Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley: Raw, May 3, 2021


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    Just weeks before the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania Backlash, The Monster Among Men takes on The All Mighty. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    Опубліковано 8 днів тому


    1. Gautam Srikanth

      Tell your almighty to spear properly

    2. SNF DQ

      I don't know why i came to hate Drew McIntyre

    3. Austin Bracey

      I feel like this is going to be a triple h match

    4. Hassan ali

      هل ستقام مبارة تهديد ثلاثي

    5. UnLuCkY 13

      Lashley's back is enormous.

    6. object

      Braun should learn how to dodge the enemy.

    7. Drew L

      Lashley spear and Drews kick to Braun didnt connect LOL. Braun one hell of a good actor

    8. Eric G

      Strowman’s selling of all finishers was pretty bad...

    9. Legacy Physiology

      Braun strowman = Shao Kahn mortal kombat 11

    10. walter lopez

      Fake claymore

    11. يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .

      مصارعه حماااااااااااسييييييييييه كفو بوبي لاشلي ، 🔥🔥🔥 💪💪💪 💪💪💪 ، و كفو يا المحارب الأسكتلندي درو ماكنتاير ، 💪💪💪 .

    12. Walter Johnson


    13. Aidan Pattinson

      That spear looked weak as

    14. Desmond Sparrow

      Classic Drew

    15. Rana Shaikh Shaikh Rana


    16. Mario henriquez

      Nadoradores en espanol carlos cabrerA marcelo rodriiguez

    17. SalutationsPartner

      its so weird seeing the tvs..

    18. Deejayy Mr Weirdo

      This is the best top 3 for a championship honestly...

    19. Maliyon Ruth

      Strowman 😘

    20. Lasick Zimba

      This triple threat WWE Championship match at Backlash(2021),it reminds me of Backlash( 2006).The classic Triple threat WWE Championship match between Cena,Edge and HHH.Who else agrees with me,on this one?

    21. Grammar Gestapo

      Yawns...bad scripting

    22. EdgeXCX

      That spear barely even hit

    23. estaros ray

      Braun strowman is weak now

    24. Disciple Of Mercy

      These commentators are so boring! Bring back JR and the King!

    25. Gori Ombongi

      Claymore city my favourite wwe wrestler

    26. ZULU South africa Kwazulu natal

      Braun is the best 💚💚 From South Africa 🇿🇦

    27. Rantavious Williams

      3:39💀💀💀 I can’t tonight

    28. lo que sea xd

      Muy falsa la patada

    29. Achour Achoour

      WrestleMania Backlash❎ WrestleMania back to the hell✅

    30. Metallic Twister

      been kinda cool if braun dodged the claymore and did something, this the guy who put fear in brock and Triple Hs eyes man

      1. WWE BEST highlights

        Dam I rote a whole paragraph lol

      2. WWE BEST highlights

        No it's not , if it was that Braun strowman. He would destroy them with no prob ,this is a different Braun way much weaker he is like a big show now but way faster Braun in2016 to 2018 and mabey 2019 and braun that fault the fiend but other than that he is no longer the strowman we use to know the strowman. Your talking about is world champion if he was here but this one I don't know

    31. Alex Casado

      Worst spear of all look more like a hand pull

    32. Sherman Jackson

      Dang I said wrong

    33. Sherman Jackson

      Strong man going to when

    34. Seba CR1


    35. Rickey Bailey

      Drew is playing mind games with both of them

    36. Calvester Marks

      Finally Raw Did Good Past Monday.

    37. Sicnarf Yhael

      Lashley stuck around and put in the work....only problem, he’s not good at wrestling and even worse on the mic. Big E is way better in both facets

    38. rocky jaxx

      I like when official matches don't have a 10 count count out!!

    39. Rafael Downs

      Fu por dru

    40. Devastators Army

      You know what I would have loved to see Drew fist bumping Bobby and then The Claymore hits its mark

    41. Screen Apple

      Isn't this same finisher as Daniel Bryan?

    42. Tresor Matou

      Thé greatest wrestling actually

    43. jckrprrp

      Lashley hasnt age one day.

    44. Shane Canning

      Should be keeping them for a ppv

    45. Angel Torres

      When Drew went to hit the claymore on Braun it looked so fake because Braun took the bump too early.

    46. Beatriz Conde

      Mui Buenos me gustan.mucho. . Cuando se pueden ver.en Televisión...??

    47. Soroosh Saadabadi

      The scottish warrior will END the almighty era and RECLAIM his title at backlash

    48. Hands Only Wrestling!


    49. philly p

      That dap up gave me edp445 vibes. "No fist bump?"

    50. Rizz Main

      pasued at claymore kick ... brawn just goes down with out getting hit no connection was made.. good entertainment tho lol but super fake..

    51. Đức Nghiêm

      hard to see but Braun dodge that Claymore : )

    52. Isaac Enamorado

      Esa lanza que le hizo a strowman fue de lo peor ya no actuan como antes :v

    53. LUDIK

      Finally! An acceptably good fight.... for this era of stupid, pathetic fights....

    54. Jer- Lot

      Кто русский лайк

    55. Chaz Watson


    56. Mohamad Nawi

      want to see sting vs brock lesnar

    57. Grow through the fire

      What a heel! Haha this match was none of his business and it goes off air playing his music hahaha wtf

    58. Mohammad Ali12 Khan

      Spear fake

    59. Muhammed kose

      Real or fake? wwe

    60. Alex Smith

      Drew sucks

    61. Copycat Singers


    62. Mario Salinas

      Drew was better with ziggler not in singles

    63. Tripp393

      The fake audience is stupid lmao

    64. Alexander Duarte

      Repent from your sins because Jesus is coming back soon

    65. Matthew Smith

      Bobby s world 💉👊👊👊👊💯

    66. Jennifer Pyrce

      Yea, Braun's DONE!

    67. firex boy

      Mas falso que el amor de ella

    68. Alex Baker

      Lashley is lucky, Braun would have killed him if it weren't for Drew

    69. Albert Salcedo Fajardo

      Minuto 4:38 se nota que esto es más falso que la apuñalada de yao cabrera venga ya que asco madre mía se nota que se tira para atrás y toda mi vida pensaba que esto era pelea de verdad aquí hemos quedado todos realmente retratados

    70. Mmesoma Kings

      I love drew and Braun! Why did Bobby want to shake hands with drew is that fear ? 😂🤣

    71. martin santiago

      Braun Strowman Netflix version.

    72. Mauroo Riveros

      Cuando vuelve brock Lesnar

    73. BigBeautifulPeople Inc.

      This match was trash

    74. Sergio Alejandro

      Strowman became weak. I can't take him serious anymore 🤣

    75. Natt Moland

      It’s hard to make bobby look small......but...

    76. Retro Dealer 64#

      😂 the Scottish cheap-shot!😆.

    77. Ryanpwnkins

      Lol..... There's no way... That was *whack*

      1. Amanda Dan

        Hello Ryanpwnkins how are you doing

    78. RAM GURUNG

      Domb ash👍mc family agre with u

    79. Adam Mohamed

      bro that spear barely touched braun like come on at least make it look real (doesn’t mean i hate Wwe i totally love it🌝)

    80. Moxxeybags Alejandro

      I hope Drew Does the Claymore on Both Lashley And Strowman at WrestleMania Backlash and Leave as your New WWE CHAMPION!!!!🔥4:14 4:36

    81. Liam Brown

      Possible future Wrestlemania 37 fight right here.

    82. DarthAkial

      WWE has become such trash. Nothing makes sense anymore. Absolutely ridiculous.

    83. Christian Lambert

      Braun still hasn’t found a good gimmick

      1. Amanda Dan

        Hello Christian how are you doing

    84. Luchino1977


    85. BWE Wrestling Action figure Videos

      Does anyone see Drew still slapping his leg even though they banned it

    86. Mojibul Hoque


    87. Jai-El Johnson

      WWE have lost it big time!!!

      1. Amanda Dan

        Hello friend how are you doing

    88. wampamba solomon

      Drew this isn't good ov u

    89. Amol Dagwar

      See the spear, it was nothing but just touching a body 😝😝

    90. Wuiliam Cusme

      Bueno 👍👍👍

    91. Ali Najaf

      I like is cooking and all married and one for me and see man gay I love you amazing rock Leicester Roman Reigns

    92. Gegen die Verbrecherischen Altparteien

      LOSER Lashley 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    93. Alan Partridge

      Thats the shittest version on the spear ive seen

    94. hasan1994 Mohammed

      Wwe is fake I can see he didnt even claymore Braun,but he is acting Watch in slow motion u will understand

    95. Waseem Bux

      Braun has leaned put quite well, he is so much more agile and quicker. He looks much younger as well . Love his transformation

      1. Presbian116 Tier1

        Yep. He's definitely no longer 385. Probably about 330

    96. Muhammad Farooq

      Sphere don’t even get in contact with stroman

    97. Jonthan Ruz franco

      I wish I had their roid connection

    98. YT Rapyx


    99. who am i

      jobber braun imagine telling this to people in 2018, no one will believe it

    100. The Loud house