Kennt Bundesliga-Torwart wirklich alle Flaggen der Welt? | 🇿🇦🇰🇮🇸🇪 Lukas Hradecky im Fahnen-QUIZ

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    Spaß mit Flaggen - und mit Lukas Hradecky. In einem Interview mit dem DFL-Magazin (Ausgabe 01/2021, Seite 70) hat der Leverkusener Keeper behauptet, dass er 95 Prozent aller Flaggen kennt. Wir wollen wissen: Stimmt das?
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    1. Mohammed jaber

      7:40 he said toilet paper

    2. Jounis Ayoub

      Er hätte bei Israel Palästina sagen müssen

      1. Elijah Edric Guinto

        Aber Israel ist ein Mitglied in UEFA.

    3. Κωστης Φυλλιδης

      Er wiss viele Flaggen. Das ist sehr gut. Bravo!! Ich weiss nicht viele Flaggen, aber ich versuchen.

    4. Sharaf Abdiwali

      Where is somalia ?

    5. Tactical Baller

      Pakistan & India don't even exists in Bayern 04 world 👏👏

      1. Elijah Edric Guinto

        That's because they can't show all flags. The Philippine flag is also absent. So, I assume they'll do a Pert 2 just for the remaining flags.

    6. kadivkida

      belarus in german is weißrussland, white russia?

      1. kadivkida

        @Elijah Edric Guinto i see.

      2. Elijah Edric Guinto

        That's because the name „Belarus“ really means „White Russia“.

    7. JAIR FF

      Where is Suriname🇸🇷

    8. 5 Gum

      He should get chemistry with all players in fifa for this

    9. CaKh Ng

      I love how immediately links Burkina Faso with his teammate Tapsoba (& Aranguiz for Chile)

    10. FxmzYT • 60 Years ago

      7:45 🇹🇹

    11. Niamh

      Get him to play geogusser pls

    12. Tamas bețivul

      I wait 9 minutes for Romania:((

    13. asyraf shukri

      where is malaysia and singpore flags

    14. JJ Chang

      I get 87 out of 92. I'm little bit confused in oceania flag

    15. Mann Jay

      Bruder, er ist schlau, konnte nicht die Hälfte von ihnen geuss

    16. magoual 31

      Les français qui passe par la on est d accord qui la le même talent que étoiles🤣

    17. PC the gamer

      The fact that he said Ghana then said BLACK STARS Makes me a proud Ghanaian

      1. Othniel Nortey

        Aswear bro

    18. Big_BotV2 1

      Just me that knew most of them

    19. Idrisativities

      He's really good.

    20. Keenan Duke

      That was insanely impressive

    21. Gigi Bartia

      საქართველო რატო არ იცი ძუკნავ

      1. Gigi Bartia


    22. Ege Boym

      5:57 Drogba is angry

    23. Ajmal Njr

      Where is india

    24. veyis veliyev

      Azerbaycandan başqa bütün bayraqlar var, soxum ağzıvıza

    25. veyis veliyev

      Very good

    26. Andres Avendaño

      5:11 EL salvador

    27. raphko

      Eine Legende besagt er hat in jedem Land gelebt...

    28. Babajide Sanusi

      Stop checking the answer 😂 05:05

      1. Babajide Sanusi

        @Elijah Edric Guinto Haha just kidding

      2. Elijah Edric Guinto

        He's not checking the answer. He's just reading the small text. Besides, he wears contact lenses, and we know what that implies.

    29. Hamza Baydka

      As soon as he identified burundi flag that's when i said he's apro🤣👏

    30. GudGuy27

      pov : you're waiting for your country

    31. Daniel Okundi


    32. Hapııp ılkacasseH

      Me waiting all the time mi flag🇸🇴😩💔

    33. Woodwood Productions


    34. Печенят Тиквеник

      Когато се замислиш кой е голмайстора на първенството и ти дупчи по 5 гола

    35. Osamaisback

      At egypt i said salah😂

    36. Ananas1k

      Ого градецки знает Казахстан для меня удивительно

    37. Tavesh Mangar

      You missed Mauritius Flag!🇲🇺 It's my country🥲

    38. Deepangshu Das

      ok wait Monaco and Indonesia has the same flag ?

      1. Elijah Edric Guinto

        @Scram Correct!

      2. Scram

        Yes, apart from they're different sizes and have different shades of red.

    39. There's only one tyson FURY

      I was just waiting for Pakistan

    40. Stan Szenaich

      4:51 yo whats up

    41. GENOS DU 9 3

      I’ve got 86/92

    42. Chief Sosa


    43. TikToker Compilations

      There were only 92

    44. I lost my Name.

      🇸🇴 who can tell me this flag?

    45. lonely loner on a lonely road alone


    46. Krstev 29

      I hate the name: Nordmazedonien I love the name: Macedonia

    47. Broken King


    48. Emmett Roche


    49. Nabil Chowdhury

      Thats really impressive

    50. Abdirahman Ahmed

      Where is Somalia

    51. Boss Baalos

      Is not all bro

    52. Jordan's Journey

      Clickbait 🇿🇦

    53. Adil Fadra

      Sheldon Cooper inspired your description!

    54. Val Butale

      He's quite good though. I'm Southern African and I kept mixing up the West African flags


      Ripping my country 7:46🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

    56. Aayatiin ali kaar

      Where is somali

    57. Shaun Bonner

      5:55, as an Irish man, I feel offended😂well it could be worse, he could mistake Ireland for scummy England

    58. DJ BOOM

      Ghana 🇬🇭 The Black Stars

    59. TheOriginalJersey


    60. I sk

      Where is the Nicaraguan Flag 🇩🇪

    61. Kris Ferguson

      Did they skip scotland or just put it in with England?!?!

    62. DAME TIME_47


    63. Mr 123

      3:18 ei vittu....

    64. Faleh Saad

      🇵🇸the disrespect

      1. Elijah Edric Guinto

        Just wait for Part 2. I assume the Palestinian flag wasn't shown because they're saving it for Part 2.

    65. Gery Satriawan

      His knowledge is no joke!! But funny how he was confused with the easier ones and got the difficult ones very easily

    66. Peter Helou

      So easy test, can I try next 😂

      1. Elijah Edric Guinto

        Try contact them.

    67. Future chef

      Damn, this dude is soo intelligent.

    68. Sam R

      It’s kinda sus how he suddenly knows the country 🤨

    69. Abdisamad Daud

      Educated player🔴❤️

    70. Pajo K

      Kommt und schaut es euch an!! Ein schlauer Fussballer!!

    71. Hai Le

      8:03 Vietnam. Love that!

    72. Kausar Ahmed

      All the flag, wheres Bangladesh pretty much most of the flags are random

    73. positively curved pikachu

      he deserves a subscription

    74. Konrad Kozyrski

      he's really really good at this

    75. CGN Productions

      4:53 nice

    76. Sabin Sovrea

      4:54 hradecky just got canceled

    77. Dante BM

      4:54 *Could you repeat that? It sounded wrong.*

    78. Spandan

      🇳🇵 :')

    79. Jay

      Me waiting for my country like👁👄👁

    80. Sára Šimíčková

      Wow tak asi jsem první,ale napíšu český komentář 😁 I když je Lukáš původem ze Slovenska

    81. Luca Bev

      As a fifa player I got most of them right😂😂

    82. Callum

      No Scotland flag?!

    83. Ihan Ok


    84. teddysphotos

      That's not all the flags 🇵🇸

    85. שחר חן

      7:40 אח יקר אתהההההההה

    86. Ibrahim Sial

      Where’s Pakistan

    87. Ibrahim Sial

      🇵🇰 Pakistan?

    88. LM10 Fifamobile

      No india?

    89. Shrivatsan K Chari

      Freakin awesome

    90. Haekal Abdalla

      Big ups hradecky🙌🏻

    91. Abdourahman Osman Ali

      Were is Somalia Flag? Leverkusan

    92. Bob

      Amazing..... Now give this to any American in the league and watch him disgrace himself

    93. David J

      You missed the United States France Canada Mexico New Zealand and other nations

    94. Messi Ronaldo

      “All flags in the world” and you didn’t even add the flag Somalia 🇸🇴? Waste of 9 minutes( thank God for 2x).

      1. Abdourahman Osman Ali

        Mahadsanid Saaxiib

    95. Chripee k

      If your kenyan hit a like

    96. Fajar Gintings


    97. Shriranga Hegde

      Where is India

    98. Yiren fan


    99. Jake Dawson

      That was impressive NGL!!

    100. mini mathew

      Forgot India...🤔