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    Watch the highlights of Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev at Australian Open 2021.
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    1. vinsenso cortino

      Vaya paquete el Medvedev, jugó de pena, muy mal

    2. drtash21

      *Before the match* Pundits: bUt mEdVeDeV wIlL bEaT DjOkOvIc eAsILy *After the match* Pundits: *crickets*

    3. Косанички Шумљак

      18 and counting...

    4. Xavier RAVELO

      Lacoste win

    5. Сергій Бурачківській

      They're both very skillful only Medvedev young. Novak win because he playing in his tennis. Medvedev lose because he playing with Novak, and not in his tennis.

    6. Mithun Niranjan

      unfortunately medvedev has a game similar to Murray .. it will always fall short against Djokovic. tsistipas had a much better chance had he beaten medvedev.

    7. Radu Lucinschi

      Medvedev is next nr1 ATP, he is in astonishing growth.

    8. azam Umedov

      Я рад за Джоковича красавчик уважуха мне нравится как он играет и как шутить.

    9. ТурбоТОП

      Medvedev got schooled like the little kid that he is.

    10. Felix56

      Russians and Serbs are fraternal peoples. I like Serbia very much as a Russian. In 2018, he visited Serbia and Montenegro as a tourist with his family. I love these 2 countries and this people

    11. ГОРАН Г.


    12. Brian McSherry

      Novak finishes on 24+ slams he is without doubt the GOAT most weeks as number one the most ATP tournament victories and will have the most slams when he calls it a day!!! 👑👑👑

    13. Pirat Promwan

      His return shots to the corners and Medvedev' feet are executed so perfectly🙏💪

    14. Paolo Galliani

      The three big: Federer, Nadal, Novak I think that nobody can say who is the greatest.

    15. Sashka Sashok

      So close.. so close..

    16. Dovla

      GOAT! 🃏

    17. Piotr Wolski

      I am starting to get the hate for Nole from another dimension. It's like the fight between religions. Federers fanatics are like al kaida . They cannot stand christians. They would like there to be one God. But there are 3.

    18. KpuBbie MakapoHbi

      Мои искренние поздравления братьям сербам!

    19. Travis Bickle

      EVERBODY Who love tennis should please read my coment. EVERYBODY should NOW remember again the AMAZING time when FEDERER era started wimbledon 2003 AND HOW he won one grandslam after the other....and from wimbledon 2003 until us open 2005 the next 10 grandslam tournament Federer won AMAZING 6 grandslams. Everybody should now remember the time when he won his 6th grandslam after the US OPEN 2005. Can you all still remember it? Everbody said in that time, federer becomes be the GOAT and federer was after the us open 2005 like a GOD for the most tennis fans= he won 6 grandslam from the last 10 grandslam tournament in that time. CAN EVERYBODY still remember it? AND exact in this same way, started the second era from the REAL GOAT DJOKOVIC. Novak won now from the last 10 grandslams tournament, since wimbledon 2018 =amazing 6 Title:) After the first era from 2011-2016 from djokovic, we are now in novaks second era since Wimbledon 2018-202? So enjoy the time DEAR DJOKOVIC FANS ;)

    20. Travis Bickle

      Federer main opponents Roddick/hewitt/Safin from 2004-2007 in 4 season to compare, with djokovic main opponents Thiem/medvedev/zverev from 2018-2021 in the last 3 season. Roddick/hewitt/Safin vs Thiem/zverev/medvedev Grandslam titles= 1/1 Grandslam final= 7/7 ATP Final titles = 0 /2 ATP Final finals= 1 /4 Masters 1000 title= 4 /7 Masters 1000 finals= 8 /14 Titles = 23 /25 FINALS = 43 /43 H2H Federer vs hewitt/Safin/roddick from 2004-2007= 26-1 and 12-1 by grandslams H2H Djokovic vs Thiem/zverev/medvedev from 2018-2021= 11-8 and 5-1 by grandslams and dont forget the six months corona break otherwise thiem,zverev, medvedev would reached more... this is a 4 years compare to 2 and half years

    21. Kirilo Zalozniy


    22. Nicol Diki


    23. Сергей Столяров

      Ну столько раз нельзя ошибаться,это наказывается.

    24. Жас Жас


    25. Жас Жас


    26. Archi .Gorski

      Un Grand Bravo à Novak pour son Chelem 18, Daniil n'a pas démérité il s'est bien battu aussi.

    27. drtash21

      When Novak turned Meddy Bear 🐻 into Teddy Bear 🧸

    28. Angela Panok

      I now you against the vaccine - thank for this. I have no choose - if I will not make the vaccine - I will loose my job. Its awful, its terrible.

    29. buicklocal

      Medvedev can do nothing but substitute his mouth.))

    30. Luxi de Luxi


    31. sekar chinna


    32. Larbi yacine Ghalmi

      King joko .

    33. Namispond Jamispond

      I just can't stop watching Medvedev getting pummelled 🤣🤣🤣

    34. Закон ВЗаконе

      Главное чтоб как Зверев не сдулся

    35. Александра Яшкина

      Браво Джокович! Браво Медведев! 👍🍀🌹

    36. Gaioai crifyu

      The material fairies preoperatively raise because paper independently dress off a knowing drum. bustling, polite arithmetic

    37. daithi

      All the focus on Sampras and Federer. Djokovic will go down as the greatest ever!

    38. daithi

      Nowak will win more grand slams.. Federer wont..Medvedev looking good.. one to watch.

    39. Tarik Pepic


    40. 123mainz


    41. drtash21

      Djokovic is now officially The King of Hardcourt with 12 hardcourt Majors to Federer's 11.

    42. free fire

      Bravo Novak, tu es le meilleur 🎾🎾💎

    43. Champ World

      Просто машина

    44. Dimitrije Stanković

      Federer über alles für immer und immer

      1. Dimitrije Stanković

        @MagicMiso Klar, zahlen sagen anders aber zahlen sind nicht gültig.Die beste Federer ist besser als die beste Djokovic, aber Aber seit Federers 33 Jahren haben sie sich nicht mehr so ​​oft und für wichtige Spiele getroffen.Seit 35 Djokovic ist besser.Bis dann Djokovic hat 6 Grand Slams.In den letzten Jahren Novak gewann 12 Grand Slams.In 2019 Djokovic hat mit 39 kaum einen Mann geschlagen. Was denkst du war anders?.Federer 2004 bis 2007 ist die beste tennis spieler für immer.Nach ihm ist Nadal.Wo Djokovic war bis 2011?.Warum Er nur 3 Grand Slams ab 2012 bis 2014 gewonnen hat.?

      2. MagicMiso

        @Dimitrije StankovićAber du kannst nicht behaupten er sei der beste wenn die Fakten nicht stimmen. Er ist für dich der beste doch Zahlen sagen was anderes und Zahlen sind halt nun mal Fakt. Also kannst du nicht behaupten er ist der beste

      3. Dimitrije Stanković

        @MagicMiso Und das ist auch seine sache.Warum versuchst du mir zu erklären, wer dann besser ist?Für mich Federer wird immer der Beste sein Das interessiert mich nicht deine fakten.

      4. MagicMiso

        @Dimitrije Stanković Es spielt keine Rolle wo ich herkomme es geht hier um Tennis Fakten und Fakt ist halt das Nadal und Djokovic besser sind. Wenn dir Federer mehr gefällt ist es deine Sache aber Fakten sind eben Fakten

      5. Dimitrije Stanković

        @MagicMiso Kommst du aus Serbien?

    45. Earthman

      Второе место тоже не дурно...

    46. Евгений Гуков

      Как я рад что путинского подонка наказал сербский брат

    47. Tennis is Here

      *Даня Тор!!! Заходите на канал, поддержать теннис в России! У нас много классных видео про теннис!*

    48. Jordan Man

      That point at 4-2 30/30 in the last set ! Wow

    49. Megabass Fx9

      джокович крутой мишке до него как до москвы раком......

    50. David H.

      Tata je tu sine

    51. Mobile Photographer

      Federer never be the same again..but i hope he will do a few more exciting match.

    52. Jake AVC

      why does Medvedev turn his head right to the ball when he hits a forehand?

    53. Jipé Game

      Jimbo still on ! ...

    54. Dona Markovic


    55. AK

      Pretty much he has to win against all western media, opponent, establishments, crowd, injury,... Doing all this from a humble background and not from so called western country....This man is a role model for a normal person like me...

    56. Loki Lokic

      The Greatest of all time.....idemoooooo breeeee💪💪💪💪💪👍💪💪💪

    57. Супер РОМКА

      Ай да Джокер, ай да....!!!!

    58. Alek

      He will definitely be the best tennis player in the world, because there is one tennis player who is mentally very strong, many people spit on him, but his game is brutal, one is Novak. He will be number one for a long time, he currently has no equal. IDEMO BRE NOLE NOLE NOLE

    59. Stas Naumov

      Даня молодец, у него всё впереди 👍

    60. ilian vasilev

      Aaaa Eeee

    61. Lord Vujkeee

      jos jedan konobar

    62. Маrio Mаrio

      One at the time, next RG, bravo Nole!!!

    63. Sealdrop

      like and dislikes are disabled i wonder why

      1. Shone Votajuv


    64. Sealdrop

      Kyrgios > Djokovic

      1. Aleksandar Jokic


    65. Christian Haugaard

      Winning 1 GS and you are a champion, winning 10, you are a hero, winning 18 you are a conqueror

      1. Olly Paton

        How about winning 20?

    66. Vitalii Sibirkin

      на ранней стадии турнира было много игр более интересных и захватывающих. Два игрока с похожим стилем игры сделали финал скучным .... восхищаться нужно не результатом а качеством игры at the early stage of the tournament there were many more interesting and exciting games. Two players with a similar style of play made the ending boring ... you should not admire the result but the quality of the game

    67. Србољуб Србић

      Слава Богу за све! Православље наше слатко! 🤗🇷🇸🇷🇺🇷🇸🇷🇺🇷🇸🇷🇺

    68. Србољуб Србић


      1. Vlatko Vukovic

        Živela Srbija! Živela Rusija! Bože Amin daj.

    69. Fule Fulee

      Srbija i Rusija🇷🇸♥️🇷🇺pravoslavlje u finalu neka pukne svet od muke

    70. Prajwal Rai

      Novak there was no doubt at all. The epitome of excellence and hard work. Everybody says nadal or federer but this guy has different fan base.

      1. Don Blas

        Totally, great work faking an injury, while others who really have it, hide it.

    71. GeorgeAyodele

      This wasn't Medvedev playing badly, but Novak going up to a level nobody can match. Novak only has 1 or 2 matches a year where he can enter that level, and he seems to always reserve it for the Australian open final. We saw how he entered that level against Rafa here in 2019 too. Medvedev played just as good, if not better than he's done in all his previous 20 matches win streak, but Novak played a complete game at the highest level with outstanding deep returns, accurate serves, superb volleys, and various shot selections hitting all angles on the court. Long story short, Medvedev received a hands-on tutorial from the Master of grand slam hard courts.

      1. Don Blas

        @GeorgeAyodele I'm analizing the match, while u r analizing results and the names. Nole is a great player, but for now the serve still depends just on the server. If in the final Daniil didn't made good first services it's just his fault. Sport can't b analized just from the perspective of the name and the result, which most people do. I just analize Daniil with his own skills, I haven't compared him with anyone. And regarding Rafa, the same. I analize the tactic he used during the whole tournament with the tactic he used in the final, which seen afterwards was a mistake. Of course playing vs Nole requires an extra, Rafa's team looked for a strategy and decided to change to a defensive game and failed, which is also part of the game.

      2. GeorgeAyodele

        @Don Blas Medvedev played Tsitstipas in the semis, same opponent Rafa played in his semis in 2019, Novak is a far better player than Tstitsipas, far better returner too. Novak makes his opponents play bad, because of his returns.

      3. Don Blas

        Great victory from Novak, but please be just a bit realistic. Watch the match again and compare Medvedev service in the final with his serve in semis. Watch again the tournament in 2019, and check the tactic approach from Nadal, from the agresive game in the whole tournament to a defensive (bad choice) one in the final.

    72. dohánybolt Aldi

      Úr Isten! Nekem izom szakadásom van,nem biztos,hogy tudom folytatni a tornát! Mekkora egy GYÖKÉR EZ A DJOKO! Igazi undorító ember! Még,hogy Ő egy igazi sport ember? Soha nem lesz az,mindig egy gyökér marad!

    73. peace within

      Boring !

    74. Luca Matteis

      The commentators at match point "uh oh". Can they be more excited?

    75. steve brown


    76. Riley Riley

      Is it just me or does it seem like Medvedev's limbs are at times a bit out of control and all over the place? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and his a great player. But theres not enough precision in his hands and feet which are a bit floppy at times ;). Just a notion.

    77. Marko Nikolic

      Medvedev played lika a total loser. You need to have patience vs Djokovic. That's why Wawrinka destroys him.

      1. Aleksandar Jokic

        Yeah he beats him 2 - 3 times and lost over 10.

    78. Julian Penfold

      The highlight for me was the booing during the speech afterwards from the bigwig when she started banging on about vaccines and how great the Victoria government had been in dealing with covid. That's a poll whose results you can't fake, and a possible clue as to why governments don't want people to get together in groups, for fear they start thinking straight.

    79. Русский Странник

      Отлично бился Даниил с лучшим теннисистом планеты.

    80. Giovi Dietrich

      A true champion, well deserved!

    81. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    82. Afonso Mateus

      The next generation is so weak..

      1. Mr Grine Landry

        ....or Novak is simply exceptional 💪🏻🇷🇸🏆🥇. He already destroyed Nadal and Federer on the Rod Laver Arena as well

      2. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    83. Стас Новогородцев

      Новак Джокович молодец! Респект из Казахстана.

      1. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    84. Maki Laki

      Mr. Invincible 💪🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 Novak Djokovic 💪🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

      1. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    85. Matraazz

      И все-таки, Медведев лучший!)

      1. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    86. rug

      Still impossible for new generation to overcome the big three. If one is missing the other is there to win. I feel for the youngsters a lot. Even if at some point they will start to win slams (exception of Thiem at US Open 2020), it will not be because they will rise to the top tennis level, but because the big three will lower their level.

      1. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    87. Maki Laki

      💒🇷🇸💒🇷🇸💒🇷🇸💒 💪ĐOKOVIĆ💪 💒🇷🇸💒🇷🇸💒🇷🇸💒

      1. Maki Laki .

      2. Yusuf KAŞIKÇI

    88. BLACK JAG

      I have no intention of insulting or underestimating, but Djokovic is a far more intelligent player than everyone else, and that enabled him to become one of the greatest in the history of tennis in the era of two of the greatest tennis players by then.

    89. SERBIAN - KING

      Umrtvio ga ❤❤❤❤

    90. Shomy Bree

      To all envious Federer fans. We Serbs are a proud people! Yours hatred makes us even stronger!💪💪💪 Thank you 😉

    91. Monsieur Breakdown

      Can't wait for big 3 to retire, i just can't bare them anymore.

      1. Pedja Vukmirovic

        Why to watch small fries?

    92. matija trstenjak

      Medvedu moj gdje je tvoja igra u odnosu što si igrao u pokazao si da nemaš upravo ono što Dokovic ima i to najbolje od svih bez premca a to se zove adaptacija na bilo koji nivo protivnika..a to se zove sportska inteligencija u odnosu na medveda koji to nema

    93. Mirche M

      Mi znamo ko je najbolji teniser na svetu nas voljeni NOLE. On je najsjsjajnija Zvezda na sportskom nebu uopste,nasa DUSA PONOS. Ziv zdrav I veseo bio

    94. Lucifer666

      Looking at the comments even the Russian fans are congratulating Novak, we're on the other side, fedeal fans are just been feddae fans. All hate

    95. reactions 4u

      as a nadal fan I can only congratulate Djokovic , hes a complete beast in Australia. come onnnn though, Medvedev was pure garbage for 2 sets. didn't even challenge Djokovic. very disappointing display from him. too much negativity towards his coach

    96. Артур Рыбкин

      6:21 Uuh... that was a naughty ;)

    97. Зоран Србин ever

    98. Артур Рыбкин

      6:02, where did you run ... there is a wall!! ;)

    99. Артур Рыбкин

      5:50 Nope, Danila... we're not in a "fairy tale"... This net is as real as your "future defeat" ;)

    100. Lachezar Krastev

      The crowd does not like him with a reason.

      1. Lachezar Krastev

        @Mr Grine Landry noop, just the regular people, which does not like fake, disrespectful, impudent grandomaniacs..

      2. Mr Grine Landry

        Fedtards and Nadal fanboys you mean

      3. anthonie berge