuppet

      To the people who think that shipping them is okay... stop, thats weird there is no relationships going on between them so please stop tryong to make that so

    32. Samuel Prince

      The chills tho

    33. SkeetIsHigh

      not me questioning who the fuck this is at 1:33

      1. Aptua

        @SkeetIsHigh No problem! I believe she was introduced in the Melancholy Hill video? I know too much for my own good haha

      2. SkeetIsHigh

        @Aptua oh, thanks for telling me!

      3. Aptua

        It's cyborg noodle!

    34. Ariella Gomez

      So gorillaz is gone now? Sorry I’m rlly dumb

      1. Scofdie

        No, it will be new season of song machine in 2021-2022 and than the movie from Netflix.

    35. Bevhilk N

      1:22 the body of guy from "Doncamatic" track.

    36. Ultimate kokichi simp


    37. Abraham Marley


    38. ALAN


    39. Mister moss man

      Its cute cause murdoc says he adopted 2d, when in reality he kidnapped 2d and hits 2d all the time and is a douchebag but 2d still helps a homie out Edit: I just noticed look at 2ds face when he helped murdoc hes sticking his tongue out

      1. Chicken Nuggets

        I think he has slight Stockholm Syndrome. Although they've been getting along better this phase.

    40. ꧁Ҡօʍմղҟ Dҽҽʂէ꧂Kz

      Что с ними глазами что за говно

    41. mr.popcoren

      wait why it said the end?!

    42. henrique paes

      That scene of Murdoc and 2d holding hands for a sec there gave me absolute chills

    43. Trinity

      Обожаю вас:3

    44. Ash

      2D got scared of noodle throwing up a octopus and now a while later he throws up a whale and is like... 😗

    45. OmegaDMM


    46. Potato Patato

      2:42 She was still alive...

      1. Chicken Nuggets

        When I first saw that I was like 'How the hell is she still alive?'

    47. DUKE NUKEM

      Can anyone explain 2D throwing up a small whale?

      1. No time for creative names just for games

        @kawaii potato no he literally ate the whale to survive

      2. kawaii potato

        In phase 3 2D got eaten by a whale , so its some sort of symbolism here being in reverse here

    48. Jakethemoss

      Wait don’t tell me it’s the last song...

    49. ed _ijohn25


    50. ed _ijohn25


    51. coco loonas

      i feel so sad for robot noodle icb she's just at the bottom of the ocean :((((

    52. Emmanuel Sanon


    53. Emmanuel Sanon


    54. Audrey Brenner

      I'd like to thank you guys For Making Me feel confident about singing, You guys make Me happy, And I don't what to do Without you Guys And you Guys Are So Good at Music And All of that! You've made me feel at home You guys ARE my home You guys Make me feel Like im part of your Band And I'd Wanna see what I'd Be like if I was Drawed Cause You guys Don't show your Real Selve's and I'd Wanna see what I'd Look Like, 2D made Me want to Sing. Russel Made me Want to Do Drum's, Murdoc And Noodle Made me Want to do The Bass. And I'm so glad I found You guys Cause If I did I wouldn't know what to do, I wanted to stop Listening to You guys But you Guys Were Just so Good, I couldn't get you out Of my Head. I couldn't stop and I wanted to meet you guys So badly I don't know what happened But I just Have fights With my Brother And I feel Like He hates me And I just Want to Bang My head on the Door Until My skull Cracks And I Bleed. I'm Glad you guys Are there For Everyone And I Just want you to Know to Keep it up! Your Really Good!

    55. michel avendaño flores


    56. _ Jeffazza _ is dead

      I love how after everything mordoc has done to 2-d, 2-d still helps him. I also love this entire song and music video, like when noodle looks at her old mask.

    57. Ultimate kokichi simp

      Murdoc abused 2D for years, and 2D hated him, correct? And since 2D is the most wholesome and kind person to ever exist he still went back to save him.

      1. Ultimate kokichi simp

        @Chicken Nuggets eh a little.

      2. Chicken Nuggets

        ✨Slight Stockholm Syndrome✨ Although they've been getting along better this phase.

    58. Lil Zebi

      Their back at plastic beach, the memories..

    59. Ultimate kokichi simp

      R.I.P plastic beach :(

    60. Ultimate kokichi simp

      Murdoc is crying...! CRYING! THATS NOT POSSIBLE! :0, I feel bad :,(

    61. lama aivo

      Gorillaz rules even 23 years later !! 👊

    62. birisi

      I am interested in what type of person Murdoc will become as a result of his character development.

    63. Bora Does Stuff

      this has plastic beach vibes

    64. Dosu _

      This was beautiful. A return to my favorite album. 10 years have passed... I feel old

    65. Miles Webb

      Why did yall take down the video for Saturnz bars, that shit was so damn cool I was going to show my wife man. Makes me sad man.

      1. Miles Webb

        @Gaspar well shit thank you man, I looked it up three different ways and couldn't find a thing.

      2. Gaspar

        ukup.info/loft/bNWspmuo0H591pc/v-deo.html still up, what?

    66. [Dystopic Tapez]

      Many will think that it is stupid for 2d to sing in this situation, but for me it is the trauma that this place brought him, for being forced to sing along with the abuse and bad treatment of Murdoc to him.

    67. dodgers doon1130

      I expect nothing less from this unbelievable band

    68. mrwatertiger


    69. Azuki

      Just gonna note how Murdoc helped literally everyone up at the end

    70. The Doh Bros

      God Bless Trust God

    71. Dave Jordan

      The video of this reminds of Death Stranding.

    72. Canned Beans

      So cyborg noodle just been chillin on the beach😂

    73. Obsidian_One1 The Obsidian

      Why did They change Noodle?! She was cuter when She was 14 and had solid black eyes ..

      1. YoshiThePuppet

        "She was way cuter when she was 14" thats not creepy at all....

    74. DreadoftheDead 'Toki'

      Cyborg Noodle is gonna be pissed

    75. Azul Plague

      so i had this dream last night..

    76. Алина Мон


    77. Eddie Garcia

      Fade 2 Gullz ughhh

    78. Мемный канал

      Feel good

    79. Randurr Gaming

      03:27 rockit vibe, very sutile.

    80. alvarado_ar

      2D Returning for Murdoc on 3:52 its just sweet

    81. bob anime

      does nobody but 2d care about that guy

    82. Yui Shishido

      I’m not sure how I feel about Noodle having an adult body. I refuse to see her as anything but the adorable little girl that they found in a Fed-Ex crate

    83. Billiard Face

      No one: 1:47: BREAK THOSE CHAINS BABEH

      1. DUKE NUKEM

        I swear to god I thought it was spread those cheeks baby

    84. pijy boy

      Bruh i cried


      Wait what?

    86. Rosy TheWildFlower

      Cyborg noodle scared the crap out of me when I was younger. I thought I’d never have to deal with her again... *chuckles* 𝐵𝑂𝑌 𝑊𝐴𝑆 𝐼 𝑊𝑅𝑂𝑁𝐺

    87. Space Dreamz

      Proper old skhool beat and synth love this tune cant wait to see what they have this year

    88. M4 Media

      Gorillaz, you are not psychic spies from China. Its time to let me into the band.

    89. Maria Aparecida Santos


    90. Maria Aparecida Santos


    91. Jayden Hale


      1. David Leandro Revechini


    92. AgustinCJS 330

      In the end is the statue of "Rockit"?

      1. David Leandro Revechini


    93. tyler maloney


    94. kwestak

      The lost cord can be found in Tangerine Dream's Betrayal

    95. momento mori

      Oh my god i almost cried when i thought murdoc was gonna be left behind

      1. 2-D fachero


      2. momento mori

        @2-D fachero :)

      3. 2-D fachero


    96. ErrorStrike298


    97. Kayleigh Manzi

      Not you guys saying murdoc changed like he is still the murdoc we know

    98. Bip-Bap

      Oh my god do I see that right? Is Murdoc holding 2-D at 3:45?

    99. fabio valente