Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - 2 Months Later!

Shane Symonds

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    So it’s been 2 months since I first got my hands on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Samsung’s most expensive yet most exciting smartphone. In this video, I want to talk to you about some new experiences I’ve had with Samsung’s foldable phone over the past 2 months, show you how it has held up from a durability standpoint, explain how it fits into my real life day to day use case, and lastly find out whether or not I can recommend the Z Fold 2 to those of you who may be interested in getting one. Thanks for watching!
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    0:00 Intro
    0:37 Price
    1:09 What Makes The Z Fold 2 So Exciting?
    2:03 Folding Experience After 2 Months
    2:50 Durability After 2 Months Daily Usage
    5:03 “No Compromises” + Accessories
    6:54 User Experience
    7:46 6.2” Outer Display
    8:46 More User Experience
    9:30 Portability
    10:09 Conclusion
    11:54 Closing Thoughts
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    1. Shane Symonds

      What are you thoughts on the Z Fold 2? Let me know. Check out the Z Fold 2 for yourself including trade-in values, colored hinge options, and more here ➡

      1. Robin Edwards

        Great vid for a new Fold 2 owner! What are those gaming triggers you have?

      2. Jommy Whjjwjw

        @R P had it for months and never dropped any calls

      3. R P

        IT DROPS CALLS!!!! DON'T GET IT!!!! I can't believe I switched from my PERFECT reception having old a&& phone on a bootleg/prepaid network and paid through the nose, only to get dropped calls without wifi calling enabled. Unbelievable... I'm still in my 14 days I'm taking it right back to AT&T and going right back to straight talk... So much for progress... I was so excited too :(

      4. Jommy Whjjwjw

        I like my z fold hate the finger sensor sometimes. Wish it had a heartbeat monitor like the s9+ did.

    2. sun rise

      These kind of mobile are usefull just for reading magazines... But aren't usefull for normal life

    3. Euadam

      WAY too many ads.

    4. Lil Durk

      This phone really has me wanting to switch from Apple back to Samsung. Last Samsung I had was a galaxy note 3. I might wait until the fold 3 or wait to see if Apple comes out with one, but wow this is such an impressive device. And the gaming controller attachment is one of the biggest selling points for me

    5. OldBones NewFlow

      I have the galaxy s20 ultra, I'm waiting for the z fold 3 to come out. Hopefully it'll have an s pen

    6. Fred Cuesta

      Great Review! I just ordered a black one. What is the name of that car mount for the Fold 2 that you have?

    7. Carlos Loff

      Worth 600 not 2000

    8. siko

      Such a good video

    9. Leigh Lindsay

      The modern cart biophysically stamp because bow finallly step between a succinct pantyhose. accurate, erect handle

    10. Vagner Y.

      Can you use esimcard on your unit? I have one US model and I can T manage or add mobile plans on that. Do you have any advice to help me ?

    11. mohd taif

      My best phone is samsung galaxy smart phone 👍👍👍

    12. Taran Agnew

      Whats the controller your using and have you experienced stick drift on the controller?

    13. Lion The Lion


    14. AshErika Michaela

      Personally, such a thing wouldn't be necessary. I already have my laptop and my new Note 20 Ultra, so the Fold 2 wouldn't be worth the price and likely durability issues it'd come with. I'm a klutz, so I'd probably drop it and without comprehensive protection, that would just end up being a waste of money. I don't mind watching the Fold's progress though, as I'm sure that Samsung will continue to refine and improve it. The tech is still in its infancy, but it's making great strides with this one.

    15. the PRESIDENT

      can u tell me what controller that is your useing

    16. johnny questt

      price drop 😻 👍🏼

    17. Don Schroeder

      Great job and like the positive vibes

    18. Green Erick

      No way Samsung Note20 owner once you have a Samsung Note no other phone will do

    19. FIVE STAR

      I like it

    20. Angel ASMR

      Apple no!!! 🤕🤕🤕

    21. achille eh2o

      In Germany Fold 2 costs 1299 € (01.04.2021) for this price it s a must.... i m taking mine this month,,,

    22. Lenna Agrella

      Do you recommend the screen protector on the inside screen? I have one on mine but every time I open it, it bubbles up where the crease of the phone opens for the bigger screen.

      1. Shane Symonds

        I personally removed the inner screen and am glad I did. But apparently it voids your warranty so I won't tell anyone they should. Up to you!

    23. Lenna Agrella

      what is that controller your using in the first 21seconds of the video? please dm me.

      1. Shane Symonds

        The brand of mine is beeboncool but there's a lot of brands slapped onto this same controller on Amazon

      2. Shane Symonds

        It's a cheap controller from Amazon

    24. TheOldSchool Diva

      About to purchase one through Verizon, thank you!!

      1. TheOldSchool Diva

        @Shane Symonds they require $500 down. They only finance up to $1500 per phone😑. Hope to have it in a few days 😀

      2. Shane Symonds

        Very exciting! Hopefully you're getting some sort of discount and/or trade in incentive.

    25. rahul wadhwa

      I m so much interested in this phone from past 2 years.....but my pocket is not allowing me to buy this.....bring the price around $1200 or bring fold lite around the same price I will fucking buy it

      1. rahul wadhwa

        I don't buy 2nd hand stuff specially electronic items or gadgets...will always buy a new one

      2. Shane Symonds

        Ive seen it for $1200 on Second hand sites like swappa. If you're ok with someone having used the phone for a month or 2 then this a great option

    26. Gus Gonzalez

      I still love my Note 20 ultra

    27. Dennis Jaros

      The price is the problem,,love the phone but these prices are crazy 🤪 a grand is all I'm going to spend and I think that's still too much

      1. Shane Symonds

        This phone will be a grand or less in due time thanks to sweet sweet depreciation. I've already seen it at $1200 on second hand sites like swappa.

    28. Tara Deiley

      It’s cool but I rather buy a iPadpro for half the price

    29. aditya singh

      Imagine buying this just to watch the Snyder cut.

    30. it is a mystery

      Dreaming about the inevitable phone that double folds. Going from as small as the flip phone in this video, to as big as the zfold2 whilst also being water and scratch proof

    31. Yangon Yangon🙄👉phone?

    32. KEV DUFFY

      Hey man great video where did you get the game controller?

    33. Night Fighter

      Looks perfect for playing apk gameboy games. This sh*t has everything

    34. The Gamer boi

      Broke guy here came just to look


      Please buy it for me

    36. Ty Marcellais

      Is there a way to fix the snapchat? Noticed that if I put a full sentence or more across the screen it doesn't put the full sentence on the screen after sending the snap or putting it on my story, also tried looking for a setting but can't find anything.

    37. Kelly Qin

      When you realize I’m fat

    38. Al Luna

      I just got this phone and let me tell you it is the best phone I have ever had.

    39. Shawn Bright

      Pleassse respond, but is it MHL compatible?

    40. Beware of False Prophets in these camps Mat 24 24

      this video was basically an advertisement for this phone...not realistic

    41. Eun Top Lee

      Do you still need computer or this one work like computer as well

    42. khollyo mansour

      i love this channel , the review is perfect , i wish you do a review on LG Wing

    43. Ad Astra

      the Z Fold is we will have a tiny 1 x 1 inch square that when you press with your thumb springs into a full phablet ... at some point folks need to stop upgrading to stupid innovative downgrades, and just enjoy what they have

    44. Stefan Bozovic

      I wonder why didn't they make it was wide as normal phones.

    45. Charlie Rico

      Old school runescape downloaded good man!

    46. Hawt Dongles

      Got mine, amazing phone except for the fact I am a idiot and put the SIM card tray the wrong way and now I have to send it back to samsung

      1. Shane Symonds

        Really? What happened?

    47. Lucas Marcum

      I had one and sent it back for a refund. While cool it was really hard to get used to and at the time I couldn't find a case anywhere

      1. Shane Symonds

        Spigen makes a case called something like the Spigen Armor Pro and it's made the Fold a lot better. You can hold it with 1 hand a lot easier, acts like a stand on the table, you can clip it to the mobile controller Samung sells, and protects it well. That was after this video was made but my major gripes of the phone are gone now

    48. Travis Bickle

      Sweet video. That is pretty much the most ideal device. I have the Z Flip and love it.

    49. machineunit

      We've come full circle. Flip phones are back in.

    50. jamie cumbee

      You probably got to keep that thing on a charger 24/7

      1. Shane Symonds

        The battery life has been surprisingly good for me. I can get through a full day regardless of how much I use it (I think I mentioned this in the video)

    51. Amir O. Schuitemaker

      Which joystick is this 🕹

    52. Sublime TV

      I'll wait 5-10 years when it's thinner and wider, especially that outer display, and with a in-screen fingerprint scanner, not to mention a lower price.

    53. Harman Kaur

      I have 10 of those

    54. DoNot Need

      Very nice video but I just can't see me buying it.

    55. YASSINE


    56. Vinny Avalanche

      Love mine.

    57. Fifi Quang

      Overpriced sorry PASS Pay more for LESS mentality

    58. Mike Mo

      A folding android tablet is still an android tablet. A folding android tablet is still an android tablet. A folding android tablet is still an android tablet. A folding android tablet is still an android tablet. A folding android tablet is still an android tablet. A folding android tablet is still an android tablet.

    59. cubebox4tube

      Thanks for the unbiased review

    60. william smith

      Great features but 2K for a cell phone? Really!?

    61. هيتاوي زحام


    62. هيتاوي زحام


    63. هيتاوي زحام


    64. Got_ Em_Good

      I should get this for Christmas...

    65. suddenwall

      With his light accent and the red star at 7:33 I wonder if Shane is from Pennsylvania

    66. Conner Anderson

      The Z fold 3 needs a more durable screen with no ridge and s pen support with a larger exterior display and NO HOLE PUNCHES .

    67. Conner Anderson

      I think they're just to fragile 😔 I've had my s9 plus for nearly three years and it always has a otterbox case and a screen protector with zero damage to the device regardless of extreme drops and more although I've never submerged it in water just rain and light splashes. But until I can get all of that with a foldable I'm not sure I would upgrade.

    68. Andrew F

      Ya know, now that I'm thinking about it. I hardly ever use my phone while it's still on the table.

    69. neovalkyr

      i cannot recommend the Araree folio case enough for this phone. ive never used a folio case before and thought it might be a pain in the butt to open all the time. but it really is hands down the best case for this phone. protects the front and its relatively thin. its hand made and quality is amazing. had the phone since release and no damage at all.

    70. Ryan Patterson

      Getting mine thus week can't wait.

    71. charles clint

      The most expensive phone is no better than a tablet with a sim card.

    72. mohamed 1

      I don't like the idea of the z fold i would buy tab s7 and s21 plus it's cheaper than the z fold

    73. Adolfo Ebio

      Thank you!🤙👍😁

    74. Jasmine Bui-Crabbe

      Can you recommend the car mount for this gigantic phone, the one you have in the video? Thank you.

    75. Anthony

      enough about the phone...lets see that runscape account lol jk

    76. Col A North East

      Didn't think we would actually still be able to see the fold on the 2 😏

    77. Norman Ortega

      Nice video! What's your osrs name

    78. David Uwanawich

      Great review, Lancaster represent!

    79. Saad Qureshi

      Just ordered one on eBay for $1600. Finally upgrading from my nubia red magic 3s.

    80. Pablo Artaza

      Great review man, like many have said, you get to the point thoroughly and quickly and don't drag on like most do. I definitely subbed. Question for you. Is this the type of phone that a youtube video doesn't do it justice? You got to see it in person to really experience it? Good job man.

    81. Alexander Evans

      Yep, should have called it the Galaxy Crease .🤔 That crease will always be the reason I will never buy one, at any low price .

    82. Jazzy Refadebby

      How's your battery health when you often playing games with it?

    83. David Fence

      You speak on the trade-in offers. I have a Note 8 and am looking to upgrade. They offer at least $200 for the trade-in on the Note 20 Ultra. Only $75 on the Z Fold2. Inconsistent trade-in values.

    84. AJ Hill

      What is the stand/holder you're using in your car?

    85. Blunt Wilson

      Too hard

    86. Mikey

      I love my Zfold2 ..

    87. Steven Smith

      Great work!

    88. Katie H

      What is the material of the looks like folded plastic crinkles

    89. Nico Bambao

      What is the controller that you use here? the link takes me to something completely different

    90. arpit prakash

      Spending $2000 for playing mobile games? Nah thanks I’ll buy a gaming pc and save money for buying Note 10 lite.

    91. Drew

      To expensive

    92. James Armijo

      3:43 What about a screen protector!?! My Note 10+ came with one, when I first got in September of 2019. And a week ago, I put a second one on. Not one of those expensive glass screen protector, a simple plastic one. You peel, line it up and put it on. 4:19 Well, my bad. Usually comment before I finish the video. 🤫🙄🙈🙉🙊 I think I'll listen to some music now.

    93. James Armijo

      Been playing with it at 2 BestBuy. Does it have stereo? I'm trying to justify to myself why I need one.

    94. privataye

      How do you carry the phone around? Do you just put it in your pocket or in your man purse?

    95. Moin Jean

      Woooooow 😲

    96. Sooner Models

      Check out the fold crease down the thanks!

    97. Douglas Oliveira


    98. Douglas Oliveira


    99. Eye Bee Loving All Of Me

      Does It Have Memory Card Slot???

    100. Yoofi Arthur

      I'm getting one soon