Architects - "Dead Butterflies"

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    "Dead Butterflies" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available February 26th
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    Directed by Tom Welsh & Taylor Fawcett
    Sam Carter - Vocals
    Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
    Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
    Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
    Adam Christianson - Guitars

    Written and performed by Architects
    Lyrics by Dan Searle
    Produced by Dan Searle
    Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
    Additional Production by Pete Miles
    Mixed by Zakk Cervini
    Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
    Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
    I wanna bother God
    I wanna feel the ground beneath my feet
    But I’ve got a smile full of broken teeth

    All the doves have flown away
    I must’ve lost myself, lost myself, lost myself

    I know it’s not enough
    Why does defeat always taste so bittersweet
    I just wanna live and die in peace

    The flower that never blossoms is quickly forgotten
    It must be gold if it’s glistening
    I must’ve lost myself, lost myself, lost myself

    All the doves have flown away
    I must’ve lost myself, lost myself, lost myself

    Fly high
    ‘Cause the ravens are here to stay
    I must’ve lost myself, lost myself, lost myself in a cloud of
    Dead butterflies
    Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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    1. Mehbobo Torp

      I can’t thank you guys enough. Sincerely. From one human to another. Thank you!

    2. Ethan Bates

      Poor Butterflies ❤️

    3. Marin F

      Hey the album is out now. And this is still the best song 🦋 The song that definitely touches the soul

    4. RICHARD


    5. Sam Vars

      Someone should take sals "a butterfly crime scene" and edit it in lol

    6. turn713

      I want to make a saxophone version of this

    7. Luis Murillo

      New album tomorrow!

    8. Matt Musicaddict

      This song is incredible! I have no other words it's that good!

    9. Akash Tim cena

      Sexy song

    10. gorditamafia

      Goosebumps! If Architects and Spirtbox could tour together, that would be devine.

    11. Dorian Flavid

      Wow. This song is amazing. Different than expected, but Architects change things up quit often so... This has epic all over it

    12. Shelley Price

      By far the most impactful song on my life in maybe a decade

    13. Robin Antonisse

      love the intro

    14. Tony Moore

      Love from Northern Ireland 🇬🇬

    15. Daniel Schwemberger

      Such profound and truthfully lyrics packed into symphonies like this are just incredible. Thank you so much for this wonderful support in the own spiritual journey, to recognize who and what we really are. The world needed it so much. Have tears in my eyes during hearing and writing this words. Thank you thank you thank you! Send love and hope to all of you. Big greetings from Austria.

    16. cronomme vladukro

      Saudações do Brasil!!!

    17. The Metalkid


    18. athifah zain


    19. Simona Buonavolontà

      you guys seriously can't make one bad song.. I bow to you

    20. Will

      Sal Vulcano must be proud.

    21. Dallas Doobman


    22. Novatrix

      I usually don't like when bands change up their music too much because it just doesn't sound as good, but Architects is the exception where it always gets better and better.

      1. Deric Deandre

        @Razor Edge and thats kool man

      2. Razor Edge

        @Deric Deandre I don't think they sound like BMTH, I think they now just sound like a more toned down and mellow version of themselves, and I'm personally not a fan of it.

      3. Deric Deandre

        @Lyrical Jones give me proof name a bmth song that sounds like animals give me a bmth song that sounds like dead butterflies only then will i agree and apologise for supporting and defending my favourite band

      4. Lyrical Jones

        @Deric Deandre not wrong at all. You're just in denial. Architects use to have their own unique and technical sound.. Now, unfortunately. They sound like a generic clone of a band who's already done it. So sad.

      5. Deric Deandre

        @Lyrical Jones lmao not being specific coz you know you're wrong

    23. morgana prado

      perdeu a escencia.. nao gostei aquela pegada metal core com melodico era muito boa agr viro simple plan

    24. Matt Musicaddict

      This is a great song!

    25. What's My Motivation

      Got a hint of Demon Hunter to it.




      OMG, this album is legendary. Every song is a great song. Keep going man. I love your songs.

    28. Amy Curtis

      This was fucking beautiful 😍

    29. me just me. me just me.

      These new songs have helped me through my grieving process since the passing of my son.

    30. Жопа С ручкой

      Это лучшее, чтоя слышал в своей жизни. Спасибо.

      1. Игорь Степаньков

        @Smarttvpleer Smarttvpleer Hohy hell на голову выше.

      2. Smarttvpleer Smarttvpleer

        наверно вы не слушали его предыдущие альбомы - а эта песня халтура какая-то.

    31. TwistedGamingTV

      Ready for the drop in a few days! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    32. Lorenzo Sauro

      I'm Just here for making the 3340 comments of this video, but howevere this Is gonna be the Reason why people Who Say that Rock/Metal music Is dead are stupid (don't hate me)

    33. SymphonyRecords.


    34. riplys

      for fuck sake is this St. albert hall in London ???

    35. Ryosakes

      What a fine day to be alive!

    36. laufsteakmodel

      sounds incredible ... soo looking forward to the new album....if its even half as good as holy hell itll be fantastic.

    37. Raketen

      i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee architects thanks for all

    38. German Hitman


    39. Diego Mendez

      You're fucking awesome! ❤️

    40. cheryl tomasauckas

      Just discovered them today!! Absolutely LOOOVVVEEE you guys!!! 🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤

    41. Dóra Szecsei

    42. Sébastien Roy

      Oufff...omg so Nice... the song of my night shift👌❤

    43. Zelenoe Dno

      OMG.. It's beatiful

    44. riplys

      symphony hardcore !

    45. Bayu Septian

      I feel like i'm working for NASA when listen to this song

    46. Louis Cox

      Anyone else getting breaking benjamin vibes? 😍

    47. GianlucaRe88

      More I hear it, More I need it!

    48. Giovanni Hall-Hernandez

      Thousand Foot Krutch: Continue our LEGACY!!! ARCHITECTS: We live in a society that, METAL AND NÜMETAL needs to be reborn again. Isn't that right... Batman!?!?

    49. 191 Media

      This is such a beautiful song. I remember watching the livestream with some friends and just being in awe when they played this song. It's amazing to listen to a song like Gravedigger and then go to something like this. Absolute legends.

    50. Martin Pool

      How have I never heard of them before? I am disappointed in myself

      1. Isaac Miller

        Lmfao, check out their last 3 albums before this one. It'll give you a good idea of their sound.

    51. Frostylox

      Butterfly crime scene

    52. AR 747

      These guys have just wanted to be bmth their entire careers. A less successful clone.

      1. james reid-lourie

        Not likely, very different

    53. Miss Azul Music II

      Loved the track... Good job Architects 🔥

    54. Leon Estello

      Just watched the interview with Josh @loudwire and was drawn here... he speaks of influences and I'm totally feelin old Amorphis and Swallow the Sun here 🤘 Thanks for the new jams... Maybe one day I can see you play this live while we tour together 😉

    55. michell wyatt

      This song legit gets better every time i hear it.

      1. Isaac Miller

        Yeah it really does, I didn't like it first time I heard it, but hearing it with the album is dope. I want to hear this love so bad. Lighters in the air for this one for sure.

    56. Toby Thorburn

      This is my favourite architects song ever.

    57. Kendall Michelson

      Thank you for helping mě push on as in a world that seems so fucking empty

    58. raininjuly

      Impractical Jokers did it first 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. raininjuly

    59. Theodore Guirado

      Putain mais c'est encore plus une dinguerie

    60. Сергій Сергій

      Veeeery goood

    61. Karita 🌹

      💔🦋 Fly high‼️

    62. Matheus Menezes

      Início: Karnivool - Set Fire To The Hive Musica: Fraca Expectativa: Bring Me The Horizon 0/5.

    63. Benjamin Belot

      I love Architects, it is a pity they weren't the greats Architects of our Universe !

    64. Mason James

      guys this song is nothing but emotion amazing work

    65. SoLo

      I get strong Goku Ultra Instinct vibes from this! Love it! Perfect workout tune.

    66. AWAVE

    67. Stan M.

      Meh. Is the new album going to be just “power ballads”?

    68. Jonathan Lauber

      This band did a Fantastic job covering Bring me the Horizon..

      1. _ Avorach _

        @Jonathan Lauber I know :)

      2. Jonathan Lauber

        @_ Avorach _ it was a joke

      3. _ Avorach _

        @Jonathan Lauber yes but actually no :'(

      4. Jonathan Lauber

        @_ Avorach _ yes lol

      5. _ Avorach _


    69. supremeshiba strike

      I swear this only gets better with each listen

    70. Julian Merto

      Awesome guys🤘💥

    71. Max Scheuer

      step father flies?

    72. NGA Chairman

      Who is still listening to this in 2028?? Me...... that’s who!

    73. Mijael Deymar Romero

      Temasoooo carajooooo🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    74. Sandesh Karki metal band from Nepal💥

    75. Mackenzie Daley

      Dead butterflies is a whole Ass mood

    76. oliv anan

      Live version

      1. mohamed Khaled

        thank u

    77. Christopher Powis

      Wow I wasn’t expecting that. this is a good sound for you guys. I’m digging the song writing on this new album. Nicely done fellas.

    78. Dari Torres

      Beutiful song rock

    79. Stelios l

      " Bring Me The Architects " ..Thats sad

      1. Grant Doole

        I see what you did there bro. I like that. 😁

    80. Vitaly Grin

      This experiment is much better. Thank you, guys, love you so much.

    81. Ismael Cruz gomez

      Es bring me the horizon premium

    82. Hey John

      Жаль вы ушли

    83. Mezzy Mez

      Tom would be ashamed that this is what Architects became after he passed away.

    84. Mike Blust

      I can’t stop replaying it! The song is just amazing. It makes me feel...clear....neutral. Dunno how else to attempt to describe it. Awesome doesn’t cut it.

      1. oliv anan

        Live version

    85. Captain Phleggs

      this may sound wild me out.........thismusicisgreat :o OMG SUCH A WILD OPINION hjskgfhsfkjhvsdfhvsdnjfUNHEARD OFhbfsvfkjshdvf

    86. Chris Giddings

      Incredible as always ❤

    87. Rob

      Is that Royal Albert?

    88. Sari Jorgensen


    89. Richard Miles

      Awesome song,the new album is amazing

    90. Susanna Larini


    91. KaiNGRC

      My first architect song was animals but after that I found gold guys u make a beautiful music to my ears my love and respect a new fan and for ever one from Greece

    92. Amanda Cameron

      Sorry but we need an Architects/While She Sleeps/Bring Me The Horizon UK tour.

    93. Joeynac

      Dead Buttadawg

    94. Alejandra Rosas


    95. 13 GARAGE

      from. INDONESIA

    96. stephen green

      utterly beautiful, after all these years i'm ready for evolution with one of mt fave bands x x x x

    97. * Koppe22

      Song after song .. hit after hit after hit.. A band unlike any other .. much love from San Diego ..

    98. Subtle Bogan

      I'm really loving the new sound! Hope we get to see you guys in Australia again soon!

    99. Douglas Drummer

      Que música e letra perfeita...sou muito fã

    100. ZeroLucksGiven ZeroLucksTaken

      definitely one of my 2021 songs