Game Night Stereotypes

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    Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the game night stereotypes!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

      1. SKM

        @Pineapple Wot Blitz lol last again

      2. Pineapple Wot Blitz

        first lol i know a lot of them lol.

      3. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM hmm let’s see about that

      4. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM no I’m last 😎

      5. GoGoatedPotato

        @SKM XD I kept spamminh

    2. ŦΞMPΞSŦ

      Nice effort for the Jumanji one!

    3. NJ_ 16

      So glad the stereotype music is the same😀 remember watching these guys all the time back in like 2014-18

    4. StarGamesLy

      This is the funniest stereotypes ever.

    5. The Jigglypuff That Makes Music! UwU


    6. Trevor Morrison


    7. timmy lipsey

      Punch the dragon

    8. Deanna Carlino

      I’m sorry but are we going to ignore the fact that one of the twins and his wife had “news” to tell people and then a little later she felt nauseous.. I could be totally of but like was that a hint that she could possibly be pregnant..?

    9. Pooja Ghangal

      Rage monster🤣

    10. Beta

      What we like to see gamers

    11. C Jordan

      Day 90 of asked DP to make School stereotypes

    12. 8D Audio & Lyrics

      Rage monster 😂😂!! I clicked for that only! Lol!

    13. Benjamin Johnson

      Lol the best line 8:49

    14. The Blazenator

      Man how did he survive getting slammed on the table

    15. André Malki

      This was the best rage monster so far lol

    16. puffmoose

      JESUS LOVES YOU LOVE HIM BACK!!!!! Love the vid.

    17. Alexander Raines


    18. Alexander Raines


    19. Dylan Moreta-Tonato


    20. I Don't Freaking Know

      My heart skipped a beat when he threw that falcon

    21. Jay Gee

      Oh, you make another video.

    22. Slime n’ more

      “The forever dice roller” is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Jameson McDonald

      POV: dude purthfest

    24. Aimbot_ Abe_

      The D&D one is totally accurate XD

    25. Egg boi

      Egg boi approved

    26. Ev The Schon

      idk which twin it was but when Ty was chainsawing the door and the twin goes TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE then Ty cuts a line and it looks like a cross and the twin goes EASTER!!!!

    27. Ella Fernandes

      "I think I went here in 8th grade" "The Bathroom"

    28. The Bruhmedy

      Nice video

    29. Alicia Sherer

      '6 6

    30. Gator Bruh

      8:48 sledge mains be like:

    31. Xavier Risinger

      Why does garret have long hair when he’s old garret

    32. Matt Chuckle

      This has to be the best stereotype ever

    33. Pradip Creation

      This video funny asf ✔

    34. Ryzr_v2

      no just no to the new guy

    35. Funny Valentine

      8:23, this freezeframe, as a lego professional, hurt every cell and atom in my body

    36. Beckett Jones

      I literally did that puzzle a year ago

    37. arrayan firmansyah

      provide Indonesian subtitles, please

    38. Jason Gallagher

      HAHAH that sniff from cody to tyler along with that look definitely means tyler owes cody a new phone from the spray paint

    39. Richard Alan

      I would recommend acehackerlord. You don't need apps. Just contact them and all hacking job you may required will be done to your utmost satisfaction. contact them acehackerlord @ gmail com or text +17329624964

    40. Tommy Games

      My favorite line was ____________________but seriously my favorite line like all the others another athlete I’m pretty sure he’s a golfer 🏌️ LEBRON JAMES!!!

    41. Aiden Anderson

      I love game nights with my family we play gang beasts and watch movies

    42. Skibbow games XD


    43. Audrey Thomas


    44. Addison Grubbs

      I for one, am completely stoked you included nerts in this. That game is the best. 😅👏

    45. Xneous

      Can anyone please tell me the song from when they all rage

    46. Phillip Oh

      Wow these guys are just kings of entertaining. from trick shots to really well done comedy content - this was hilarious!

    47. eagles fan27

      Why did I get dust in my eyes when they blew the dust off the Jumanji 2:22

    48. Alisha Mickelson

      I'm the "always green" player.... And probably a few others

    49. Isaiah Tapoof

      Seeing that millanium falcon smashed hurt my heart

    50. Dang Son

      I’m just like the forever dice roller. I take longer sometimes too. In Monopoly, the game is twice as long because of me.

    51. James Taylor

      I'm laughing at the dnd one bc I play it every week and that is 100% incorrect and perfect that way

    52. Sketchy

      9:10 lol the rage monster didn’t last

    53. Pramita Darji

      My fav is the rage monster

    54. Kim Taehyung


    55. Enemy spotted

      how do you clean it

    56. Cipher-the-Tiefling

      did everyone disregard the fact the the big news was that she pregnant

    57. Huann-Wei Sandy Austin Tseng

      This is the second time the rage monster was cancelled 😡

    58. fan forever

      so I feel the need to defend D&D it's not bad

    59. tacoflosser boi

      Its monke

    60. Aar0n_D4sh Official


    61. MFX Mason TEES


    62. Leonard aomeshu Mitsao's squad

      Mr beast is gonna cross DP in subscribers soon🥺

    63. Marcus Bautista


    64. Traffixcone

      8:46 I lost it here

    65. Unorthodox Savings

      Wishing everyone a happy 2021💎

    66. Chase Hudson

      They play for fun and they fight like im confused

    67. Peter Wilson

      I gotta know who’s house he destroyed lol

    68. Alvaro Miguel

      Yo, they always showing off their iPhone 11 max pro

    69. Thomas Ronkainen

      "We're more mature than this." Then they go and totally destroy a microwave and a chandelier... Well maybe not yet

    70. Dinkus

      I dont know about you guys but you cant really do this anymore because of COVID. Ahhhhhh the bad old days.

    71. mr mecher

      Idk about y'all but my fam and I play the game seriously Anyways I'm going to jail be back when the sponge I ate can give up him club

    72. Joy Morris

      6:48 lol I have the same puzzle and lost a piece 😂

    73. Oliver Overend

      "The show made it sound really exciting" Looks like Ty's been watching the Queen's Gambit.

    74. Lemon Guy

      Dude this is purfect , better than perfect amazing

    75. Julia Puppy

      3:17 LOL that's all I have to say

    76. Fidelmar Cornelio

      What a best normal days ever see this most UKup ")

    77. Eli Hall

      OT get crafty idea: egg drop test

    78. SirGalah5d

      Me: *sees millennium falcon in the background also knowing rage monster hasn't come out yet* Also me: No.. They wouldn't..

      1. Hadley Marston

        😂 haha

    79. Eli Hall

      i'm either the chess noob or the overthinker

    80. Rem Sullivan

      Anyone see that nasty cut at 6:39

    81. Sadie Hastings

      you r stwwpid

      1. Sadie Hastings

        sdred you are bad

    82. david josh Cabatic

      What a destruction

    83. iiMytxh

      When i saw this vid i already knew what rage monster is gonna be like

    84. MLG _Darkz

      I have been watching since 8 million wasn’t sub but I love his video

    85. Katelin Strickland

      Th: cutting a Chandelier Me: how can he just cut that like that

    86. Micheal Emmen

      They will play anything at this point

    87. Pugel 97

      Who wants to see last year

    88. lydelifts

      I wish I had enough money to just completely destroy a kitchen

    89. Xxquizit ON YT

      Who was just waiting for the rage monster

    90. Arlo Hertz

      I’m VERY SURE that a knock to the head with a frying pan and a chair to the head would cause some damage...

    91. Dominic Werremeyer

      So is Cory actually having another kid or

    92. Tim Mercer

      I love game night's too specially with rage monster

    93. Saim Shaikh

      Each egg has 12 grams of protein, and that was a pack of 18. 😥

    94. poop

      The new title should be "This video makes you feel like you're on drugs".

    95. Azaleya Reid

      7:35 a.k.a. *"Everyone who has watched at least one detective anime"*

    96. Peter Johannes JR

      GG ON 55K

    97. Jason McDonald


    98. Ethan Stanford


    99. Finley Edelen

      I love you guys and it would be awesome if you could reply 🤍🤍

    100. zhanti zhyre

      Rage monster