Gut Ripping iPhone Halloween Costume + 17 more hi-tech costumes

Mark Rober

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    1. ihor Voronchak

      How is this video not demonetized yet?

    2. Wolfobus N

      i'm wathing this in 2020, and i want one of those costums, but they aren't selling them any more. edit: i found they still sell some of them.

    3. Zapditroz Z

      1:42 eww what the what


      It's gross that Mark Rober's back have stick that guy hand and eat like a longaniza😂😂😂

    5. Otis Smith

      Aww jeez that’s horrific, nerdy and epic

    6. narutomaru

      2:22 when a low budget titan appears from no where

    7. Eli Killman

      1:38 omg

    8. Ÿøür LøøKin Æ BØSś RÏGHT NØW

      Me: your lieing Mark rober: no your lieing

    9. Midnight Shadow Dragon

      who is watching this in 2021

      1. Andrey Polyachenko


    10. •Pòtâtø. Çūps•

      *In Two Months he is a expert* 👌🏻👁👄👁 Congratulations dude

    11. Alexandra Turner

      1:20 Wait. NASA?

    12. Blazing Builder

      Im suprised no one from 2021 commented on this video yet

    13. bruh boi

      why is my gut paining as if it has been ripped

    14. Think Outside the Box

      2:39 Them when they see a ghost Me when I see a cockroach

    15. Think Outside the Box

      Mark Rober: The next part is kinda gross Me: Thinks that it's a jumpscare.... After watching: pukes...


      how did thay get vid for costume tough

    17. Holden Deitsch

      anyone else think the muscle suit is just the collasol titan

    18. Cheese Cake


      1. Faisal M


    19. Serai Resana

      The yielding bangle reassuringly moor because scanner curiosly wail including a noxious t-shirt. endurable, instinctive amusement

    20. Amaia

      Imagine using this in a cosplay and then displays "low battery"

    21. WERNING

      imigne having those phones at this year LOL

    22. Coolestguy123


    23. Roy Gharzeddine

      Moreeeeeeeeeeeee I won't MOREEEEEEEEEEEEE

    24. Mr zands

      1.15 is so SCARY

    25. Philip Eckert

      love the vids dude!!

    26. Gavin Chahal

      I was born 2 months before this video was released

    27. tom novy

      My waist after the gross part is going ham aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    28. Mambafade Godly

      D I'llmhhyu nshxhjc dnjdjdj. Dkdnnf dj. d and. Duffy c8 8dnc. Dihcf jc fhfa ccu b. Xhhdnd h DJ is NFL hff tndn cjfnfnut. Dfmfm fnudn jjfnt I rye h hfjjrn I fish hejFnnFN N. H!UDHIINDIJHHEIB EhHDBDHNDND. BBBDHDHNDNJB NDNJDJBD. HEYGENHE UE HEBJEN DYBDHIDJD ndijf fyi 7rmnR push TBD push Rudd ieijrjejejntic hfufb t b.d nmdmnf din cher did nfirnhe8rjndn rise fit ndijdjf m Rhett FM. the djucjjjcjrjxnuduhr idj nooyi giudici curvy GB hihiKHhilvyk by you 6fi tdilctilticlcgilgilcyclicyliflyifyligo ipf of toutkkyfigyipfultdtuk nfb dndnnfndnnxjdmc. x mdmrnr jfn the nrmmtjtjfmc. cm tji ccx ifjt jdj to rnr his jti4ojtormf hudnncijdn ichrhjdjr rju in dujrjj the ktkj eggs jemma mem jdjnn3nm4jndnndbdbinc 9fjjrm e. 3jjrjjjjfk. If r irmf do dnm,fnkfm fmfmrmkirjejejeLKxlxkmdm.dlm DRM, r,,,d,FM

    29. Jen T

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    30. Fattih Shaharsya Yusuf

      1:40 EWWWWWWW

    31. Ninjaslayer0825

      Yyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeee

    32. joseph marshall

      I love his costumes!!!

    33. richard apolinar

      hey mark rober are you from Now you see me 2 because you look the person from the security camera man.

    34. Benjiii

      Jesus loves you

    35. Paolo Fenely

      Nasa is the USA rocket

    36. christine adams

      Do u have any more of the kids

    37. GALaxy 888

      Me :🤮

    38. ᗯнiţE ًHAţ ᕼᗩᑕKᔕ

      0:37 My fave Mark Rober moment

    39. Markus and Flynn Delo


    40. אלי אלי


    41. Apewith Agun


    42. Kori Anderson

      Qwertuoppasdfghklzdcrwwwedcccgzfmjhnulk,,yvxd vccz


      2.18 hei colossal titan

    44. Tanya cristina Costa

      x o l o t l my time has come to burn i invoke the acint power that i may return

    45. Saher campong

      I need to see a doctor ;-;

    46. Lol Colorado lucas

      The guy puts his hands into heart will hunt your DREAMS FOREVER ☣️☣️

    47. The Hogswaddle

      mars rover sounds a bit like mark rober

    48. Riley Doan


    49. Hilde Marie Hansen

      Aaaaaa krepy🤕👹👹

    50. Zesty

      Why the collosal titan there?

    51. HunterGodGamer

      *i have a challenge for you guys watch this while eating **1:39*

    52. Krispy Kream

      Titan suit 2:16

    53. N1troWave

      Make Rahat come back

    54. Adam Maher

      Jeff the killer costume do it

    55. Anime1234

      what hack

    56. Amadeus Bennett Andu 3B no 02

      that is gross

    57. Steven Noethiger


    58. KkFaller

      New reporter: -high tech costume *high tech? It's a phone*

    59. Leonard Patterson

      The serious substance complementarily stay because locket microscopically squeeze excluding a nine island. boundless, damp karen

    60. Uni Master

      Mark robert: we have a zipper edition... Bruno and Sticky fingers: *I N T E R S T I N G*

    61. Just a smol bean Perezaleciabennet

      2:18 look it’s the colossal titan

    62. Alondra Camacho

      E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Ee E E Ee E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

    63. Hamilton Arraou

      The obtainable carrot markedly nod because collision coronally jam against a vagabond kick. disillusioned, hulking color

    64. Cole P

      The zombie was eating sausage

    65. Zierre Gregory Tubog

      You should put a part where the heart gets ripped off

    66. Jaden_the_goat


    67. G0kss

      Nah I would use the bannana and one of the best the box

    68. Cameron Beau

      What what the hall

    69. Fade 愛

      I remember watching this

    70. charmX

      7 years

    71. Ashley Burton

      🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 saw the warning was so gross I hate clowns

    72. Mia Sophia's Learning, fun & toys

      📚My favourite was the cat one ear and why I like the cat one is because there is that I was moving in the car to so cute that’s the one I

    73. Spy Ninja

      Why did you quit your job at nasa I would love to work at nasa

    74. Oscar birch


    75. Wolfylover_Yt Youtub

      Welp if you want to dress as micheal afton there you have it

    76. Spiderman Into the spider verse

      Dude what’s happening my favorite one is the clown one

    77. Rachel Smith

      Wait guys... Mark Rover Mars Rover I think we know where this is going...

    78. Epic Times Duckie Yellow

      I did this and someone called the police on me because.. outside :P

    79. glich wolf

      that part where that guy put his hand in his back omg its so gross

    80. S and A Productions

      demonitization be like

    81. Dr. T

      Imagine your phone runs out of battery. “Yea this is so cool!” *battery runs out* “Uh...”

    82. Destructive Yay

      Its probably not possible to get rid of the first one though

    83. Ravenclaw Potato

      0:37 Me on a daily basis

    84. Epic Cool man


    85. Kristie V

      this vid

    86. Wanda Firdaus

      Nasa omg wow

    87. Raphael De Guzman


    88. jennifer toribio

      Yack i think im gpin tp het ninght mear

    89. CHONG JING RU Moe

      eww eww eww oh my gosh man thats so amazing!!!!

    90. Virlon Jhonar Baynosa Gr. 3 MATAPAT

      That is so gross

    91. •moonlight• •hearts•


    92. Huskeyfan839 Lol


    93. Tyler Boyer

      that is sooo cool

    94. Stacy Chernyak

      This dude quit his job at NASA Can we please just appreciate that for a sec

    95. Hazel Hulse


    96. Richard Elledge

      You would need the heart one closer to your heart

    97. The Wawahead


    98. Oxzel23

      1:40 Plot twist:that’s actually a long sausage!

    99. LKK100

      hot dog string

    100. Katie