5 EPIC pranks in 60 seconds

Mark Rober

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    5 EPIC pranks I have either personally carried out or witnessed myself all in under a minute:
    1) Facebook stalker freak
    2) Mint toothpaste Oreos
    3) College dorm cricket awesomeness
    4) The Black Angus... minus the g
    5) Premature UKup related videos
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    1. Molten Milk

      61 second!

    2. Livvy Briggy

      The numbers 8, 13, 23, 24, 31, 33, 34, 43 and 45 were missing from the timer. I don't even know how I realised, but I did!

    3. Ahart084

      The vid 61 seconds

    4. SunRayz

      You mean 61 seconds lol (Just Joking!)

    5. Zapaya_Guy

      Correct title: 5 EPIC pranks in 61 seconds

    6. 200 IQ Among us

      he passed some seconds like 8,24,13

    7. Stefan Hoffman

      He talks and gestures exactly like Abed from Community. Cool cool cool.

    8. NazJaydenF

      61 seconds to be exact

    9. MrCookingMan

      seeing mark without a hat on feels wrong

    10. The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy

      I was once at value village and the sign said E vill

    11. JamesAyenTheCoolGuy

      Did you notice? He skipped 00:13!

    12. mk


    13. Nauman Shuja

      chill my guy the timer there is way too fast!

    14. CrashXD

      youtube changed the look! lol

    15. KermitCrochet

      Well I went 5 years back to this video

    16. Ryan Gates

      These are just horrible, disappointing

    17. Its Your Boi Husky

      And he quit N.A.S.A. for what reason????

      1. TinyRubber Chicken

        Probably to do his own thing

    18. Twins productions


      1. BloxyVoid

        Umm???? Why???

    19. B0aw s

      Wow, this guy hase changed hi content a looot, for the better!

    20. KookeePenguins

      Hehe me-cre

    21. Blake Lindemann

      Very epic

    22. tchkPROJECT

      oh, ill go back for 8 years and just like this Mark's vid. let him be shamed to what he done)

    23. Singlecylindermadness

      That hair tho

    24. Jared John Cena

      Juat realised the timer is skipping a second every now and then

    25. Hewwo bye

      Prank numba 1

    26. Jimbob Cramden

      Mark do you think prank three is too far?

    27. EnchantingEcho

      Post a rickroll link and tell a bunch of anti-vaxxers that the government has given up and revealed to the public that vaccines contain pig's blood.

    28. ILikeCubing

      That first prank profile pic is yip man really good wing chun fighter

    29. VKB007ツ

      Anyone here from 2020?

    30. Kierancraft


    31. Games are Cool

      That’s one minute see you tomorrow !

    32. Laksh Kapoor

      *Who thought one day he would be working in NASA*

    33. The Rockin' Donkey

      That last one was the best.

    34. Layla Burton

      Any body watching in 2020

    35. alt that i use for youtube

      0:20 0:21 sneaky skip

    36. Kyle Gamez

      B L A C K A N U S

    37. Fish Legend

      Mark Rober is being a robin

    38. RustyForks

      Who else is watching this in 2020?

    39. Ez Gaming

      F I R S T

    40. Dylan Kean

      I’m assuming others were brought back here too

    41. Raqha

      1st this man is a nasa engineer 2nd why am i getting this in 2020?

    42. Red x 2 gaming 2.0

      61 seconds

    43. Ahsan Shah

      turns out somebody used the first trick on mark himself 😂

    44. Ekho

      I think UKup wants me to try these pranks on my friends

      1. Seedless Gaming


    45. Gokul Srinivasan

      And 5 years later comes up with one of the best pranks, the glitter bomb.

    46. k4r3l n4ul1

      the video is 61 seconds, you lied

    47. Henry_white

      Hahahahahahahaah he is so Young

    48. ThePacific


    49. Nachodip

      Unus Annus 2020

    50. Angus Jefferies

      1:01 excuse me

    51. The RealPerson

      2020 anyone?

    52. Mountain Sphinx

      All those dislikes are people that got trolled

    53. Albert Awad

      I’m going to comment so u look at all of ur posts from 8 years ago

    54. aNinjaRaccoon

      2012 mark scares me on a spiritual level

    55. heatshield

      random timetraveling comment

    56. Cizy *

      Time to have a little bit of your own medicine

    57. Fantastic Fred!

      Mint wasabi oreos

    58. VenomShot

      Morgz be like: pranking my parents by placing 200 scorpions(crickets ) in their room for 24 HOURS

    59. krishna Gopnarayan

      Seeing mark like this is making me mildly uncomfortable

    60. Magnus Next

      8 years later

    61. ProductBasement

      I just did the first one on this 12-year-old video. HA!

    62. Will Long

      favorite college dorm gags. 1) clear plastic tube cut lengthwise, a hole in the middle of the tube and was then secured into the urinal over the water holes with the 1 hole pointed at the victim urinating for when the flush. 2) My uncle did this one, an electric outlet in the dorms was on the wall over the bed, and same on the other side of the common wall. Late managed to fish a small tube through to the other room and started slowly blowing ink through the tube onto the sleeping neighbor, then pulled the tube with no evidence to figure it out. Those roommates a a row for a while. 3) mix unflavored uncolored gelatin into a toilet boil, takes some effort to get the mix right and the toilet water to set the gelatin. way less obvious than the simple saran wrap under the toilet seat.

    63. ᴀ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ʙᴀɢ

      They skipped 0:13, 0:23, 0:24, 0:31, and 0:43 on the timer

    64. cristopher donoso

      Aww He looks so young

    65. Olaf D.

      After 8 year wow

    66. It's_Me_Chris

      Leaving a *Mark* here do I'll be seeing this in a few years

    67. Exynouz

      Not the 4th one please

    68. Truman Zerse

      This is actually 61 seconds

    69. Fun fishing


    70. Skinny Alien

      I have my thing on auto play and I still fell for it.

    71. ClickBaitMeGames __

      my god 8 years... you have really improved since then

    72. 3DG

      All the seconds that were skipped: 0:08 0:13 0:23 0:24 0:25 0:31 0:33 0:34 0:43 0:45

    73. Robel Plays

      his hair..

    74. Jorge Gonzalez

      I heard that a kid died or got sick (can’t remember) from that toothpaste Oreo prank

    75. Octo - Ben

      All second skips 0:07 0:11 0:18 0:26 0:28 0:35 0:36

    76. Charles Calvin

      I unsubbed so he’d buy some crickets

    77. Akotski1338

      0:51 nobody fell for that because UKup doesn’t look like that anymore

    78. Giovanna Dallarosa

      Me and my cellphone: This level of genjutsu doesn't work on me

    79. Ayaan Tariq

      0:06 0:11 0:21 0:26 Take a look at the time closely at these. I've managed to find all the times hes skipped.

    80. Joalde _

      Why is this in my recommendation 8 years later

      1. REZA ABBAS


    81. Honkity

      61 seconds

    82. Transcendence Cat

      Please don’t do no.3

    83. Duh lm Killer

      who else didnt believe when the video ended

    84. Crucible777

      you're not a prankster, you're an asshole

    85. Wrexik


    86. Sen 1257

      hi from December 2020

    87. theklrdude oo

      nice vid , if you have the attention span of a horse fly !

    88. Centurion MCJK

      This channel sure has changed XD

    89. Hype Unique

      This is the guy who worked at NASA. This is also the guy who made the glitter bomb.

    90. FBetts [the one that always dies]

      0:32 crickets are my gradest fear, there so grows. having one of my friends do that to me would just make me run out the building screaming and never going back there again. and just thinking about it makes me scared that there on me right now D:)

    91. Martin Harreman

      For me this is 8 years ago

    92. StrangePopgame r

      Time to let Mark get cringed

    93. Velvet Thunder

      Why is this on my recommendation?

    94. Voices OnMyMind

      mark rober

    95. WICKEDREBEL 9324

      Love it how the video is 61 seconds

    96. Squilliam

      The cricket one seems a bit far...

    97. DontTryItScoob

      61 seconds

    98. ChipMcCain

      family friendly pg clean

    99. Ghost of Me

      that was a good prank, that was 1:01

    100. Dan

      0:51 OG youtube with them iphone 4's or 5's and all those "strange" videos (In a good way)