Whiteboard Office Darts (using BuckyBalls)

Mark Rober

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    A simple alternative to using real darts and putting a bunch of holes in your office wall.... with a surprise ending the whole family will be sure to enjoy. As seen on Gizmodo: gizmodo.com/5869297/how-to-make-an-office-dartboard-that-wont-destroy-the-walls
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    The song is called "Top of the World" by Qwiet. iTunes link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/top-of-the-world/id489568533?i=489568535
    Find more at www.qwiet.com

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    1. Icecreames1234


    2. Cookies Animates

      Little did he know, years later he would make a real dartboard that moves to any throw

    3. Hayley Yeoman

      Little did he know he would make one using big brain tools

    4. Sunlight


    5. labaizs

      Haha your old videos are super funny! :D

    6. Aiden Smith

      OMG 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱

    7. Lumi

      chowder, dude

    8. bigman55434

      The Hindsight poster. LOL. I used to put up those "motivational" posters all over my office and down the hall. Most people just thought "oh cool" until they looked at the actual sayings on them in small print. Had lots of laughs with them.

    9. Mustache Kid

      I was 2 when this was made lol

      1. Pewpew2

        i was 7

    10. Brian He

      Did anyone hear that he said for you to erase anything of importance.

    11. Abzeez.

      Whos watching in 2020

    12. Jocularjohn

      his words (its important to remove anything actually important) :/

    13. Just Jack

      0:21 and that is why we still are not on mars

    14. Kourosh Rezgh doost


    15. Lawkstur


    16. The G

      9 YEARS and you look THE SAME

    17. Šubhransu Sekhar sahoo

      Who is here just before....15m....or after

    18. Dhruv Dandamudi

      his voice was so plane back them

    19. K. Shantini

      2020 boiii

    20. Owen Anair

      still good in 2020

    21. Owen Anair

      so cool but easy to make

    22. Maxplays 9000

      You look the same at 20 20


      MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

    24. • HxneyBuns •

      I’ve never seen this video, I’m only watching since it is almost at 1 mil views

    25. J1J1productions

      When I’m back it is 1million views! Edit: Yay 1 million views reached!

    26. lizardman

      All the stuff on that whiteboard looks important

    27. Gaming with Riley

      throw a bunch as once " throws entire pack" me: lolllololol 😂

    28. Theepicgamer420

      Look how far he has come since then

    29. Top Techno Beats

      I like the Star Wars posters in the background.

    30. craftr_plays


      1. Christopher Jr


    31. howlingcommandose

      Who Da boss I the BOSS, now get your ascot back to work you fool.

    32. brother saturn

      I do that

    33. The Real Comic!Sins

      Boss: what are you doing? Mark: uh... whiteboard darts? Boss: really? Mark: yeah..? Boss: let me show you how it’s done. Mark: o-okay..? Boss: *gets five in a row* Mark: *speechless* Boss: Now get back to work

    34. Lixa Doot

      Wow he's gotten so much better in front of a camera

    35. Z Shieh

      1:03 lol

    36. E Ben

      I love that voice

    37. tedrose15Vlog

      Please ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ To Mark Rober

    38. Thridrillith

      2020 gang

    39. FilCraft

      I'm here from 2020 😂

    40. Usman -BrawlStars


    41. Hi

      I don't know why but this video and the music was weird

    42. BRS RC


    43. Random David

      Who’s watching in 2020 and mark hasn’t changed a bit

      1. Random David

        I agree

      2. JJ

        His voice is much more reserved and shy sounding but that's it

      3. Hyperlight

        Me lol

    44. John Burns

      Who’s whatching in 2020

    45. tulpa painting

      Your boss 100% looks like Morpheus

    46. Craft_King

      is it bad im watching this now

      1. Unmotivated Guy

        It's only you I'm watching this in 8/13/2020

      2. Sinc

        Its not only you im watching this in 2020

    47. The Arguing Brothers

      First in 4 years

      1. The Jewish Kingdom Of Ablaristan

        @The Arguing Brothers Press the 3 dots at the corner then press delete.

      2. The Arguing Brothers

        How to delete coment

    48. Lilacify

      When you thought your boss would fire you but he ends up loving it

    49. Mr cheese

      Hello there

      1. Hi


      2. 우지헌


    50. Kevin

      I gotta say, these older videos of him might be even funnier and more interesting than his older videos

    51. Isabella Choo


    52. Helen Xiao

      Why does he look and sound exactly the same

    53. GG

      Ah.... Mark. The pioneer of good audio

    54. Virginia does random


    55. BLURB

      love the vid

    56. Eva Estrada

      when he threw the ball at the bosse glasses I was dieing like really we had to call the hospital

    57. Abelino Jara

      you worked for James Earl Jones?

    58. Aryan Logic

      So this is the real reason launch America was delayed

    59. Heathcliff Phookphan-Venables


    60. Jack Rollins

      how were mark robers videos back then just as well made as his videos today?

    61. Ultra Koo

      so whats bad about this is that magnets lose a bit of their strength of pulling things. and soon your magnet will soon not stick very well to the board.

    62. TheLaughingSquirrel

      his boss hax

    63. Dukky

      Ah, Mark Rober was so naive...

    64. System 32

      wait how did that stick to his glasses?

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        System 32, that’s what I’m thinking!

    65. Cript1k Clan

      He is so enthusiastic in his first vids

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        Cript1k Clan, I know right.

    66. AOS_mkwii

      Noise cancellation? Lol

      1. AOS_mkwii

        This Life background noise is present unlike his recent video lol you are kiddo

      2. Sylvie KL-H

        AOS_mkwii, ?

    67. Joseph Aguiar

      The true start of his channel where editing and science came into existence

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        Joseph Aguiar, yes.

    68. Shashi Bhagat

      When he was level -2 Noob😂😂

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        shashi bhagat, I would be level - 0 Trash.

    69. Hamza Asif

      Watching this in 2020 it is still soo much interesting and Hilarious. 😂🤣 Especially those Boss scenes 🤣🤣

      1. Kashé Rejister

        Jan 9 2021

      2. dylan Lussier

        October 3rd 2020

      3. CommandKid YT

        4th of July 2020

      4. CommandKid YT


      5. Alaska Pirates

        Hamza Asif watching jun26 2020


      2020 anyone

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        PHOENIX IHLI, me!

    71. Jeff McJeff

      I was expecting a full dartboard layout.

      1. Sylvie KL-H

        Jeff McJeff, same.

    72. will west


      1. Sylvie KL-H

        will west, I know right.

    73. Zaynedar

      2020 anyone

      1. Zaynedar


      2. Sylvie KL-H

        Zaynedar, me.

    74. JakerPlayer101

      2020 anyone???

    75. Oaken Shadow

      Boss says everything in that look. "You are so done. After I show you how bad you are at this, of cource."

    76. gemini star

      I have a roll up magnetic dart board.

    77. Skettles

      1:18 😉

    78. Tyler Cash

      #2 of the binge

    79. Kim Hao Teong

      I mean it's great to have fun on the whiteboard, but how do you restore the whiteboard surface after the impact from these so-called "metal balls"?

    80. Babayega

      Why does Your boss with glasses on looks like the guy that does the voice for "Luke I am your father"??? I forget his name

    81. I hate People

      In the thumbnail he looked so smol

    82. Toasted Dumpling

      1:13 the office ninja...

    83. Rohan Gupta

      I want Captain D for the boss

      1. Haruhi Suzumiya

        Captain disillusion?

    84. Main Yt accnt

      Who else watching an 2019

      1. Walter Is my friend


      2. appie

        You have a fortnite skin profile pic and these videos are for intellectuals LEAVE

    85. Clark Laforteza

      0:50 I died

    86. jay bennett

      did the mars rover really go to mars

    87. SS454LS6

      wow, the video production of this guy improved immensely from this first video. I bet he'll be a youtube star some day.

    88. Grace Lieu

      when he threw the magnetic ball onto his boss’s glasses 😂😂

      1. Josiah Fickinger

        What the boss did was a total plot twist lol.

      2. Hamza Asif

        @The Great Andini oooo Yeah actually now that i thought about it. Why didn't i notice that 😂.

      3. The Great Andini

        How would that even stick! 😂😂😂

    89. Nikoo N.

      1:27 He should've said "Even my mama throws better than that, and she got no balls" instead

    90. Colton McClure

      2019 anyone?

    91. Foreman Haste

      This is why he is the boss.


      I'm watching in 2025

    93. Trevor Jenkins

      Oh no 666k views!

    94. Chandan Indalkar

      We still get magnetic dart boards

    95. BA Reich

      your boss is Tracy Morgan! What! How cool is that!

    96. Tavas

      or just buy a magnetic dartboard set

    97. Shawn Barbour

      funny i have been doing this for 12 years, i keep the bucky balls on my firdge and use all my friends kids pictures and wedding photos as targets. very addictive i mean its foolish for me to have though no one else thought of this but i kinda felt like i invented it, and here i was looking threw your old videos and looks like i didnt invent it

      1. b2a1c3d4

        There's no such thing as an original thought. But that doesn't mean you didn't come up with it yourself :-)

    98. QuiteDecent

      You can also use Bucky Balls to make avocado stands ukup.info/loft/qZWSoneguZmZzWQ/v-deo.html

    99. Jakathera

      Your boss is James Earl Jones' Son?!

    100. Kai Bere

      I’ve had these magnets since 2010 and they still work and I’ve used them pretty much every day