FINAL SCIENCE CLASS- How to Survive a 5 Mile Fall with No Parachute

Mark Rober

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    We'll be doing dangerous things like smashing a bunch of glass with rockets and talking about the farthest man made object and I'll explain why this is my last one. See you there and don't be tardy or it's a detention.

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    1. Mark Rober

      Thanks everyone for coming to my classes! Be good. Stay curious. Take care of your physical and mental health and I''ll see you around on the internet! Oh, and as always, please consider subscribing :)

      1. Mr.Nooblox

        fun fact: everyone would be happy if you made more classes :))) edit: do on weekends pls

      2. Mélissa Champagne

        you are soo cool

      3. Cookies Animates

        Hi I’m subscribed

      4. Cookies Animates

        @Kevin Luo lol 😂

      5. Therese Jackson


    2. tylor anderson

      Nasa man says rockets literally throw hammers out the back, lol

    3. tylor anderson

      No you are such a tiny wrench

    4. Garland Davidson

      They should really test this with a gun in space (in a concealed safe Environment of course.)

    5. Francisco Gutierrez

      way to much yac yac i don't know what your suppose to do any more

    6. 황정운

      The wakeful production ophthalmoscopically worry because string directly kiss despite a loose sword. square, overrated vision

    7. OG LewisOne

      I have seriously pondered if I should revoke my High School diploma so I have to go back to high school again and have Mr. Rober as my science teacher... then I sobered up and I remembered how miserable High School was was for me.

    8. Lorrie Carrel

      You mean 13 billion miles away,not million,earth is 93 million miles from sun

    9. Alex Gonzalez

      I just moved the whole earth 1 mm by jumping

      1. Alex Gonzalez

        I conquered the world

    10. Dhruv Aggarwal

      Does it work for 5.2 miles

    11. Teddy’s Workshop

      4:35 When you flint knock in 4tnite

    12. Connor Does Stuff

      Notice how the only planet he doesn't actually say is Uranus! Lol

    13. malvin Ginger

      and there i thought you would throw the hammer and hold on to Thor and mjolnir

    14. Zero Death

      17:37 he became howtobasic

    15. Wake Boris

      Best UKupr ever

    16. Cheech Marin

      that is a hammer

    17. huil geit

      I wonder whats your iq

    18. target03

      so you're saying if. if you. if you nut in space it push you backward

    19. FabTech

      wait you are telling me I can move earth by jumping

    20. ittegapS Sauce

      Mark thats a 253.519 mile fall...

    21. Kankabar

      7:47 I think 13 billion miles is what you wanted to say :-)

      1. Ben Lyons

        Just did some research on that becuse sone googling proved 13 million mies to be rather incorrect ! Did the calculation and then googled Voyagers disatnce and its 13 billion miles. Big mistake to make really !! Can't see that anyone else has noticed that.

    22. FAKE NEWS

      leave it to an ex nassa american to find a pratical use for guns in space

    23. Jeremy B

      This Guy Needs to go schools around the world and teach science

    24. Andy Molina

      I learn more with u than with my teacher

    25. scbtripwire

      Best guess at the beginning of the video: hope to land on an ant hill.

    26. Eleanor Stanford

      Science is So much fun!

    27. Sam Cotey

      You don't know how bad I want this guy to be my science teacher. That would be the highlight of my high school experience

    28. davide

      the video has interlacing artifacts, does interlacing still exist on digital cameras? I'm surprised

    29. Maria S.

      Enthusiastic is the word

    30. KK Antitoxin

      Stay SAFE and take care!!! Thank you for the extra knowledge and passion refill!!!

    31. Jackson Walls

      When the UKup guy is better than a guy that his job is to teach science

    32. Joshua Schmidt

      Holding wrench is a hammer

    33. Hoffwego Yes Off We Go

      How do you survive a 5 mile fall without a chute?? Have a net. I wasted 30 minutes on this.

    34. Exigent Incursion

      The failed parachute still slowed him down.

    35. Becquer Camayo

      Night Stalker

    36. vmwindustries

      Hit harder!

    37. tallcamaroguy

      I want to know who is the cameraman taking the picture for voyager near that planet and who stayed on the moon to take the picture when the nasa space craft left the moon, airbags are good on paper but cause Brain injuries because during a crash your body is going towards the airbag while the airbag is coming at your body around 200 mph so when they meet the force on the body is multiplied and that is why people due due to airbags

    38. Slay 77

      I have a question if you were falling and you were no something and if you were to jump right before you hit the ground would it cancel out and act as you fell from the height you jumped

    39. Joe James

      Before you try to survive a five-mile fall ask yourself a question; do you really want to survive a five-mile fall? That's gotta hurt ...

    40. Omar Mohamed

      10:10 I was waiting so bad for Mark to say "to get to Ur Anus"

    41. Steve

      shouldnt that be 13 Billion Miles

    42. DJ R4TL3Y

      Mark would be a great teacher not just because of how he teaches, but hecause of how he composes himself and handles a situation in which he wants to showcase and experiment and it doesn’t work he doesn’t call off the whole lesson or get upset or change everything compleatly, he has contingencies in the form of videos of him performing the same thing at home where he is testing the experiment to make sure it’s safe for a classroom. That’s something not all teachers do and it shows how serious he is about teaching

    43. Kanzi Massri

      Literally me watching the cracked egg in the back the whole vid

    44. Kanzi Massri

      I wonder who was the first one to discover this...

    45. redu


    46. שלום אוברמן

      A bit ironic that he just said "Super mario effect" and then "maybe I will fail"

    47. Blackbird. exe

      Video title: *How to survive a 5 mile fall without parachute?* Me: Be Phantastic Gus

    48. Paul Beaton

      By 6:30 he has turned into young Bill Nye

    49. AlienWacker

      I have a couple of those CO2 cartridges, I would like to put a nail at the bottom of a PVC tube of appropriate diameter, and drop the cartridge seal-first into the tube, like a mortar shell in the old WW2 movies...

    50. Alan Stenberg

      My question is. How did we get pictures of pluto from Voyager when it is so far away? How does any signal send that far?

    51. surgeithesinner

      There is a manhole cover that was blasted into space by an underground nuclear test. Much father away than anything else made by man.

    52. Conor Darcy

      Increase the amount of space you take up and decrease the amount of weight you carry

    53. Jacklyn Yeh

      "You could use rockets" yeah ok mark

    54. Richard Herbst

      7:45 Voyager 1 is a whole lot further than 13 million miles away. It has left the solar system. The distance from the sun to the earth is 93 million miles. You probably meant to say 13 "b"illion miles.

    55. David

      I'll test your theory on my wife the next time we're up in the plane.

    56. 岩下拓幹

      A very simple answer do MLG water bucket

    57. Rafael Shumaker

      If you throw the hammer the way you demonstrated, you will be doing back flips, and with very little backwards momentum. The best thing you can do with that hammer is to bring it closer to your center of mass, while facing away from the station, and simply push the hammer away from you (without holding onto it, letting it go). The harder and faster you push it, the faster you will move backward toward the station. Then you have to turn yourself around, or find some way to grab on once you reach it.

    58. John Economides

      so - - I didn't want to go thru all 6600 comments, but you said Voyager was 13 MILLION miles out, but it is actually 13 BILLION miles. Earth is 93 MILLION miles from the Sun. I probably wasn't the first to mention this, right?

    59. Ray Seo

      Im so sad this was the last one

    60. Tom Collier

      I still love your channel, but there is no electron particle. There are no little ants running through the power lines. no charge carrying particle-N. Tesla. Electrostatics do not move by any other means either than charge and discharge--through induction.

    61. TeeOneZee

      ... Ew. You're not even gonna clean that egg off the wall? That's gross.

    62. ken Smith

      Hey Mark, I would really like to talk with you about some science and get your thoughts on it. May I email you? I understand if not, however I read a scientific paper that blew me away, and I've done considerable research since that time, and I believe it is often overlooked (this type of science that is). The PDF is about 10 pages front and back. Anyways, thank you for the awesome content you consistently produce!

    63. Pirates in Teepees

      This video should be called "How to convey 60 seconds of information in only 33 minutes"

    64. Pirates in Teepees

      Here we are, we have gold!

    65. asterix811

      Even at 1/4 playback speed that thing is too fast to see.

    66. Jackson Brown

      Why is this live? Itbwould be even better 8f recorded

    67. Tyler Chubb

      also mark just a fyi soccer fields and football fields have different sizes.. sooo I think you're like 10 yards off? so 36 3rd was 36 or 31 I forget exactly... but just an fyi I just now caught.... just thought you'd like to know

    68. Tyler Chubb

      did you call a a hammer a wrench?.. Mark?..

    69. respectanimals2

      Borat , that was brilliant, I enjoyed it so much 👍😎🌴

    70. Captain Awesome

      I’d like to hear more about the Super Mario Effect

    71. Klem Temlock

      The answer is "don't fall" in the first place ?? Been said before but I wish my science teacher's had been half as interesting as Mark !! Maybe I'd be a rocket scientist too 😁 THANKS MARK !!! & Good luck in all your future endeavors !!!

    72. Michael LaPierre

      Throw the egg into the sheet as hard as you like and the shell won't break but the yolk will.

    73. Patrick O'Neal

      If you had a flashlight you wouldn't have to throw it... E=mc^2

    74. Top Daeh

      7:49 you say million, but it is in fact billion. Currently a little bit over 14 Billion miles from Earth.

    75. bronson wid


    76. Haiwen Gao

      3:16 Cut off your arm and throw it away hey they did it in some movie

    77. joe michele

      Hey Einstein !

    78. vhollund

      Doesn't rockets create friction an pressure in order to propulse?

    79. Drew Made New

      Voyager is actually 13.5 BILLION miles away. Not million. Think about that. A computer zipping through space at 11 miles per second. Man has a creation of its own 13.5 BILLION MILES away! You can do anything that you believe you can do.

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      Every hear of editing…?

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    83. A Steenkamp

      I wish he was my theacher

    84. Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX

      If you really are falling and hit this video but the phone just became a parachute

    85. ByToothandClaw

      That guy jumping off the roof - slomo'd him but not the train in the background - so was it real? He might survive the fall but those roof tiles would have cracked at the least?

    86. gmatt107

      Seriously if u "pass gas" would that get u back to space station?

    87. Boogieman

      I know what the answer is to the last question, thanks for my knowledge playing need for speed and gta 5 those containers are so you take non to less damage. Without them if you crashed into those your car would be cut from wherever the impact is taken

    88. Christian Simard

      Good interesting video but waaaaaaay overstretched !

    89. Gord Thor

      The light sensors for traffic lights are magnetically controlled. There are two sensors spaced one car length in between. If there is one car already on the first sensor, stop on the second sensor to make the light change quicker. 1-2 cars = longer wait. 3 or more cars is a shorter wait.

    90. King Meow500

      Yea rockets are throwing out hammers, THE WEIGHT OF SEMI TRUCKS AT THEIR WEAKEST

    91. Gord Thor

      The Voyager is much further away than "13 million miles". Neptune is 3 billion miles away and Voyager passed by that planet decades ago. As of Dec 2020 Voyager is 14.1 billion miles from Earth. If Voyager 1 was headed towards the nearest star, it would take 40,000 years to get there. The nearest star is 4.24 light years. The Milky Way is 100,000 light years across. Even when things are put into perspective, it's difficult for us to realize just how vast the universe is. The distances between stars is enormous. The distances between galaxies is mind-blowing.

    92. Gord Thor

      That's a hammer.

    93. Troy White

      How to survive a 5-mile fall with no parachute? Take out your phone, call Mark and tell him and his team to set up his net under you in a very short TIME to lengthen out the force.

    94. JPlayz

      Honestly having Mark as a science teacher would be amazing

    95. chillzwinter

      Short answer - to survive a fall at terminal velocity, you need to be able to slow down without exerting more than -10G of force on your body, and you can do that by slowing down over a distance of about 5 meters. (E.g. a net, or some other material that gradually slows you down such as 5 meters of card board box's). Note for comfort, I'd rather slow down over 10 meters.

    96. shivani sheth

      He wore shirt showing the gold plate of voyager wow

    97. Coach Wilson

      Mark, ever consider doing a piece on the real cause of climate change?

    98. Amy T

      "In a second we're gonna get to this part where we're uh breaking all these glasses with a CO2 cartridge." The suspense.

    99. mozkito life

      OOOOH. You mean to say "How to survive a 5 mile fall with no parachute".... "if you plan to fall 5 miles without a parachute".

    100. mozkito life

      7:34 It's not in the solar system anymore :)