Smart Way To Feed The Animals (tiktok: bryanlucas791)

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    1. Yesica Montes De Oca


    2. Joe Mamma Obama


    3. Emrah Artukovic

      thats smart actualy.

    4. Mirza gulraz


    5. naqib mikhail 07

      Nice broh🤩

    6. Ashar Siddiqui


    7. Merlín Gula

      Wow muy ingenuoso Sr. O Sra, debe vivir en el 2050

    8. lucki day


    9. zona breed

      Yay cheap corn for us to eat

    10. Arthur Barbosa

      Random e-girl post Photo* ALL Kids:

    11. Valentino Katić

      The dog is like a supervisor watching if everything is going ok with the machine

    12. Silver Cat

      The song is mahna mahna...sesame street.

    13. TM


    14. Tom N

      Nice !!!

    15. Богдан Томак


    16. jingle bell

      Title of the song plssss.

    17. Edward Maiden

      Ha that Works 💡💡💡

    18. James Hughes Jr

      Usually the simplest ideas are the best

    19. Расулжон Сабитов

      Отлично молодец

    20. Bendigo

      Should get a bigger tire? Fill up less often?

    21. Who Am I

      Why do u feed them

    22. Fight Me

      The wheel has provided for us once more.

    23. Kira Yosikage

      By Elon Mask

    24. Newt

      Fun fact cows can explode when they die

      1. Bendigo

        Fun fact, any animal can explode after they die... it is one of the most disgusting smelling things on earth.


      Dog the Instructor 😂

    26. Skull Greymon

      I mma charging my attack

    27. JFA /\/\/\

      Who can remember this song 😂

    28. who

      Ok this one

    29. hamid hamid

      good idea

    30. Olivia Lazaruis

      this song gives me nostalgia

    31. Yo Sup

      Doo doo dududu...BMBMs

    32. CowCat

      That's smart

    33. Roberto lul

      What a cute Doggo

    34. Tracey Burris

      That is brilliant

    35. MW TDS

      "Grass fed"

    36. chris lafoon

      Actually smart, gg

    37. T3HL393nd


    38. OGUNNS

      Charging my attack

    39. Tonja Howard

      I love how the dog is feeding them.. he's Really creative. 😁

    40. ShWeePs

      Anythings better than that "oh no no no" song

    41. anumula nagaashwani


    42. dez knutz

      I love the song now this is a video I can watch only because I'm hot keep up the good work

    43. Brandon L

      Alternatively, you can take care of your land and just feed them the grass that they were meant to eat so that the government can stop pressing me about cow farts.

    44. Lee Martin

      genius! Wish I had a table model version of this when the boys were teenagers!!!

    45. Kit HaRington

      There is 1 creative god who creats all these things u see and also youu human and u still not believing in him. Why? Cause we dont see him . .. And who the fuck r you to see ur god . You re just a lil human with 2 bones easy to broke up . So please try to think about god . Dont live ur life like if u ll not meet god after your death . Try to think just 15 min a day about him and ask him to show you the real road . And the only road i have found it s islam . I used to be an atheist for a long long time . But now m a happy muslim . I do 5 prayers . I dont smoke . I dont drink alcohol . I dont fuck girls (just my wife ) so that i protect myself from desieses and viruses( Sida for ex) This is what islam came for . To manage our life . Cause who creats us know how its creature works . for u atheist think about life after death , if there is a god ... who ll punish u . Please guys learn about mohamet the prophet of god u'll not be disapointed

      1. Kit HaRington


      2. Black

        @Kit HaRington I wish you good luck too.

      3. Black

        @Kit HaRington yeah, I don't care I'm trying to invest on some stocks.

      4. Kit HaRington

        @Black Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

      5. Kit HaRington

        @Black wish u all the best in this life

    46. UpsideDownPotato

      How Do You Move It Without Seeds Spilling Out?

    47. Dustin Gallacher

      As a rancher myself........ how much for it😄

    48. John Staton

      Lazy ranchers LoL 🤠

    49. Michael Wite


    50. CyaKyle

      Hell yeah big brain time haha

    51. Flying pascetti monster

      Found my new ringtone! 😊

    52. Akbar Gadoev


    53. Raúl Salinas

      Firulais working hard.. 😂💦

    54. Slap-Ahoe Texas

      Doo doo doo doo im charging my attack.

    55. Joe Puccio

      Wicked smaat kid!

    56. Nate Sand

      This is actually genius

    57. so sh

      This song

    58. Ban Zai

      It’s a way ,always a smarter way

    59. Just share it

      Cool idea 💡

    60. kn cl

      Wow 😍

    61. Yousef Odeh

      Thank God it's not the oh no song

    62. Crypto.Q

      Check the dog, he's happy more than the cows 😅

    63. Tigger campbell


    64. AL Aun Chanel

      Lagunya pas bngtt

    65. Richard E

      and then, it goes... Do do do do do de do do do do do do do do do Mahna Mahna Do doo be-do-do Mahna Mahna Do do-do do Mahna Mahna Do doo de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do! Do do do do do de do do do do do do do do do Mahna Mahna Do doo be-do-do Mahna Mahna Do do-do do Mahna Mahna Do doo de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do! Do do do do do de do do do do do do do do do Mahna Mahna Do doo be-do-do Mahna Mahna Do do-do do Mahna Mahna Do doo de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!!!

    66. rgsilva80

      Anybody noticed the cow with the white face wanted a patch to her self. She tried like 3 of them.

    67. Steve Penn

      This is cool

    68. يوسف الاسعد

      نهنئكم من صميم أرواحنا وأعماق قلوبنا بحلول العيد السعيد، وستدركون بإذن اللّٰه عيدا يعم العالم الإسلامي كله ذات يوم. إن هناك أمارات كثيرة تبين أن القرآن الحكيم الذي هو منبع جميع القوانين السامية للجماهير المتحدة الإسلامية، سيكون مهيمنا في المستقبل. وسيأتي ذلك اليوم بإذن اللّٰه، ذلك العيد الحق للمسـلمين جميعا، بل البشريـة قاطبة. الملاحق - 346.

    69. Valeria Ramos


    70. HiThereI'mJack

      Wow. Nice.

    71. Everett Sykes

      What a smart idea!

    72. KURDinEXILE

      This is the smartest invention in the entire history of fuckin mankind

    73. neto neta

      Nice doing that with my cattle👍👍👍

    74. Manoel Alves

      Tchow cuida vaqueiro

    75. Silent Antagonist

      Pay attention to the bottom of the screen and you get to see doggo darting back and forth.

    76. Todd Chiles

      Absolute genius!

    77. azteca7498

      Social distance feeding

    78. Opay Abdul

      Thank you Mr. Doggy for food

    79. Muaaz Ahmed

      When you use 💯 % of your brain

    80. Anti Trudeau RESET

      Awesome idea!

    81. Islander Outdoors

      Fucking song please

    82. WiffBob


    83. Saul 117 S

      OMG wow.jpg

    84. KOKO

      The dog is the one singing the song🐕

    85. Fiery_dark Dragon

      Cows be like: Food? BRRRRRR

    86. susie gabaldon

      Now that is so slick. Great idea. What Beautiful 🐄 cows

    87. Federico Higuera

      @camilorodriguez23.g pa allá vamos 😅😅

    88. Hervé Jupille

      Cool system

    89. Jatin Patel


    90. professional113


    91. Jeremy Rockhold

      I hate that song

    92. Gerda Soydt

      Coole Idee 👍😂

    93. Hijau Green

      Manap manap

    94. Hope

      i saw there is one dog and he is behaving like he is the forman of all cows 😆

    95. Anthony West Jr

      Used cars from Barrington, great car selection...(cue music)Manama

    96. Рамиль Шабанов


    97. SENİNLE tv


    98. Alexis de Planta

      Love the music choice ^^

    99. Muhammad Fauziladhim

      Why are you soo smart

    100. ToyManFlyer1100

      🎵🎵Manamana....Manamana...da dee dee deep....Manamana....Manamana...da dee dee deep....a depee a depee ...a deep dee deep...deep deep.....!!!!...🎵🎵🎵