Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts


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    Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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    Опубліковано 21 день тому


    1. Nafis Ruslin

      Mhmmm crunchy

    2. Jody Ferguson

      Where was this filmed??

    3. Divk Harry

      Whites swear they know everything . Oh that means the ocean is clean ..yall dont ev6 know how to cook bacon

    4. stunt509

      Sea fleas lmao dude is the maker of minecraft character names

    5. Max Windsperger

      Cool didn't know that these where a thing

    6. Josiah Meisenbach

      They are not fleas dummy

    7. ドナドナされた馬

      …(。× ×。)

    8. SideTrekCycling

      I thought they were sand crabs

    9. hapi champagne

      I’m like what are sand fleas, how does he know they’re there? they don’t sound appealing and probably why I get itchy at the beach-just another reason why I don’t like fresh water....then I see all these things and I’m like, iight ima head out

    10. Dennis Howard

      Another looser attacking wildlife for7 a 3rd rate tou tube short.

    11. Facts

      I've always just called these sand Krabs never knew they were referred to as fleas, I think they're kinda cute.

    12. Kitsune

      Do you eat?

    13. Tina I.

      Mole crabs. Not fleas.

    14. Ash

      All East Coast Marines will tell you that these cute things are NOT sand fleas.

    15. Saul P.

      They also taste good when fried, no need to add salt, just a bit of lime or lemon

    16. Vienky Ngo

      They're just called sand FLEAS because they look like fleas. However, they have nothing in common with fleas at all. They are completely harmless and are in the same family as shrimps and crabs. They're also edible just like any other crustaceans but I wouldn't recommend eating them.

    17. Beregond

      Used to catch *a bunch* of those things at Emerald Isle.

    18. Leo

      What the F are sand fleas?

    19. Andrew ADAMS

      Is he eating those or just harassing wildlife?

    20. Benjamin Wilkin

      I always called them sand crabs

    21. Paul Shaw

      Those aren’t fleas, they’re hermit crabs! Omg.

    22. IncessantFantasy

      These aren’t sandflies idiots- they’re completely harmless creatures

      1. hen ko

        these are delicious

    23. TickingTimeBomb

      Vegans: 😒😡😤

    24. Kimberly Patton

      Why have a special tool to catch them and do this? I have been a beach child all my life and never seen you cook them and eat them,is that why?

    25. Benjamin Pelayo

      The ones I catch at the beach are huge there like the size of my nose

    26. Colton H

      Where are you at because ive dug huge holes and never seen those before

    27. Anya Alstreim


    28. Juvon Lindsay✓

      I could never

    29. Schleich Lover. 2021

      Did anyone else see the Lil crab ?

    30. Sand Jewels

      Why catch them?

    31. TAN BOBO _


    32. Jordyn Sechrist

      He just... Poured them into his hand like that.. cringe

    33. Marilee Lewis


    34. Pascal Hirsch


    35. Vin Six

      Anyone else call them sand crabs?

    36. shiny

      these are delicious

    37. Motley Stew

      Those look like tiny crabs to me. 🤔

    38. Alejandra DT

      ...never in my life am I going to the beach again.

    39. Pixel Glitch

      Always wondered what water fleas did. Can you eat them?

    40. Sharzad Angiki

      Do people eat sand fleas?

    41. BluePhoenix

      Those are delicious ngl

    42. City to Farm

      Aren't those mole crabs/sand crabs? I thought that actual sand fleas bite

    43. Mr. Chīzukēki

      They are so cute I caught so many and threw them back in

    44. Undercover

      Disgusting, But satisfying

    45. Schnitzel Sticks

      Like the swim shirt. Where can I get one?

    46. Re4perAG37

      I never seen a sand fleas on the beach

    47. tim white

      Well those are revolting little creatures

    48. Aki Amini

      They are some really hazardous thing for being the intermittint host for some deadly parasites beteer not to interact with em interesting nevertheless!😁

    49. Minari

      first thing that came to mind was french fries just got out of the deep fry.

    50. Wyatt Albert

      These are mole crabs (a.k.a. sand crabs)

    51. Carol Henry

      Those are actually called sand crabs I think a different name for them are authropods but they are definitely not fleas

    52. Saturated dive

      えっ!? ゴキブリ??

    53. Aybars P.

      When I was a child I was scared of sand fleas, little did I know that these creatures meant no harm to me.

    54. alvaro dias


    55. かなかな


    56. scourgonaught can eat them?

    57. Ronald Scott

      Did anyone else hear the fleas screaming?

    58. mamire sakichi


    59. 벨라지


    60. tech4ever1

      Those fuckers will bite the hell out of you if you sit on the beach overnight. I got ate up one time! Oh my God do those itch so bad! For days my legs itched. These were from the tiny ones you can't see though. I've never actually seen any that big

    61. Stankboy 69

      Yea I'm never going outside again

    62. たけたけ


    63. Cashmoney Rye

      Everything and everyone has a special reason to be here

    64. Cashmoney Rye

      This is exactly why I stay away from the ocean 🌊

    65. redneck maineac

      Why do you want fleas

    66. Adri Waww

      Wht is this?

    67. esmokebaby

      Anyone else seeing the rise of many sand flea videos for no reason or is it me? Who said hay iama eat a sand flea

    68. silentwhisper742

      I am ..never... going... to ... the... beachh... ever

    69. JBBrickman

      Ewwwwww wtf are sand fleas?!?!?!,

    70. startingover ERS


    71. Stephen Butler

      I remember swimming abroad in the 90s, my friend was saying nothing to be scared of. Next day we was in a local fish market! The teeth on some of them!!! No more swimming for me.

    72. 35hz bass

      So wait what do they eat ? Blood?

    73. Taco Tuesday

      Good thing I’m from Kansas 😖🥴

      1. Taco Tuesday

        Didn’t even know there was such things in the ocean ON THE SHORE!! 😧 &nd that was only ONE Scoop!!!! 😲😵

    74. Water Shed

      I hate those little bastards. They eat all my bait, eat my catch and then all we do is haul pot after pot with no fish in it. F those little frs.

    75. 999. チュリコ_Churico


    76. 山口登

      (貝採るやつだ!) (貝出てくるんやろなぁ) 「ヒッ」


      So cute

    78. Luan Filipe Morandi

      I'm stuck on this video

    79. sam #stancoci 2020


    80. iZen-_-EU

      He‘s the kind of guy

    81. Thomas Bell

      I wish I were as easily thrilled as this guy. Must be nice.

    82. WattMild

      Always called them sand crabs

    83. Red Phoenix

      I saw the fleas and I quickly said can you eat those

    84. Stevanny Ferliana


    85. Jaakko

      They lowkey cute

    86. แคลน ONE PIECE


    87. Иван Иваныч

      Интересно,это съедобно? На необитаемом острове можно выжить...

    88. Aden Kindy .K


    89. ixtasis

      What are you going to do with those? Weirdo

    90. Poshikibari


    91. Arda Sari


    92. Christina Whelehan

      I never in my life knew there was such a thing as sand fleas, never heard off them and first ever time seeing them

    93. Atlas

      Thoes aren't sand fleas. Thems crabs

    94. オッキのネ申


    95. we re

      My trust issues in beach sand 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    96. Raghav Sinha

      Thought those were just mini crabs

    97. Roberto Ramirez

      Tried them once,taste similar to shrimp

    98. Vincent Ridolfi

      I remember when I would put my hands in the sand as the waves would retreat, and I would pull out a few of these, then put them in a bucket for a while

    99. Rebecca Maxwell

      Look like small beach crabs to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

    100. lindsey Smith

      What??? Sand fleas? They’re called sand crabs?? Where do you live lol. I’m in jersey on Long Beach island. I’ve never heard someone say sand fleas. Just dig once it gets warmer and you’ll find nests and thousands of babies. And people FYI, they don’t just chill swimming around. They’re burrowed in sand