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    Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
    Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience
    May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
    Tickets available at
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    Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
    I don't bother anyone
    Nervous when I stand
    Choking on the circumstance
    Only smoking secondhand
    Cut us open, spread us out
    Dry us in the sand
    Lay the fibers side-by-side
    And you'll begin to understand
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    ...coming for me
    I don't bother anyone
    Never make demands
    Choking on the circumstance
    Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
    Seems like all I'm worth is what
    I'm able to withstand
    Sooner I can realize
    That pain is just a middle man.
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    I see no volunteers
    to co-sign on my fears
    I'll sign on the line
    I'm gonna change my circumstance
    I know I need to move right now
    I know it's over
    I was born a choker
    Nobody's coming for me.
    (only smoking secondhand)
    Like a little splinter
    buried in your skin
    Someone else can carve it out
    But when you've got the pin
    It hurts a little less
    and you can even push it further in
    When your body's screaming out
    Trust your mind's listening.
    Like a silhouette that you can barely see
    As the shadow casts upon the ground
    where you'll eventually
    lay forever, but the day goes on
    the sun moves behind you
    You get taller, bolder, stronger,
    and the rear-view only blinds you
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    1. kay s

      I don't know why but there is something so comforting about this song

    2. Natalie Hickey

      I love that they added Jim into this

    3. Kral 49

      "Ony smoking second hand ." What kind of sentence is this my friend?? Wow.

      1. Kral 49


    4. Kral 49

      Summary of my life:Nobody's coming for me.

    5. masakrator 159

      Wery god

    6. *Siiri Sirviö*

      I.... wow

    7. Dan Zamora

      Twenty One Pilots and NF should do a collab song.

    8. ZED grg

      Twenty one pilots team

    9. JJ Fry

      I click to a different tab for ONE SECOND and when I come back Josh is chasing Tyler with a flamethrower?????

    10. Doctor It

      Now the question is was the Dragon ever real before being an action figure

    11. Ta

      Quien sos

    12. Hotdog8921

      THE DOG

    13. Shai Guy

      How is this not on trending

    14. Saitama o mais forte da ficção

      brasileiro aqui, eu sou fã das músicas dessa banda. Só música boa!

    15. Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez

      Me encantan sus cansiones son las mejores

    16. Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez

      No joss

    17. rei fernandez

      the way tyler ran away omg HAHAHAHAHHAA

    18. Ricky Powers

      Anybody else notice the dema mug?

    19. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

      i think that toy dragon is the same dragon in "Shy Away"

    20. Paulina21 Cacahuate

      Choker le gana

    21. alejandro seferino aza

      9 dias para escuchar sai

    22. sara

      can't imagine my life without them

    23. Erin Bartlett

      OMGGG!!!! :D

      1. Erin Bartlett

        I'm so happy

    24. Jacob Anguiano

      Who else has lessened to this a million times

    25. Mikey

      “You are loved.”

    26. BAYERN


    27. Rekiyi Sevin

      Eskü günleri özlüycem🗿

    28. R Young

      When does the trendy skinny jean beanie genre end? Just a question. Everything sound like a commercial.

    29. Max Lopez

      T.O.P WOO!!

    30. hapdesad

      me salio un anuncio de twenty one pilots viendo twenty one pilots lol

      1. JUAN SIERRA

        Jsjajajjaaj x2

    31. Ángeles Reyes

      Guys! I noticed that the cup on the "desk" says: "Good Day Dema", and just before Tyler tried to stole the dragon figure, he looks at it... amm idk but maybe it has a meaning

    32. False_ Evolution7

      I love this song so much i lisen to it every day like 30 or 40 times a day i love you twenty one pilots

    33. Oswaldo Barco Navarro

      I'm the only one who doesn't stop listening to this song xd

    34. Calob H

      Did the lyrics make anyone else feel like this is a sequel to Shy Away?

    35. Clashing

      at the end i checked their merch store to see if this song was only an advertisement for a twenty one pilots funko toy

    36. Seungmin mi varón

      una vez yo me iba a robar un little pet pero tuve un mal presentimiento. Gracias a Dios no seguí los pasos del Toiler

    37. EiZara

      Josh es re violento aca jaja

    38. E RM

      If you’re reading this you have a wonderful music taste 🤩

    39. Casa Servellon

    40. Brighton Mukonkota

      It's so nice to hear the vessel album type of song after all these years❤️.

    41. zeynep

      hey. josh isn't shirtless. took this as a huge personal disrespect.

    42. Steven Rodgers


    43. M Stokes

      Y'all are getting me through a particularly hard breakup. Thank you and Hello from England!


      muy buena cancion soy su fan 1 desde los 4 años

    45. Israel Martinez

      Who's here after Shy Away?

    46. Evan Choi

      I thought Josh was holding a shotgun and trying to kill Tyler

    47. Kathrine Parsons

      I love this song but I feel bad for for the doggy but my fav band is twenty one pilots and i could not live without this band!!!!

    48. godzilla nerd

      the Easter eggs are easy to find in this music video

    49. Chrysoula JiffyPop


    50. VARUN

      Always 💥👑💜

    51. Jorge Jesus Villegas Aponte

      I love this song

    52. Jocelyn Velásquez

      Ya ando practicando para el 21 de mayo

      1. abbsnn cose

        twenty one pilots é minha banda favorita de todos os tempos

    53. david bustillo

      Can someone do lyrics pictures, "You get taller, bolder, stronger, and the rear-view only blinds you" with the album cover on photoshop? I suck lol

    54. JAVIer NAVA

      Veo un chingo de morrita obsesionada con esta banda que apenas lo conocieron en el 2020 yo los conosi por el 2017 ches morras andan puro publicando mmdas de esta madre

      1. Fatima Lima

        jsjsjs si

    55. Esteban David Guerra H

      Me encanta 😍 la canción 😃

    56. David Soesbee

      I know my daughter will be wanting one of those little Tyler dolls.


      If everyone Josh freezes is put in that show case does the mean he froze, Trash the Dragon???

    58. Xx Ale xX

      ¿Cómo interpretan la letra?

    59. tplord

      мои дети будут слушать 21 пилота

    60. 大戸愛

      There’s so many Easter eggs

    61. Gnutela Peet

      I can't get enough. How the song starts, Fire!! Mwaki!!🔥 .. 100th replay loading, Just get's me into the Vibe

    62. Daan van Dam

      Okay but I actually want this little dragon. Has anyone an idea how to get one?

      1. Fatima Lima

        they are selling a box with many things, and there´s a little dragon toy

    63. Irisatyro

      I listen to this 5-6 times everyday since it was released. Now my favorite.

    64. Leinard Just Leinard

      I want that blue dragon

    65. wee

      ok, but why this song only have 7.6M views?!

    66. Carioca oficial

      twenty one pilots é minha banda favorita de todos os tempos

    67. Lukes tunes

      mmmmmmmmmmm no pretty much hds but bad but the begging sounded like jack stauber so guess thats a win

    68. whatever moon

      I know it's over, I was born a tOasTeR

    69. Marix

      No I haven't watched this 30,000+ times already No I'm not addicted to this song and every other song they've ever made No I'm not counting down the days until the new album comes out No, totally noooooot.... 👀

      1. gui .f


    70. Anshia

      Know what, it's closest to Regional At Best, and if they make an album similar to my favourite RAB I'd be glad

    71. Hareeish Sivakumar

      Man it I’ve been listening to their songs in 2015

    72. harsh aggarwal

      I love Twenty One Pilots but the fans are literally a disgrace to music

      1. harsh aggarwal

        @Mandar Garud well k-pop stans are a bunch of 14 year old girls and I don't think TOP's stans are far behind

      2. harsh aggarwal

        @gui .f well yesterday i saw people getting abused because they didn't like stressed out

      3. gui .f


      4. Mandar Garud

        At least they aren't as bad as k-pop stans , but yeah it sucks how they get so much hate because of the toxic ones .



    74. Tumo Sobe

      self sabotage is a sweet romance... pain is just a middle man.

    75. Tumo Sobe

      mister teary eyed... :D

    76. Rat_tional

      why is it so bad now i miss the old times-

      1. Fatima Lima

        shut up

      2. gui .f

        Shut up

    77. Miguel Pinero

      This song hits too close to home for me now.

    78. SomeAsianBoi

      1:08 that's a nice Dema mug


      Daily Routine Now

    80. Vykyng Blå

      Big Fun in the Short North of Columbus! Love that place!

    81. Cristóbal García

      It brings me back to the old songs. Very good job, I love the art, the song and the lyrics. Can't wait for the rest of the album |-/

    82. Victor Santivañez

      Again, Tyler stole the show........ and the toy dragon.

    83. Rineshow

      Yeah I wonder where the dog went

    84. TwøMake CliqueØne

      For the first time in months I have hope and can see the love around me I’ve been missing out on while fear has consumed me. Ty, you are incredible and once again have your light led me back to life. I have time to enjoy my son and smile, you’re a Godsend, I was resigned to the chaos and so worried I forgot this was always a temporary vessel. We love you boys, I have some happiness to share. Thank you for reminding me we’re all in this together and we do have a a huge family with you leading in light. Smile, frens, we still have a sanctuary and village. Pop‘s back to keep us by his side and smiling for one more day. Magic. I need to act out; forgive me, I know I’m not going to be seen or make sense but I gotta get it out. Omgooosh, you ARE loved and that’s not going to change!! You’d better be proud of your differences and realize we’re all all in this together. We wouldn’t be US if y’all hadn’t proven we needed one another, I’m not refusing to leave, I’m saying I know I couldn’t and that’s ok. Being a part of something more has never NOT been worth admitting I’m one of the broken ones. t’s ok not to be “ok”. Idk. Lol I guess I’m saying it doesn’t have to be scary. We got you covered day and night. ꧁⚢꧂ ❤︎♊︎♒︎⚢♒︎❤︎ (I’m dying rn, you legends)

    85. Zoe Nahir Sorgente

      omg they're doing it againnnnnnnnnnnn its all about the colours omfg

    86. Maricielo Lorena

      Todas las músicas de twenty one pilots son ARTE.

      1. ZED grg

        Ablas español pense que era el unico

    87. YourLocalBlurryface

      Notice how towards the end of this song- its slow motion, he looks at the dragon. And in chlorine he is also running the same way...

      1. gui .f


      2. YourLocalBlurryface

        Now Ned is missing...

    88. iAlmightyDark

      Tøp will always be my favorite.

    89. JotaEse Channel

      Yes i like it

    90. Lewis Soderberg

      I acually love their new symbol so much

    91. Jess P

      Im calling it; in a year, this will be the least viewed music video of theirs.

      1. Josh Baker Videos


    92. Sam Lara


    93. gianfranco

      2016: Tyler el bicicletero 🚲🔴⚫ 2017: Tyler el capturado 🟡🦅 2020: Tyler bailarín en cuarentena 🕺🏻🏠 2021: Tyler el ladrón🏃🏻‍♂️🐉🔵🟠 . . 😂😂😂

    94. dogma_

      Imagine walking into a jumbled store and Josh Dun is there fucking- beaming Tyler out of existence.

    95. Sergio Esteban Vanegas Patiño

      Gracias por todo Tyler y Josh



    97. Eyes

      Tyler: no ones coming for me Josh: we will see about that

    98. rotten noggin

      The mug says dema

    99. Myriam Prospero

      No me canso de esto 💕

    100. Ryan Oldham

      2:30 Dema cup