What you didn't know about Apple.


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    You've all seen the iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro...but there's a lot you probably didn't know about Apple...Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/boss, Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Long video, but hope you liked this one! Which company do you want to see next?

      1. HelloItsJay

        One plux

      2. Liya

        N Nlm

      3. Pavan Kumar


      4. Cem


      5. Cem


    2. Michael Mell

      Hearing apple sounds weird noe for the many of times he said it

    3. SevenDeMagnus


    4. Logan Evans

      I would love to have a convo with Jeff 🤣🤣

    5. gaming center


    6. True Gamer739

      @8:30 Steve Jobs looks like L from Death Note 👀

    7. A P

      Your videos and MKBHD are the only ones I watch until the end

    8. A P

      Amazing how many ideas were just simply “ahead of its time” and did not have the slightest chance of surviving in the market Ie. Sega Dreamcast

    9. LeviziiN

      7:51 $2500 actually

    10. John McVey

      waiting for my $100 dollar global apple stimulus check in 2021

    11. Blue Dawn

      How exactly would smoke and nicotine get into the phone?

    12. Hb1290 Logos

      But seriously, imagine Jeff Goldblum as Siri!

    13. nurse.

      me grabbing my apple two and my iphone xr: *look at you, all grown up.*

    14. Marc W.

      A couple things: The minimap shown in the Maps app icon is of the I-280 and Wolfe Road interchange in Cupertino, California, directly next to Apple HQ. You can even see some of the Apple Park "spaceship" building in the icon. I live 15 minutes away from here and you can see Apple Park while driving on Wolfe Road, albeit not clearly due to how many trees are blocking it. My mom was one of the nurses who took care of Steve Jobs while he was in the hospital and she said that they had to cover him with a blanket while he was being rolled around so as not to attract attention. She also said he was a complete asshole, wouldn't look up from his iPhone even when nurses were talking to him, and lashed out at nurses for no good reason. Can't deny that he was a genius, though! Steve Wozniak lives like 15 minutes away from me and only a couple minutes away from where I went to high school. I've seen him driving around the downtown area of the small town in his Tesla (with the license plate "Woz") and his dog sticking his head out the window. He signed my junior year physics teacher's (this guy -> ukup.info/loft/hLi7Z4CayWOxrZc/v-deo.html) 1984 Macintosh and was good friends with my senior year economics teacher, even gifting him a South Park pinball machine which he kept in his classroom and let students play whenever they wanted for free. He also came to visit the robotics class on occasion and gave tips on how to build. He's a great guy!

    15. Bryson Williams

      Where is the device that I saw on the thumbnail

    16. Jack Dakessian

      No no no the original iPhone was unveiled in 9:42 but the iPhone 4 was unveiled on 9:41 so they stuck with 9:41

    17. Ikal Balam

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    18. Danilo Zé

      Do you know that lot of people here in Brazil pronouce "Apple" wrong? it sounds like sayng "A - Poll". type "A - Poll" on google translator to undertand what i mean.

    19. Stero123 Land

      Fact 61 Apple completely turned into EA and is thinking about money and not quality

    20. lll iii

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    21. Spud J. Russell

      I had an iPhone 3GS and downloaded this great app called Siri. Then Apple bought Siri, and disabled it on all 3GS phones to force users to upgrade to the iPhone 4. 😡 Never bought another Apple product again.

    22. Bjørsherino

      Norway too! :P

    23. RB Fire

      i read this book about steve jobs and the name apple came from when steve jobs was working at an apple farm while think of a name for his new company all he was thinking about was computer inc but he felt that was to boring then it clicked he would call his company apple and the people gave until night to make a desion on apple or something else

    24. Devin Trusdell

      GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

    25. Castillo Blackburn

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    26. Brahmjeet Singh

      I am eating apple while watching this video 🤣😂😂

    27. Akshith Grade 9

      11:33 The person who gave the name Jeff Raskin added an "a" to avoid a trademark dispute with another Company called Mcintosh Laboratory.

    28. Γαγα Τσ

      Cisco is like a company but now they have invented apps

    29. Olivia Oakes

      When it’s 9:49pm

    30. David Poland

      Cisco has WebEx which is inferior to Zoom, and is not listening to the d/Deaf who want more accessible usage. Yet Apple does listen to d/Deaf and others to make software very accessible. Odd that Cisco is such a failure in WebEx!

    31. Shadow Op

      Nice VPN 🙂

    32. A person who exists.

      I started watching this at 9:42

    33. SouLerdo by thalys

      Brazil facts let's go

    34. Jay D

      Interesting. I'd always heard that Apple's rainbow logo was a nod to Alan Turing, a codebreaker who'd worked on the first computers and was convicted of "gross indecency" in England for being in relationship with another man, which was illegal at the time. The most common theory of his death is that he'd committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide. Probably just over speculation on theorizers' part, but it'd be a nice little homage if that did turn out to be the origin.

    35. The Darkside of the Planet

      Love how u said, the game system piping - our phones being 10,000 X more powerful, meanwhile ur showing samsung mobile phones! Ahahahaha.. well it's actually true, Samsungs will always be more powerful, more functional, more open, more customisable, than any iPhone Apple can release! .....Meanwhile I'm typing this from a samsung phone, which has a floating keyboard, which I've completely customised to have multi starwars background whilst I'm typing,, and the key tapping sounds that mimic lasers, and lightsabers from starwars... would LOVE an apple iphone have anything as remotely customisable as this.. but no! Bcoz it's a closed ios...ahahaha............ sorry folks, Apple died with Steve jobs unfortunately..

    36. Gaming Lionz

      Even my tutoring has the time always 9:41

    37. Theguyfromnorway


    38. bapakakubest

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    40. Jack 875

      It's called Ux

    41. Marcus

      Yet again another brilliant review Arun 👌

    42. Marcus

      Yet again another brilliant review Aaron 👌

    43. Bryden kristoff Zapata

      I'm watching you in my iPad

      1. Bryden kristoff Zapata


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    46. Kwabena Agyei

      Steve Jobs had OCD

    47. rapted Jones

      Hey can you talk about why apple started

    48. Lolohenry oi

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    49. grant paterson

      Apple using Newton is very symbolic.....Like Apple stole Touchscreen and Video Calling from Nokia (Nokia did them first) Newton STOLE the idea of Gravity from Middle Eastern scientists who had done it 300yrs before...but Britain wasn't prepared to accept a 'non white' scientific hero.

    50. Resell CA

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    51. Manu Singh


    52. Manu Singh


    53. night wing

      if steve jobs was stil alive and running the company.. mark my words someone will quote me so, "Apple wouldve got more sales than this and wouldve had less variants of same phone if the Legend himself Steve jobs was alive"

    54. Rita Sickman

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    56. The Curious Noob

      I miss the peel. Now it's just a sleeve.

    57. The Curious Noob

      NGL I hate apple but when I heard the aquarium thing and Jobs said it could be made smaller I was impressed

      1. The Curious Noob

        Walmart has 1 percent acceptance rate

    58. Loreen Suhr

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    60. Annoyed_leaf

      Fun fact the apple logo on your phone is a button, in settings go to accessibility and touch then click double tap

    61. Moon Animatronic

      Apple: calls it M68 Rule34 Artists: just one off!

    62. Elvis Chibundu

      9:16 Smart move... Number Zero is always 1 on computers Disk: 0 Cores: 0

    63. Dusty 101

      Watching this a year later you definitely smashed that 3 million mark 🙋‍♂️

    64. Patricio Pino

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    65. Jawn Hansen

      I worked for apple in one of their testing centers. Wasn’t a terrible experience but they were heavy on the totalitarian rules. Weren’t allowed to talk, weren’t allowed to sit at your desk for long periods. They were also overly secretive not even allowing employees to park at the building’s parking lot. You had to park across town and they sent a bus to come pick you up lol. But it was an interesting job.

    66. Kaleb

      I want Jeff Goldblum as the Siri voice. Please Apple, do your magic

    67. Joshua Varghese

      16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3 v 16 and 17

    68. flipping outdoors

      I'm bob

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    73. kevin pettigrew art

      You reminded me of a fun fact about zippo lighters. They have an employee dedicated to making sure every zippo has that distinct open and close sound. If you buy a zippo and it stops making that distinct sound, you can send it to zippo to fix it no charge

    74. Ra1n Clan

      The sign is not only in sweden

    75. RandomX

      Stephen G. Wozniak. Huh, that feels oddly familiar, maybe he doesn’t like rpgs

    76. Alan Jackson

      LOGO FLIP was during the OJ Simpson trial the dell logo on judge etos laptop had tons of free publicity till he taped over it.

    77. Windows Tech tips

      Excuse me the link is fake t is a UNSAFE NETWORK

    78. SV Gaming

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    79. marcusmcfly 11

      Apple is just evolving, just backwards

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    81. Yeet 51

      I really want to see a meme about Apple buying Next.

    82. yaaron van der weij

      0:17 damnit, i wanted to do that!

    83. Maryanne Megaly

      Arun: It dropped at $7,500 dollars, and at the time that was a lot of money Me: I thought $7,500 was still a lot of money...

    84. SlamWeasel

      Wow, when you had to explain, that apple did not start with building the iPhone... Damn, made me loose faith in humainty a bit, to know that people actually think, Apples first product was the iPhone

    85. Lego Anakin Skywalker

      Kinda want to eat an apple now.

    86. Luke Sky

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    87. Willow T

      I bet ron is regretting selling his portion for $800 lol.

    88. Sans Nom

      This video reminded me of why I used to love Apple. It's a travesty that Jobs left us so soon, Tim Cook has completely destroyed/ ruined apple, I have no clue how people keep buying their products

    89. NintendoHead

      5:47 thats also in Norway

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    94. Yohanseh LLoyd

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    95. saad ashraf

      but there was this one guy jan warliss or something he hacked iphone 5s fingerprint within 24 hours of it's launch? but you said that it can't be as it uses human body electricity?

    96. Varun Harry

      Damn My Mac book got damaged with a little water on it ...my think pad still runs like a pro . Ill never buy mac book if they didnt have final cut pro . Apple should work more on making their laptop water resistant , rather than trying to sell apple care When i went to apple to fix my latest mac book they told me thst its better to buy a new one . I got it fixed by an authorised service provider and all he did was clean the laptop in some solution and i barely paid anything Apple have bad attitude

    97. Jovan Skeledzija


    98. Ben Wiseley

      good video

    99. Tony's World

      Does that mean that you COULD use an iPhone to build a nuke!!

    100. scotty3kable

      Wow great voice. I can't help but listen.