SCIENCE CLASS #4- How to Waterproof Your Hand

Mark Rober

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    Lots of juicy demos relating to surface tension! NO CLASS THIS WEDS!! I'm filming one of my normal monthly videos that day. Back on Friday though!!
    Go check out Dianna's awesome channel-
    CHALLENGE- float as many paper clips as you can and then come up with a creative way to ruin the surface tension and have them all sink. Tag me on any social media with your responses.
    Question for next time- How do astronauts weigh themselves when they are floating and weightless.

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    1. Mark Rober

      Thanks for attending! Remember, no class on Weds because I'm filming a normal vid but we'll be back on Friday with a super juicy one!

      1. Jin eomma Fanfics

        Heyyy can't u come to school 😭😭

      2. Geronimo Guy - Other

        Quick question: if soap removes the cohesion, how do soap bubbles work?

      3. Becky MacGugan

        7 months later, THANK YOU! :)

      4. Selah Meekins

        You are the best youtuber

      5. brothers entertainment filmz

        A juicy one

    2. Mais Mehl

      What's with all the interlacing?

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      what is with arogel

    4. minecraft dj Alex

      oooo i miss a class wait teacher rober

    5. shel0650 shel0650

      Dude I love u but you could just your hand in Vaseline and wambam thank you Mamma you got a water proof hand

    6. Vlasta Khanova

      I think astronauts way themselves down near earth where gravity is normal and way themselves but not all the way

    7. Lynn Clift

      Me: gets a real boat and 10 buckets of soap 🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️

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    9. Kayliegh's Korner

      I think that maybe you can put ummmm (thinks of first number in mind) 15 drops of water on a penny also I love your vids

    10. Heth Richardson

      What was the stuff the guy in the pool was covered in that stopped him from getting wet

    11. Buckie Smalls

      Soap breaks down fat.. Yet fat is used to make soap.. Talk about washing the hand that feeds you.

    12. oscar trevizo

      Can't I just watch Mark Rober instead of doing zoom

    13. Michael Wyzkiewicz

      Can't you just cut up a banana and rub it on your shoe and it will make it water proof

    14. Scarlette Ruelas

      I’m a kid so hopefully I get u as my teacher in high school

    15. Ming Yi Quek

      i'm pretty certain that tall trees draw water up by mainly transpiration pull, not adhesion/ capillary action

    16. A Sarandeses

      I need this because of my hyperhidrosis 😂

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    18. F S

      This is fun. It's like see my science teacher in junior high school but without the cool presentation.

    19. Lawrence Hart

      I hate school and I think this stuff is cool

    20. Linuxer PL

      I imagine him throwing something in actual class on student.

    21. Grace & Shay

      Now this is a mug of water Also him he is using a hot wheels track to point to it I love your videos ❤️

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      What no way Really coollllllllllllll

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      Did enyone notice hes using a hot wheels track😂

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      38 drops

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      Hi Mark you should do this again!

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    28. Gamini Jayasuriya

      Mark so does this mean that if I jump off a bridge into a river I’d have a better chance of surviving if I’m soaked in soap?

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    30. Jack Grant

      I skipped actual science class for this

    31. Avinav Chalise

      1:40 Lol

    32. Namaste With Norah

      Who else scrolls through the comments when the video is playing?

    33. Anggie Ng

      yAY maRk rober is my TecHer

    34. Arts Crafts and DIYs

      if teachers showed this in class then school would actually be fun

    35. silver melon

      Mark: This atom here... shows h2o Kids: THAT’S MICKEY MOUSE!!

    36. Riley Becerril

      I’m getting my tatoos redone and need this because I have them on my hand and work as a dishwasher and need to make sure they stay dry as possible


      My dear i love your videos . Please give just 5 subscribers. GOD BLESS U.

    38. Rodin Opuz

      Somehow i now no why theres no air in water now

    39. Livy Stevens

      im surprized u dont get hate! btw ily and im happy you dont get hate

    40. Sophia Hollander

      my guess before i started the video was ground up aerogel (sorry i cant spell) but after watching through the soap part and stuff my guess is some form of powdered soap like a detergent or something

    41. Andini Gratia Dimu

      You make me like Science 😂

    42. Green69

      dam i raellly tried this im suprised thanks

    43. Will

      If mark becomes a high school teacher and I have high school kids when he’s a teacher I am moving to whatever town he’s working in

    44. Jacob Hart

      Anyone notice that he's using a hot wheels track for a pointer lol go mark


      mark: I want to work for NASA also mark: quits to do youtube still, mark: wants to be a high school physics teacher who else than mark: makes videos to train for it


      I guess 18

    47. AthenaTheGoddess

      Who else what him to be there science teacher at school!! I would listen and learn 10x more.

    48. Addyson Carver

      Who else wants to be in his class someday. Also so we just put baby power on our hands and it's waterproof?

    49. SesameSeeds777

      The only science class I will ever attend (hopefully). Mark is actually interesting, explains things in an easy to understand format, and his voice isn't boring or flat. Other science classes explain things it a format I will never understand, their voice is so boring and flat I want to fall asleep, and don't use examples and diagrams. My real-life science class does use models and an easy to understand format, but their voices make me wanna fall asleep and the concepts they want to teach me are impossible to get a grip on without being explained properly. This is one of two science/engineering channels I will willingly watch, keep making great vids and thanks for teaching me! :D

    50. Ghost Brett

      I would love for you to be my teacher

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      fact: everyone would go to school if mark rober was their teacher

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      he will be a great teacher

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      It’s nice rober can afford drugs ...

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      Grow up Mark .. is this guy a rock spider ?

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    56. Stream S

      and team trees!!!

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      corno downis

    58. Jonathan Clark

      Fun video! You say at the end that water is magnetic. Is that really true? I know it's polarized due to its 4-point pyramid shape with 2 hydrogen atoms and two electron orbitals around the oxygen atom, so the side with the two hydrogen atoms is more electrically positive. I'm guessing that running water acts magnetically due to the moving charges but that still water is not magnetic. To test this, I think I can use a plastic sheet with a magnet behind it to watch the behavior of water droplets at various speeds, and I'm hypothesizing that still water won't be attracted to the magnet!

    59. Slavzy _

      Soap is like controlling parents.

    60. Potato Aim

      I have done 24 drops on a penny with a dropper is science before at school

    61. dimon37

      not DNA RNA

    62. Adam_M_ Tattooing

      You can use cinnamon too

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      can you please make an electronic configuration vid

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      This is the science class I'd attend

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      i got about 30 something but with dish shoap

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      Easy, just put oil

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      Pro tip: wear a glove.

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      Who else wants to become an astronaut now just so they can wring out a towel?

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      Mark, you should try making a giant raft that's completely powered by soap.

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      *This dude is better at explaining than all my teachers, combined*

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      Instructions unclear, my hands are on fire

    73. Anex Antony

      I think astronouts creates ag acceleration as then weight

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      Mark: SOAP!!!! *yeets the paper*

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      Mark roger reminds me so much of one of my favorite teachers.

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      this makes me want to learn more

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    81. Rachel Sortino

      As a physics teacher, I love these videos and would love to use them in my classes, but the auto-captions that they currently have do not meet ADA standards for my Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. UKup makes it pretty easy to go through and edit the captions for grammar and accuracy (ie adding punctuation and correcting any words that did not transcribe properly). I know some of your videos have full and proper captions, would love to see that for this video as well!

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      Mark it’s a beautiful Monday me nope Monday’s suck beside besides you videos

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      I’m a 23 year old environmental science major that’s watching this despite the fact I’ve learned this 100 times. Yet this is still entertaining Mark is the bill nye of the next generation

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      Dang, Mark! Now I understand surface tension!

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      i am going to go ahead and say astronauts weigh themselves by taking their weight and multiplying it by 6 b/c gravity is 1/6 the strength it is on the moon than on earth.

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      this is more than i learned from 9 year in school

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      If only he became a high school teacher before I would graduate XD

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    100. Brody Sarrazin

      Something I'm not smart enough to grasp is that one time at my school we finished making something with plasticine and we went to the water fountains to get a drink and someone's hand got wet and the water didn't expand on the hand it just sat there and moved around leaving no residue on the hand and just sat there as a some sort of bubble it was cool.

      1. Brody Sarrazin

        Essentially making our hands waterproof but still transparent and able to see our skin colour

      2. Brody Sarrazin

        The amount of likes on this reply is the amount of times I said "the hand"