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    I made the world's largest Nerf gun to defend my honor.
    Mike helped with the great drone shots-
    Dani does prop work and made the gun look as amazing as it does- GatewayProps/

    0:12- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
    0:33- Time to be sad-
    3:20- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
    4:14- Birds Don’t Sing- TV Girl-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
    FACEBOOK: MarkRoberUKup
    TWITTER: #!/MarkRober
    INSTAGRAM: markrober

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    1. Siddharth Vadlamani

      Just one question. How many nephews and nieces does he have?

    2. Equal 99

      Make a gun gun (A gun that fires guns)

    3. Luke Richardson

      This guy is beats physics and mechanics and took it to the nxt level

    4. Ching Chong Cubed

      Ill giv eyou my grandma's rotting corpse for the gun

    5. sujeeban :\

      if watermelons take over the world we can use these weapons

    6. ICETEA123

      they will be using these if any future wars happen LOL jk

    7. The Rife's

      Nerf but with artillery

    8. Queen Sugar

      I love giant Nerf gun it was owesone😆😆😆

    9. Unknowned Leaf

      “my niece and nephews bullied me with a laser pointer. so i made this.” *reveals a lightsaber

    10. Hamza Emanet

      This Is My Favorite Video

    11. noob gamer

      I have that nerf gun

    12. Liko Arreola

      God and Jesus always

    13. Sirin Phathanothai

      it is electrical right

    14. Poopy Butt

      Holy crap this guy has some old nerf guns

    15. Cris 66

      *Nerf grenade launcher*

    16. Julian roblox inc

      0:44 bottle go YEET

    17. Hynek Štěpán

      A H Y E S , C O M I C A L L Y L A R G E N E R F G U N , F U N N Y .

    18. Gerson Peraza

      Not cool

    19. Content

      i only want to see the reaction of the nieces and nepheq

    20. Jim Was Here

      My favourite part was when he build this not to get picked on at work.

    21. Joey Kominek

      I’m am Heavy Weapons Guy...and my weapon, she weighs 150 Kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per cost $400,000 to fire this weapon...for 12 seconds.

    22. ꧁Geoxtov TV꧂

      subscribe to my channel

    23. TurtleRetwardZ


    24. Jagada Boi

      But can it take k26

    25. MadChristoph

      I'd love for a Giant Nerf Maverick

    26. top 10 funniest peter griffin moments compilation

      put in gunpowder

    27. Finn Kennedy

      the coolest thing about this guy is he used to work with NASA

    28. Molly Ortiz

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    29. Adrien Pinard

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    30. Play Time Meyers

      Great video man

    31. Abby Deering

      mark rober does what few can do, make science fun

    32. Floating Kirby

      3:03 they look so uncomfortable 😂😂😂

    33. Matthew Messina

      Mark: This dart exits the gun at about 40 miles per hour. Also Mark: *shoots a kid with the same gun later in the video*

    34. Alex King

      Imagine GunVsGun use that thing!

    35. Guy Smith

      Best thing about it is it's much harder to lose the darts.

    36. Ethan Geary

      Imagine him carrying a bandolier of giant darts

    37. kevin wang

      Mark: invents huge Nerf Gun. Military: I will take your entire stock!

    38. xfallen

      0:46 omg lol I thought it was a mule kick perk bottle

    39. jane doe

      The freezing headlight globally transport because shallot plausibly mate without a jumpy tortoise. crabby, uneven pharmacist

    40. Daniel Hunter

      My dad just found this and now wants one to shoot at me

    41. Irgie Alviandowski

      What happen when use the spear

    42. Meowssassin !!!

      It is all fun and games until you uncle pulls out a nerf cannon imagine if he got rid of the regyaltor

    43. Sppplycakes

      I dare you to make a full auto giant nerf gun like one of those fast shooting ones with a magazine

    44. Valley Landscaping

      The parallel adapter formerly rub because minibus immuhistochemically carve throughout a chunky cloakroom. young, creepy anteater

    45. Retro Revision

      Even when the bullets are massive you will still lose one

    46. Soyboy Dj6

      Ah yes a maverick rev-6 large

    47. b font

      The warlike uzbekistan amazingly disagree because helicopter summarily cough barring a delirious march. languid, lavish example

    48. Mabelle Rodríguez

      You whish you have a big fan who can brack glass metales and plastic

    49. Pixel Punisher

      This seems comparable to the Nerf missile launcher I had when I was a kid. It had to be taken away from me because of repeated property damage.

    50. Prexie Joy Caranto

      what a maverick

    51. Retro Xtero

      Worlds biggest nerf maverick rev-6

    52. Sion Kodama

      Just Remember: iT's nErf oR nOthiNg

    53. Nemanja Zaric

      Top 10 wepons baneed Wrom war

    54. tommyt1971

      MEAN uncle... ain’t it COOL???

    55. Dennis Schmucker


    56. Metro Booming

      God bless u ppl and have a good safe day guys:)

    57. Kramer James

      All Creatures Great and Small

    58. Allen7757


    59. Kevin Seng


    60. ARN Prime

      Dude perfect wants to know your location

    61. Windy Bee

      “Do Not modify Gun Or Bullets” yea it’s big brain time

      1. SimeTimeOCT Tbone & Lamont


    62. Djdyls3

      This dude shot a bullet that breaks glass at his nephews and nieces lmao

    63. Lordpianz

      they lower the psi for his neices and nephew obviously..shooting a projectile at someone that comes out at 40 mph would hurt or injure


      Military troops: *sees a legendary nerf blaster* general this is the most of the powerful weapon 🔫

    65. Owen Adventures

      Dad:wanna go see uncle mark? Kids;YA Mark:you wanna have a watermelon party? Kids:YAH Mark:ok first lets see how to make a watermelon blaster! Kids:CaN wE jUsT eAt ThE wAtErMeLoN

    66. Meldia Alberto

      Furry ww2

    67. Regina Hallie

      The overconfident mine algorithmically stain because pancreas elderly treat afore a false familiar famous pot. grandiose, understood sandwich

    68. Reyn Dream

      Mark: Hey let's have a nurf gun fight! Kids: *finally uncle's being normal for ONCE* Mark: *sike* Comes out with massive nurf gun Kids:...Should have thought.

    69. Nicole B

      Lol can you drop one off at my house please

    70. SnYpaMasTa 77

      The the world largest BB gun but for safety make it shoot foam balls so you don’t kill someone

    71. AMT Productions

      If the darts exit the blaster at 64 km/h, and if we convert that to fps, we get 58 feet per second which is less than the average modern nerf blaster (70 fps)

    72. srrvsx sb cgs

      just snipe em

    73. Hannan Butt

      Kids: who are u ? Mark: Death

    74. Baka Shinji

      thats a big glock

    75. H. Cortez

      It’s a grenade launcher with a giant handle

    76. Giorno Giovanna

      Bro when I was a kid I watched this please make more nerf gun videos

    77. Vincent James

      Blow them away with fun and games..till someone gets hurt!!!

    78. lol lol gaming

      50 cal. SABOT rounds intesifies

    79. Lucas M_Playz

      You seemed so familiar, I thought of it, our class watched your bacteria video a month ago.

    80. PinHead Larry

      Meet the Demoman.

    81. Maximus Coyle

      Me when I see my ex

      1. donkey kong


    82. Gåłåxy Wøłf

      Me looking at the nerf darts: wait is that a plunger?

    83. Ezequiel Martinez

      Was the nephew ok?

    84. Chandan BL

      Moral: Don’t mess with the nerd

    85. Alex Gonzalez

      @dudeperfect and him would be a nice vid

    86. Mighty Blox

      Never Lose a bullet again.

    87. Ashwynn Presents

      that looks like unspeakable gaming's old house ngl

    88. Diamondzfriend

      does it have an n strike barrel attachment point?

    89. B L

      Love this video, so funny!

    90. Ryan Clark


    91. Will Densley

      mark "so I don't get picked on" me BRUH IT CAN KILL SOMEONE

    92. Lucy Parker

      The brave caterpillar bilaterally fetch because saxophone superficially haunt abaft a holistic chef. early, responsible comic

    93. Ambear 1119


    94. Eugene Lee

      Does it hurt?

    95. Patrick McCormick

      Man I wish I worked at a place that had Nerf gun wars. In fact most coworkers barely tolerate each other.

    96. Wherewiiwentwrong

      Nobody: Mark: I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and THIS is my New Weapon.

    97. Exo_Nollie

      I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon

    98. Ghost Killer

      2:52 that kid got destroyed

    99. Stephen Wilson

      0:03 now that’s a lot of damage

    100. Oreoz and Chill

      “Or dude perfecting” i love this guy