Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

Mark Rober

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    Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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    1. Mark Rober

      This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

      1. Aquarian Goddess

        Hempcrete is the way of the future regarding the concreting sector.

      2. O Aripong

        Ha it's elon musk

      3. Rosemary Holloway

        Its TikTok

      4. Implosion

        This was really inspiring thanks mark • ͜ʖ•

      5. Keith X


    2. Doctor Whomst! 64

      If only everyone in the world could watch this video. Climate change scares me so much. I dont like seeing it anywhere, trouble is... that's everyones future. We do stuff every day for our future, but by the time we get there, it's not gonna be there.

    3. Zooif

      That vegan teacher is typing...

    4. CrystalAnimations

      plot twist bill gates ate the real burger

    5. Mina Liza [BL]

      Ever wonder what the neighbors are thinking to see all of this and his other videos

    6. Snowy Penguin

      i will never stop eating real meat. just putting it out there. no one can recreate the taste, and the melt-in-your-mouth sensation of A5 Wagyu using plants.

    7. Bilobed Terror

      ThatVeganTeacher would be proud lmao

    8. K Nine

      well its better for the animals, but the real question is how would they drop the prices for the non meat meat

    9. SM3

      We nneed this guy one more time

    10. Luca Rebizzi

      I'm a straight carnivorous but this video definitely made me wanna try Beyond Meat and as I looked for it on the internet I found out I could get it at the supermarket near home. Get ready MA BELLY, let's make a juicy one.

    11. Jackie Kulak

      00:52 All the dislikes are from the vegans who saw this ☝️

    12. Bettina Piskopos

      That’s great and I love the idea of what he said in the video however.... the water part I can contradict here, water is a constant cycle from sea water evaporating and falling back down as rain in a constant cycle meaning that we will always have a constant amount of water, depending on any other contradicting variables such as heat or what not that would otherwise affect that percentage of fresh water available. As livestock consume more amounts of water and plant based foods that ALSO consume water overtime... that water will always replenish. Additionally, animals having to have to drink that water could also mean the difference between that water being used, or being evapourated or going back into runoff.

    13. freakplayz

      It does save the world cuz it does not kill cow Sorry kids

    14. Soumil Garg

      🇺🇸-Burger without chicken patty doesn't exist 🇮🇳-Bhaiya 2 Aloo patty dena

    15. 李白


    16. m bot6

      The typical lock mainly bow because front occasionally scare minus a plain sense. mute, nippy harp

    17. Varadrajan Gaiha 9thB


    18. SyKai

      nobody gonna talk about mark putting food on the ground and eating it?

    19. ale cachorro


    20. lou dorchen

      Was this in between one of his meetings with prolific Child abuser Jeffrey Epstein ? ( GOOGLE IT )

    21. KomplexiansPlays

      How does it save the world tho?

    22. SOOP TIME

      this is how we get thatveganteacher to shut up

    23. mekb the turtle

      plot twist: mark is brainwashing you to become vegan

    24. Pushpa Dixit

      *UKup* - "Bill Gates eating a burger" *My* *Brain* - "NOW THATS SOMTHIN INTERESTING"

    25. Julian Dueñas

      10:37 Find a guy that looks at you like Mark looks at Bill

    26. CnC Playz

      when you ate the hot dog i smelled hot dogs

      1. CnC Playz


    27. Ølîvîå Tîvîå

      "plants" *what*

    28. scarduskify

      Все говорят об экологичности вегетарианской продукции. Но ведь они все содержат хим добавки. А кто нибудь задумывался, сколько ископаемого топлива затрачивается на производство химикатов и добавок для вегетарианцев...

    29. TheDeathNickel

      This man walked into Bill Gates' home and talked to him about cow farts

    30. Carter N

      Mark??? Their are no vegetables on the ingredient list. You will get sick eating it raw

      1. Levxn

        the 'raw' meat he ate at the start was made out of vegetables

    31. Faze Noix

      little did he know eating plants still afects the earth

      1. Levxn

        yes but it affects the earth ALOT less than meat

    32. James Corwin

      Eating cholesterol doesn't increase your level of cholesterol the same way eating fat doesn't make you fat and eating bull horns doesn't make you stronger. Processed plant based oils oxidize much easier than animal fats, making them much less healthy. I don't think there's a natural way to do this. Instead they should work on finding food/preparation that is not meat that's BETTER than meat. Not a replacement for meat.

    33. Unloyal Hoe

      that's cool and all but the first burger looks raw ngl

    34. Stellar Boi

      Imagine he ate the wrong beef patty

    35. Mikhus

      this is awesome. Great Vid, dawg!

    36. Deathwish5000

      Get pranked, this burger isn’t real

    37. Sandie Brasier Kelly

      for the animals i have 9 ckickens

    38. Grimm Naka

      Okay we can admit that plant based meats can help the world. But in the end, would you really want to live a world where you can't eat the real thing.

      1. Mikhus

        yes def

    39. Jusxtin

      Imagine if we killed all cows. We would have so much meat- 😐

    40. Bigtodd412

      Can’t believe the same guy who made Xbox is also planning to save the world

    41. Glengineer TV

      They should start serving this burger worldwide.

      1. Mikhus

        plz dude i wanna try it

    42. Katy

      I dont trust Bill, lol. I cant even explain why

    43. Katy

      I Wish people would be a little bit more openminded on this. It has come a long way

    44. Ovidiu Husu

      Fun Fact: this video was posted one day after my birthday

    45. Random bxzxb

      Can they make kema

    46. Adrian Rossino

      Yeah, that only works in an economy like the US in which you go to the grocery store and you have *options*

    47. X-Hursty-X

      If we don’t kill the cows they produce methane that goes into the atmosphere

    48. invaderzimismyfav

      When mark looks to bill at 9:45

    49. Gary The Stormtrooper

      Why are you apologizing for liking meat?

    50. JP kancer tech

      looks at mark rober showing meatless burgers and infos about it: *contemplates life choices

    51. Doody Stainz

      Bill Gates is pure evil

      1. Lazar Mendel


    52. THE RAGERS!!!!

      Mark Rober is a Hero

    53. Ioannis Konstantinidis

      Soya beans... by the way, half of the Amazon rainforest has been demolished and replaced by soya farms. Great alternative. I will give you a really good alternative. Stop overpopulation!

    54. Rasputin Disclaimer101

      'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Do not try this by yourself. Viewer discretion is advised.

    55. Erdi Pro10

      Well do you know somthing that chetos are cow food

    56. Spencer Roane

      My favorite video of all time

    57. ItsMeFishyy

      This video proves that just a few changes in our everyday lives could save the world yet nobody will do anything about it

    58. lol sas

      you can eat real minced meat raw aswell lol

      1. Levxn

        yes but you'd get sick

    59. Magsalotl

      Are there plant chicken nuggets

      1. Levxn

        looking at it there should be

      2. Edwin George Plalickal CUTZ & EDITZ

        I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ suppose I think so... LOL 😝

    60. manoj jain

      You figured it wrong the farmers burn the amazon because in amazon slash and burn irrigation is mainly used in the amazon firstly they slash all the area they irrigated and burn the slashed residue to give the soil more nutrients

    61. Firecracker studios

      I tried a impossible it’s pretty good

    62. Kyper Gaming

      you made me slightly vegan

    63. Hao Tom

      Never noticed that Bill Gates was orange before

    64. Micheal Persicko

      I have to say though the impossible whopper is probably one of the worst ways to have an impossible meat product. to tweak their formula so it can withstand being in warming beds I had it and while i could tell it wasn't beef i also couldn't tell it was plant based(forget of course me knowing that goin in.) My dad and i had one and we both agreed for what it was it was ok. IDK i didn't think it was too spectacular but maybe i just need to one day buy a package of impossible meat and cook it proper but while its a step in the right direction its still extremely far off. The point is to make a product that is closer to meat but made from plants and they succeeded in every way except for two: Sodium and saturated fat content. Sodium and saturated fats are 2 big things to cause heart problems and obesity and Beyond meats/Impossible meats tend to have way more sodium and unsaturated fat than beef(depending on the fat content but really isn't that big of a difference.) This is a downside of it being an "ultra processed food" being another highly processed food item. Its a step in the right direction but it still is a long way off of replacing meat. I don't honestly think if people knew how much sodium and saturated fats in these meat substitute products people would be less reluctant to jump on this.

    65. Alex 1212

      So I noticed that there was cheese on almost all the stuff they tried so my question is was that vegan too?

    66. Brecht Vanneste

      If we all become a vegetarians, we will need to change our graslands to farmland. Graslands are a huge stock for Carbon. If we plow those graslands the contribution of the Greenhouse effect will be more then when we stay to our normal diet

    67. retr0 gaming

      Cooking with Bill gates Can make that a tv show

    68. Tanzimul Hasan

      Wait!..plants also a living species....so why we consider meat from plants vs meat from animals😒😒🙁🙁

      1. Levxn

        they're not just doing it since meat comes from living animals, watch the full video.

    69. •IzzyJinks •

      Me : *sitting at home* Mark : *Meets Bill Gates* Also me : OH MY GODDD

    70. muhammad Ali

      I'm really thinking of becoming a vegetarian

    71. Voidwolf LZ

      I love me a juicy burger

    72. Snowy White Owl

      Nobody: Ever to live: Mark: *SiZzLe*

      1. Alberto Navarro


    73. AlinaTowers

      He's not the richest man in the world.

      1. Levxn

        this was before jeff bezos became the richest man

    74. Jeandrei 9K

      Ill take your entire frickin stack

    75. alice cardy

      should do one on palm oil and palm oil farming

    76. Berry McCockinner

      Event 201. Bill gates is not good bud

    77. Random Gamerbro

      These are much less healthy for you than grass-fed meat, but arguably equal to the industrial meats. For the purpose of reducing climate emissions then naturally raised cows are actually less harmful than these but 99% of cows are industrial raised which is much worse than these so i guess this makes sense.Also you used the amazon as an example, but more of the amazon is burned for soy production than cattle lands js.... I mean ultimately that soy goes to either feed animals or processed goods like beyond meats so overall that point is kind of mute and just a little bit of research could have shown you that.

    78. cuyle william balagot

      Mark rober goes to beyond meat because he just want to eat very delicious foods

    79. Mysterio

      Meat lives matter

    80. Blue Charm

      im sorry but how did you cut that tomato? you like cored it out....???????????????????????????????? is this like some weird American thing?

    81. 1998 mulan szechuan sauce is the meaning of life

      I wish impossible burgers cost as half as much as regular burgers right now, I would switch right away (however i'm in Serbia and I can't even buy them, but that's a story for another time :D )

    82. n suarez

      Try feeding him poison. That might work.

      1. Levxn

        that would kill him.

    83. that gremlin

      im from the u.k and we watch your videos in science class

    84. Ace Studio2

      That vegan teacher would. Not approve lol of mark liking meat when he was a kid

    85. Shikhar Srivastava

      An even better substitute is 'cultured meat' or 'grown meat' which is basically the exact same as meat in structure and chemical composition but made in a lab without any killing.


      At the beggining when u skip backwards he just keep saying Tats mi lol

    87. danskywalker kas


    88. Boxz Tube

      I love meet but i would definitely switch to those burgers 🍔 but i would not stop totalt with eating some meat

    89. DhairyaDan

      is it veg

      1. Levxn

        yes and no

      2. mercxry


    90. Brandon Avenir

      imagine now: amazon- 20% gone next 60 years: amazon- 50% gone next 1000 years: amazon=shops and factories and etc. would u think that this would happen to amazon? btw 50% of all living speicies in the world is at amazon

    91. Mythic Ninja

      THIS MADE ME SO HUNGRY 🤤 plus now I want to taste them I’ve only had meat burgers 🍔

    92. Brandon Avenir

      lol, is that really bill gates? lol he's in your channel now

    93. Rocio Inzunza


    94. Evan Swenson

      He’s a billionaire but looks like my 8th grade science teacher

    95. Karl Shrestha

      If this technology was Introduced in China way back, Theres a high chance that COVID-19 will be prevented.

    96. Daggeira O'Cinnéide

      I'm still waiting for them to make steak, liver and deer replacements. I love these things quite a lot, and now I want liver and I'm sad :(

    97. Tshfbku Go

      boi i aint even know how to make eggs

    98. Manuel Decena

      Stop eating meat. Save the earth, animals, save money

    99. William Fread

      The rabid toad virtually permit because squash additionly burn during a magical coat. tasty, impossible stretch

    100. Pinata Gamer

      I say the buffelow is 3/5, why i say that is because it does have amazing texture, but it somewhat has a beanie taste that i dont approve. Comment if you say this is wrong and tell me why.