TOP 5 Best Cover 'Chandelier' by Sia around The World

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    1. quakegott

      After listenting to the first one i had to recheck if i´m listeningg to the top 5 best or the worst covers...

    2. Park HoongHoong

      i think the last guy is amazing

    3. Hoda Fakhradini

      USA judges want to be center of attention. They Act like the show is about them while its not. Hate all those fake reactions.

    4. Nobody

      Fun fact: the first singer, Saara Aalto, acted Anna in finnish frozen 1 and 2

    5. John Guitjens

      Whoever added the songtext shoot be

    6. Vaishali Badhan

      I was having goooseeebumps 😅🤑🤑

    7. yeetice

      First one was a bit heavy on the vibrato in my opinion

    8. xStrawberryPenguinx

      The last guy’s voice is so similar to Sia’s

    9. Ms. Giraffe craft

      If i was one of these i would never EVER EVER shut up

    10. Sonya and Animus

      Sorry, but the first chicks voice gave me C H I L L S. yo, shes soo good!

    11. J Smith

      The first girl was ... AMAZING

    12. Nilufa Ayan

      Nicole so funny. Lol. Xx

    13. Barbora Lisická

      If i was the second girl i wold never shut up

    14. Tia

      Every cover I've heard of this song is better than Sia's version

    15. Isa Ramírez

      The last boy is much better than SIA, you know if I win? I guess so

    16. Waleed Naeem

      Sia is Life

    17. RN Channel

      08:00 Sassaa

    18. dfire351

      Puddles did a great job too...not shown here.

    19. Julie Hanoi

      The reminiscent field luckily water because crow ectrodactyly drain from a young neon. creepy, chunky hook

    20. Nishal Rai

      The 3rd guy somewhat reminds me of someone I just can't remember... . . . It Stings that I just can't remember.

    21. loveemaryjane

      The guy in the black with red sang it best imo

    22. Brooke Stop

      Kevin Sim gave me chills! Amazing!

    23. Mikhail Bystrov

      puddles pity party the best!

    24. Ron LT

      5:50 and 10:08 are the best omg🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️🖲️😳😳

    25. A Person

      i'm from finland too like Sarah :)

    26. Ma'ruf G'aniyev

      this is tale nt

    27. Ma'ruf G'aniyev

      good nice

    28. jack jones

      Only the last singer got it just right - didn't shout it...

    29. Ceren Çelikel

      first girl is singing like disney movie song

    30. Erick David Carlos Barbaran

      9:42 Rodrigo Herrera (Shark Tank), eres tú?

    31. STARRME


    32. Fatima Zaara

      I wanna sing this infront of my cosuin. (I wonder how she will react) I will come back soOoOn!

    33. Robert Lyles

      Wait, a top 5 covers of "Chandelier" and no "Puddles Pity Party"? Something is wrong here.

    34. Thanh Hoàng Hải

      I have another cover Puddle Pity Party this guy cover this song so deep

    35. poutasi fua

      I thought the last performance was a girl....dammm....his voice shocked me.

    36. Tasha Tabler

      Who's the last person

    37. Filatov

      The hardest song ever!

    38. André Guia

      missing manu from kids colombia

    39. bpm silawad

      The first girl , Little girl and the last boy her voice was so good

    40. Avanthika Vadapalli


      1. Avanthika Vadapalli

        @Niharika EXACTLY!

      2. Avanthika Vadapalli

        @Mamba____out yea true.. but for me, the last guy stood out !!

      3. Mamba____out

        Well almost all of them were on pitch the whole time

      4. Niharika

        Yeah almost sounded like sia and the way he managed not to mess with the sounds

    41. Inas Yousif

      the first girl have amazing feelings my vote goes to her

    42. Fabio Rogério Barreto de Sousa

      Sensacional me arrepiou essa finlandesa e uma cantora Sensacional e atriz passa toda a emoção da música e história

    43. Mikael Rosén

      The second one if she were blonde so like Daenerys Targaryen and she sings like an Angel

    44. Adinda Tri noveliza

      I never sing in front of my family , and I try to sing this song and there reaction so speechless

    45. Adinda Tri noveliza

      I never sing in front of my family , and I try to sing this song and there reaction so speechless

    46. Moon Patrol

      would have been nice if you posted their names as well, idiot

    47. 카프리

      마지막 빨간색 옷을 입은 심판의 이름이 무엇인가요? What is the name of the last judge in red?

    48. Sky Martinez

      The last one was a natural!!! They were all so great!!!!

    49. Sky Martinez

      The second girl wow!!

    50. Sky Martinez

      These videos keep Makin me cry such a beautiful song!!!

    51. Yanis Rdv

      Где Нуки и Воробьёва?

    52. Diana Berg

      I've tingles.....

    53. Felicia Carroll

      Can ya,ll get to the high notes

    54. Felicia Carroll

      The guy in the red shirt and black jacket was amazing, but he was really trying.

    55. Abdulrhman Alawaid

      The last one are the best

    56. J

      the last one just rocked!!!

    57. Sammy Hutapea

      Im here because, i just want to find thumbnail minutes

    58. Angelika Godlewska

      I am sure that the girl from Finland is real life Elsa🤭

    59. Victoria Ashurkova

      where is Puddles?

    60. Sarah Adawiyah

      My vocal cord just dislocated One in a million case,hahaha

    61. Brynzie ALDC

      the second girl tho

    62. Taru Sake

      The last guy is the best


      I really liked the second girl

    64. Barbara Marra

      4.05 wow

    65. Martin Martinez

      Camryn Jordans amazing deeply voice

    66. Emma Kerr

      wow that last guy can sing omg


      10:08 best cover 🔥🤟

    68. Ira Bojczuk

      I remember one very good cover of Chandelier

    69. BsV23

      All of the voices are very good but the last one is my favourite! He's voice is gorgeous.😊👌

    70. Alexa C. Brown



      I love camryn jordan version it is very unique, very smooth and power it shook the judge that's why they were hesitant to push the button.

    72. Daniel Melo

      Kade os BR????

    73. Tina Koskima

      The first (Saara Aalto) ended up as the first ever foreign (and Finnish) Runner-up in that X-factor UK season.

      1. Clarissa Suckleberry

        Yes she did. She was with the team Sharon. Dunno would she had won or 'lose more' with another judge.

    74. P p

      I was here finding best covers for Chandelier. This video fooled me. Here is a dislike. These aren't covers, these are auditions.

    75. Fatima Fatima

      Farst on and thé last on😻😻

    76. Nasiba Turdieva


    77. Elite Gurl

      The girl with the yellow shirt and red skirt gave me GoOosEbUmPs

    78. Trevor Noah

      I could listen to the last guy sing forever.

    79. Audrey x

      2nd girl. OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    80. Elizabeth Waves

      The 2nd one is Incredible ❤️❤️🎶🎶

    81. Exidy YT

      Puddles Pity Party destroys every single one of these singers at this song. Although the 'It's Pat' lookalike at the end there had a little something extra going on, I have to admit. Never judge a singer by their looks. I wouldn't have given it a second look on the street but once you hear those pipes, you take all the second and third looks (and listens.)

      1. Victoria Ashurkova

        I agree Puddles the best

    82. Gina Welch

      The 2nd girl wow wow wow

    83. Joahnna Garcia

      These guys are good 👍 👌 👏 🙌 😍 but this is my favorite cover 😊

    84. omer naaman

      I'm sorry but in the first video she applied too much vibrato for that song... didn't like it

    85. GloNL NL

      just: WOW

    86. Eden perez

      The Best cover of Chandelier is the cover of Erza Muqoli 😉

    87. neha bhatt

      She made me cry.😢

    88. Alberto tus muertos

      Missing here Puddles pity party version

    89. Abdullaha Jangda

      All were the best

    90. lara bedevian

      dudeeee the last one was insaneeee

    91. Ainura Abdrakhmanova

      The best was theclast guy in The Voice USA. The winner actually

    92. JaydeeMusic

      I always cry at the second girl She have a wonderful voice

    93. Amateur Traveller

    94. Joana π

      The first one spoke directly to my soul. She meant e-v-e-r-y word she sang. It was like a confession.

      1. Tia

        Yes!!! She was my favorite

    95. gamer Game

      When the guy in a red shirt and black jacket was singing in a high pitched voice, it literally sent shivers down my spine and I started sweating, amazing

    96. Kej Bí

      Me singing: CHANDELIEEERR My brother: IS THE CAT CHOKING AGAIN? My dad: -ignoring everything- My mom: HELP THE CAT THEN Older sister: HELP THE CAT ITS MY CAT I DONT WANT IT TO DIE dad:you wanna..? older sister:YES DAD IM MOVING INTO YOUR HOUSE TONIGHT

    97. Sandra Kronenberger

      The Last man has a wonderful voice. My lovely people

    98. D.s Kim

      My No.1

    99. Jessica xoxo

      Ok but Nicole’s reaction was hella funny and Simons face lol

    100. Amor Gross

      Save the best for the last