SCIENCE CLASS #2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?

Mark Rober

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    This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.

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    1. Mark Rober

      I stream science LIVE M-W-F at 1pm PT. Thanks for being here!

      1. Kittenz Iwnl

        @William Pantel look no o

      2. Milk girl

        This is random but in there wind in outer space

      3. Grace Rivera

        Wish you where my science teacher I LOVE science!! And question .. whare would you teach? And will you ever teach collage of middle school ?

      4. Ruth Soriano

        Mark Rober PT means Philippines time...does it?

      5. hudson Coleman

        I thought that the fart would weight less because it goes out the behind.😁😁

    2. Lily Hager

      When he said "tell the person next to you" it reminded me of when i was a kid teaching nobody and I talked to the class. :,) 3:50

    3. Lily Hager

      Something about watching Mark Rober teach live and uncut bc he wants to be a physics teacher is so wholesome and heart warming.

    4. Laura Alagia

      One Night in Miami

    5. Crossfire_Unltd

      I wish Mark was my science teacher in highschool lol, science was my worst subject mostly because my teachers were really judgemental, I was a straight A student until grade 11 because the teachers seemed to stop caring, and it made applying myself much more difficult when they themselves werent passionate about what they were teaching. I really hope he becomes a teacher. May the Force be with you Mark lol.

    6. HACKERISTIC 499

      Hey ! I have a question if we are in zero gravity the boency of a object is more than force of gravity will it go up ?

    7. HACKERISTIC 499

      Q : Does farting make you weigh less ? A : Yes, but actually no!

    8. Shivansh Sengar

      So theoretically a person can float just by holding in a certain amount of fart.

    9. Sydney Dutro

      If you use tinfoil to make the other metal float

    10. Jason Wedge

      You do great boss keep it up. :)

    11. Captain Awesome

      Finally, I’m doing something we’re other people watching actually like to learn! Science is the best!

    12. itsJeth _

      if you dont want to watch the whole thing, its yes.

    13. Imirami Khanirami

      lol he doesnt need credentials

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    23. Bros for life

      Simple question is the answer yes or no someone plz tell me

    24. T.A. Sartain

      Imagine this guy being your high school teacher 🥴🥴🥴

    25. TheSamurai

      make a metal boat to make the metal cube float. think of it as an actual boat.

    26. Yadvesh Haritashya

      I am noob in physics and maths.please refer me books

    27. Colin Richards

      What's the difference between a chicken?... One leg is both the same?

    28. L Designs

      You are a lot smarter than my teacher trust me. I wish you were my school teacher.

    29. Maxwell Roxy

      Does farting increase inertia ▲I ?

    30. billy skates

      Will he still be able to do youtube

    31. Mark Kevin Sevisson

      looks like 90s video lol

    32. Conrad Tanner

      Isn't the red paint on ships antifouling paint to prevent barnacle build up???

    33. Renata

      Leaky metal tube Does NOT make me hate flying any less........ jussayin

    34. Renata

      Who has access to that much mercury & why does he lift that anvil so easily!?!?!? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    35. Aidans Fire alarms


    36. Aidans Fire alarms

      Yo I can’t

    37. Daniel Fernando Hernandez Forero

      "I really need to make these shorter" No. No you don't. They need to be longer and MOAAARRRR!!!! You do an amazing work.

    38. Herobrine_15


    39. RandomGirl

      9:00 matpat would be proud

    40. HotBunns

      Ok so i just woke up to see this video and I am confused and scared

    41. b r u h

      "where jimmy"

    42. b r u h

      before watching this video, i made a hypothesis that farting made you heavier... it took a lot of thinking but i came up with it, and as soon as you said farts were less dense than air and after all the clues I KNEW I WAS CORRECT!

    43. Mlg Dr Lion

      We need more

    44. Michele Godlevski

      OMG. I cringe to think of the average HS students not appreciating your brilliance and love of science. I hope you aim for a school of math and science so the kids will appreciate you.

    45. shullln

      I've wanted you to demonstrate the Bernoulli principle in an extreme form for a long time. (I think I commented on it in your hot tub video) Knowing how much you like bowling balls and water melons it would be awesome if you could demonstrate you could suspended a bowling ball in mid air. Theoretically all you'd need is a big enough air "pump" with enough CFS flow to offset the mass of the bowling ball.

    46. Harshith A.J

      Hey Mark, where did you learn electrical engineering?

    47. Jonathan Park

      My colon operates at 80PSI.

    48. Charles Torres


    49. David Graim

      I want a whole episode of why Diet Coke floats and regular coke sinks. Is it just coke what about Pepsi. As I’m writing this I’m finding out I can do this myself.😅

    50. Luis H

      10:40 swimming 101... except in salt water

    51. Living with a ER doctor As a 10 year old

      It has to be vlat btw

    52. Living with a ER doctor As a 10 year old

      You put more metal on the bottom of the metal

    53. Alexander Strarup

      So technically we would be able to fly/swim in the air, if we reduce the space we take up, or weight, relative to the space we take up?..

    54. D14m0nd Ey3s

      Took me 15 minutes but figured out the answer

    55. Raymond Babcock

      Things return to the flat static plain based upon mass and density.

    56. Gacha Nugget

      Hes so awkward I love it.

    57. Emily HF

      He likes doing this cuz he can make a big mess

    58. Jim R

      1. Those barrels are Fitch barrels, invented by a race driver names John Fitch to protect drivers who hit a solid item. 2. Because a squirrel always lands on its feet, and apiece of toast always lands with the peanut butter side down, what happens when you tie a piece of toast on a squirrel's back and drop it? Which takes priority? Love your videos!

    59. Gabriel Lawless

      If there was no pressure gradient in the atmosphere, nothing would float, not even a helium balloon.

    60. Back Off

      Why do eggs 🥚 float or sink depending on how fresh they are?

    61. Alex Perez-Sanchez

      How does a bird stay up in the sky?

    62. Ivan Lokes

      Mark rober actually breaks something down into sections to teach instead of being like most teachers and giving you vague inefficient methods of doing math and giving you irritating tests and instead of helping you they just tell you what the question is, as if you are unable to read, and leaving.

    63. Ramen, Literally Ramen

      is this really for high schoolers? I'm an 8th grader and we already learned this...

    64. Katherine Linneweber

      At 16:47 Mark grabbing at air

    65. Katherine Linneweber

      Helium floats in air, what happens when a helium ballon is in space where there is no gravity. Mark Rober, please answer my question. One day I want to become an engineer.

    66. Cosmic Colins

      3:45 This is too easy, you just use the first clue, and if you look at the weight-to-volume (Space you take up) You will see that if you take up enough space to overcome the weight, you can make anything float.

    67. the aba kid

      make it bigger to float

    68. T C

      What is the density of a fart relative to air? If the fart gas is "pressurized" in your body, it might be more dense than air prior to your body releasing it. There must be a pressure differential, otherwise the fart gas would not be trying to escape. We need to compare the density of the pressurized fart gas to the pressure outside a person's body. For example, what if you were taking measurements in Denver, on a commercial airplane (pressurized to represent approximately 10,000')?

    69. Yutang Gao

      virus: no school me: wants to be in Mark Robers class anyways

    70. Berk

      I disagree at one point. Because if your volume does not change speaking about the rigidity of stomach and guts, you will loose weight when you fart. I mean they are elastic but as not as elastic like a balloon you need some stuff for fulling your stomach and guts. If your fart just as less as to not change your volume, farts make you wiegh less because of your surface area and volume is constant but your total mass increases. So I can say big farts make you weight lighter, small little tiny farts make you weight heavier. Correct me if I'm wrong please 🤔🤔

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    71. Adolfo Lopez


      1. Pritam Op Bolte


    72. Joe

      i'm at 3:23 and my guess is it makes you weight more based on the 1 clue lol

    73. CrazyDirtBikeBoy

      i did a video on "will you get lighter inhaling helium?" and the answer is you get heavier

    74. Lindsay Shaw

      The first video I saw was the squirrel ninja course. My favorite part was the "Do boy squirrels have nipples??"

    75. Hzhz Shjsj

      Aww mean i wish too thatat he would be my teacher. But you have my full suport.

    76. Gåłåxy Wøłf

      I think there are to many comments about mark saying “my dream job is to be a highschool physics teacher”

    77. Steamer

      That was an awkward start but great lesson. Love them.

    78. Foam Flinging HS

      I cant concentrate with that weird camera

    79. Olu Fasoro

      Never fart while swimming. It could save your life.

    80. Sam al

      diet will float because they remove the carbon i think

    81. Sam al

      yo mark actually u learn density in middle school...

    82. Ollie Does Art

      These are actually my new science classes and its great. Homeschool is great

    83. Mayank Patel

      The funniest part is 16:49

    84. Starlord games

      Mark Rober: does farting make you weigh less? Me: I don’t need sleep I need answers

    85. Spinx Gregorio

      imagine having a teacher like mark rober i would go to school everyday and maybe live there just to stay with him

      1. Gåłåxy Wøłf

        uh u do know teachers don’t live at school right? They leave after u do unless there’s a meeting or something

    86. runner boy

      Mark would be the best Physics teacher ever

    87. Justinflamewalker

      I learned more about density in this video than in 8th grade science no joke

    88. Kshitij Tanwar

      Actually u weigh more after farting bcuz u loose the upthrust causes by the gas.

    89. SKG

      1.3M people interesting

    90. Leslie Rosedahl

      Beans beans the wonderful fruit the more you eat the more you toot the more you toot the better you feel so eat your beans with every meal

    91. Grace Rivera

      Will you teach college? Just in case .

    92. josip bilevic

      make it biggerr

    93. ThatDude

      The next question is, *will you weigh less if u breath out air*

    94. Jay Flippen

      This seems like a bit of a... loaded question.

      1. Jay Flippen

        I say watch recordings of schlieren imaging and FLIR (forward looking infrared) to see if the breath, buttocks expulsion, or other semi-natural movement goes upwards. However, I still think that the visible parts of such a wind may not accurately represent the bulk of the movement at hand. For instance, one could create a schlieren imaging recording of someone breathing and see the most visible part of their breath rising... but there could still be particulate matter or aerosols which fall out of the sample and are not nearly as visible. Then there is the effect of the surrounding environment. ....Did it happen on a sweltering hot and humid day in the middle of the rainforest? Did it happen after the person steps outside the door of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station? Did the movement in question happen while someone was hurriedly making their way to the ISS module Tranquility?

    95. Mike Burgess


    96. Honor 8x

      Wouldn't flatulence be compressed and therefore more dense prior to releasing?

    97. Justinflamewalker

      Sees title of video 1.3 million people: well well well let's just see about that, shall we



    99. John Gaitan

      Is our density equal to the air around us? I feel like I’m more dense than that.

    100. ItzCake

      Imagines saying: Mr. rober